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Hello, reader. I see you have found my book! Well good for you. I wrote this in hopes that someone would find it and read it. My name is Francisca Marie Maestroiani Alastorwood. As you can tell by my name, I belonged to very old and.....regal families. I penned this in my old age. Now, I'm very old, ancient. By this time, I may be dead. I'm far from old. I have outlived your grandparents, maybe even great-grandparents. I am a vampire, a curse I have lived with for many years. This is my story.

My FamilyEdit

I shall start with my family, the Maestroiani. The earliest record of my family ever living in SimNation is a stone dagger that once belonged to my great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather. All of us had been normal Sims at one point. I was once a naive normal Sim. But all of us have been turned into vicious creatures at one point of our lives. Some of us have gone and killed ourselves. Others have found ways to rid the vile curses upon our bodies. A handful try not to give in to"animalistic" urges. But many more embrace the curse they were bestowed. I am one of the handful who try to suppress my vampiristic urges.

My mother's name was Agatha Diana Menke Maestroiani. Menke was her maiden name. She was born to a throughly low-class family in Champ Les Sims, France. Her family orginally lived here, in SimNation, but moved to France for a short while. She was born magical, a witch. She hated herself very much. I don't remember ever smiling at any compliments to her being. She always suppressed her magic, only ever using them in emergencies. She died shortly after my twentieth birthday of Old Age.

My father's name was Godfrey James Maestroiani. He was distantly related to the Goth family. He was also born magical, as he was born a vampire. He also shared my mother's dislike of magic in themselves. They were perfectly fine with others being magical, but hated themselves for their abnormalities. He died when when I was fourteen, shortly after the birth of my last sister.

I had many siblings. I assumed that my parents were hoping for a non-magical child. I kind of fulfilled that, until my paternal grandmother bit me at the age of twelve. I had seven sisters and four brothers. I am the second of my parents' children. My older brother became a PlantSim as a result of a rather strange accident. My second and fourth brothers were born vampires and died in their Young Adult years. My first, second, and sixth sisters ran away fom home to study witchcraft from a good witch. They were instantly disowned. They made very respectable marriages in their adult years, marrying prominent Normal Sims. My third brother became a Mummy in his adult years and died shortly. My fifth and seventh sisters married werewolves and were consequently cursed with lythrocanpy. My third and fourth sisters died as children and became ghosts.

I shall begin telling of how my family procured their magical abilities. My mother's family, the Menke, are reasonably normal. The witchcraft gene was aquired during the early thirteenth century, when Daniela Acroscoff, my great-great-great to the seventh or eighth power grandmother, met a handsome Wizard and married him. She learned the Path of Darkness and passed her learnings down to her children. Eventually, after years of being magical, magic became a gene. My mother possessed a family tree banner and blasted Daniela and her husband, Heroward, off the banner.

My father's family, the mighty Maestroiani, were all vampires of some degree. They changed their spouses and children if they were not vampires. They loved being vampires, except for a few like my father. They celebrated with lavish parties if a baby was born a vampire. That was rare for some reason. They disowned all members that cured themselves. My dear grandmother, Julietta Mary Edgecombe Maestroiani, bit me when I was a teenager. I have tried many things and I have found the cure. I write this as my final days roll by.


After graduating from Académie Le Tour, I came back to Sunset Valley. I found out that my mother had died and my various siblings scattered across the world. I traveled to my old home and found that it was still ours. I had no job, but a lot of money. Still, I became a scullery maid. I worked day til night at a greasy diner for a meager pay. I had inherited all of my mother's wealth, as my siblings had all abandoned my mother when she needed them.

It was at the diner that I met my first husband. His name was Connor Frio. I was a Young Adult then. I was a waitress and he was a customer. When our eyes first met, I knew he was my soul mate. We fell in love. We started dating and he moved in with me. It doesn't surprise me that his brother, Jared, died soon after of electrocution.

