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Rozza Family
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Name Rozza Family
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"The Rozza family is a classical disfuntional family,the family guy who thinks that his family is very united,his fat and ambitious wife and their anormal children,the one who only thinks is in food,the other who hates evrebody and the new arribed at the family,and the divorced sister and her rebeld teenage son"

The Rozza family is my fanon family,their members are Mark, his wife Etelvina,their 3 children:Agamenon,Itati and Lilianne,Mark older sister, Eusebia and her rebeld teenage son John.


Eusebia marrried with Mario Orue,a lazy couch potato who hates women,and got a children named John,Mark,her younger brother married with a fat women named Etelvina and got twins,Agamenon and Itati,Eusebia divorced of Mario and joined her brother and his twins toddlers along with her son John,Etelvina soon got pregnant again and gave birth to a baby girl named Lilianne.



"Mark is the classical family guy who thinks that his family is normal and very united,all in his family wants to tell about the problems of his family, but they thing that is better that he discovered that his family is not so united something who maybe makes him estupid!!"


"Etelvina is the fat wife of Mark, she is ambitious and thinks that her children are perfect,in her opinion evrething in her family was perfect,till her sister in law and her rebeld son arrived at home,she thinks that her her sister in law is the obstacle to their children reach the top"


"Eusebia lived the tragedy of living with a horrible couch potato and a horible divorce,now she lives the tragedy of living in another difunctional family nad that her sister in law and her niece hates her"


"A lifetime of abuse and difficulties caused John is a rebel spoiled, this will affect him in his new home"


"Agamenon do not care if his family is disfunctional,the only things that he care is that the house is still full of food"


"Itati is like her mother,hates everyone except her mother and father"