I loved Connor. He stayed home and painted and sculpted for a living. He proposed to me on a freezing October night on the beach. Of course, I said yes. I loved him very much. He knew of my vampire-ism, yet he still loved me, even letting me fed off of him when we ran out of Plasma Packs. We were married the next day. I only had a few guests: Zelda Mae, Claire Ursine and her baby Fiona, Bella and Jocasta Bachelor, and Mortimer and Cornelia Goth. Bella was my flower girl and Mortimer was my ring bearer.

Weeks later, I found out that I was pregnant with our first baby. I quit my job and Connor applied for one. He took a job in Business and I found that fine, as it raked in a lot of money. I took more care of myself. I ate healthily and exercised when I felt up to it. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. But one look at her and I knew she was a vampire. Her eyes, beautifully pale green like mine's, glowed with a manic light. That was the sign of a vampire.

I named her Miri, after one of my mother's favorite flowers. Miri grew quickly. She was a bright little child, with hair like chocolate silk. She looked a lot like Connor, but I was in some of her features. She had my eyes.

Our happiness did not last. A harsh tsunami swept through the town and Miri died when the house collapsed and she couldn't get out fast enough. She was only seven years old. I remember clearly. Sprawled unevenly on the splintered wood floor of the remnants of our grand foyer. Her limbs spread in crooked angles and her hair was tangled. Her face, her beautiful face, told us she died screaming in agony. Her green eyes didn't glow and they were frozen in terror. I remember both of us rushing to her still body and shaking her and begging for her life.


I fell into a deep and dark depression. Connor took two months of unpaid vacation. During those times, I refused to drink human plasma, instead subsiding on mediocre Plasma Packs and foul Plasma Fruits. We managed to rebuild the damaged parts of the mansion and restore it to its former glory. I wouldn't go outside. We had buried Miri in our backyard and her ghost kept me company during the cold and damp nights.

One day, Connor moved Miri's grave to the graveyard. I had numbly agreed to it because I knew I couldn't face taking care of her little gravestone. It was very tiny, just a rectangular plaque with her name, dates, and a few words. Shiny rubies glinted on the stone. Already, the stone had aquired a rather withered look.

For the months after Miri's death, I wore nothing but black silk and iron gray velvet. Pale green and periwinkle blue made me cry. Periwinkle blue was Miri's favorite color and pale green was the color of her eyes. Connor wrapped up all of my clothing in those colors with oiled paper and stored them in the attic. I started sleeping in the old black coffin in the basement. It was usually reserved for an elderly widow relative, but I needed it.

Connor and I drifted slowly apart. He went back to work after taking his unpaid vacation and I was again thrown into lonliness. I slept more, ate (or rather drank) less, and dressed darker. Jocasta Bachelor, bless her soul in Heaven, became a sort of therapist for me. She came over to my house every day for two hours to talk to me and get me to drink. But she refused to give me what I craved the most: human plasma. Connor had stopped allowing me rations of his plasma and I couldn't bear forcing my friends to give me their plasma either.

The lack of human plasma drove me to the brink of insanity. If Jocasta hadn't been there to help me, I would've become a madwoman. After two or three years of this, Jocasta passed away peacefully of lung infection. Simis died shortly after. Michael left for college, leaving a teenage Bella in my care. Bella was a nice girl. It was like having a daughter again. Soon, I began to see Bella as Miri. Her dark skin became pale as snow. Her raven hair suddenly paled into a chocolatey brown. Her large brown eyes lightened into the familiar pale green of jade and Miri's eyes.

I made a mistake on Saturday afternoon while making Grilled Cheese. Bella was jotting down notes when I turned around and lunged at her. I buried my teeth in her neck and sucked her plasma. She was dry and empty before she hit the ground. She was also dead. Everything about her body reminded me of Miri's body. Her small and lithe body bent into crooked angles. Her hair tangled and pulled out. Her pretty face held a look of surprise. I wrapped her body in a towel and buried her on the beach without a marker.