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Since it's creation 500 weeks before the Common Sims Era by Emperor Trentham the Handsome of All Sims, the SimEmpire has had multiple Monarchs, ruling over the Empire's many territories.

Supreme Emperor Trentham the Handsome of All Sims (Week 500, day 1 - Week 484, day 5)Edit

Born to the Lord and Lady of the former French ruled neighbourhood of the Valley Du Soleil, Lord Trentham rose to prominence in the SimWorld through diplomatic marriages and peacemaking adventures. By Week 500, day 1 (BCSE), a now Emperor Trentham boasted control over Sunset Valley, Bridgeport, Twinbrook, Barnacle Bay, Riverview, Starlight Shores, Appaloosa Plains and Moonlight
Emperor Trentham the Handsome of All Sims

Emperor Trentham the Handsome of All Sims, Ruler of the SimEmpire

Falls, and the beautiful Genie Princess, Ceciltina of Burdley (modern Riverview), who shared her secret and made her husband a Genie as well.

He had five children with Supreme Empress Ceciltina; Princess Supreme Merrywythyr, the future Queen Consort of France, Crown Prince Supreme Trent, the future Supreme Emperor, Prince Supreme Theodore, the future Duke of All Sims and Merchant Prince of Bridgeport, Princess Supreme Marie-Louise, the future Duchess Consort of Hidden Springs, Empress Consort of the SimFrench Empire, and later Grand Duchess Consort of SimItaly, and lastly Princess Supreme Urdriqua, the future Queen Consort of Hidden Springs.

His most notable act as Supreme Emperor was quelling separatist movements in the celebrity and vampire ridden Bridgeport by instating his second son Theodore as Merchant Prince. The Bridgeport branch of the Trenthammondite Dynasty would end in bloody revolution in week 460, day 4.

He ruled for a consecutive 16 weeks and 5 days, dying of very, very old genie age in the Emperor's Residential Palace in his capital of Sunset Valley, surrounded by his extended family. His wife Supreme Empress Ceciltina, outlived her husband by 4 weeks.

Supreme Emperor Trent of All Sims (Week 484, day 5 - Week 473, day 3)Edit

Born Week 502, day 3, to Supreme Emperor Trentham of All Sims and Princess Ceciltina of Burdley in Sunset Valley, Crown Prince Supreme Trent of All Sims would wait quite a while to succeed his father as Ruler of the SimEmpire. Having inherited his Genie powers from his parents, Crown Prince Supreme Trent was assured a long life. Married to Princess Royal Marie-Alix Simbon of SimFrance (also a Genie), daughter of Princess Supreme Merrywythyr when he was still a teenager, Crown Prince Supreme Trent would have to lead his life under the strict control of his father, setting an example for Crown Princes everywhere.
Emperor Trent of All Sims

Supreme Emperor Trent of All Sims, Ruler of the SimEmpire

Ascending to the throne on his father's death, Supreme Emperor Trent's first act as Monarch was to lead the SimEmpire in war against Dong Hou, the Prince Consort of Empress Lei Fei of SimChina, and his Mummy Hordes. The War's Front was very close to SimEgypt, and Supreme Emperor Trent helped protect Sultan Horus II Pharoahotep of Al Simhara and his kingdom.

Supreme Emperor Trent arranged marriage to Princess Marie-Alix Simbon of SimFrance resulted in; Crown Prince Supreme Trent II (who would be accidently assassinated on the visit of Raja Ayman of Diab), Prince Supreme Balthazar, the future Supreme Emperor, Princess Supreme Marie-Bree, the future Empress Consort of the SimFrench Empire, and Princess Mirabelle, the future Merchant Princess Consort of Bridegport.

Supreme Emperor Trent also invited Raja Ayman of Diab, a small kingdom south of Al Simhara, to attend a diplomatic meeting between Sultan Horus II, Emperor Leon Simaparte of the SimFrench Empire, King Gustave Simbon of SimFrance and King Hugo Vanderburg of Hidden Springs at the City Hall of Sunset Valley.

During the public shaking of hands ceremony, cementing the five nations alliance, a SimEgyptian tourist blew up a nearby object. The resulting explosion killed Raja Ayman, as well as Crown Prince Supreme Trent II.

Now Duke Balthazar, who was enrolled in Smuggsworth Prep School, was the Crown Prince Supreme of the SimEmpire, and his arranged bride, Princess Royal Persephone of Hidden Springs the next Supreme Empress Consort.

Supreme Emperor Trent of All Sims died of old age in the Emperor's Residential Palace one week before his wife, Marie-Alix, after a reign of 11 weeks and 2 days.

Supreme Emperor Balthazar of All Sims (Week 473, day 3 - Week 467, day 7)Edit

Emperor Balthazar of All Sims

Supreme Emperor Balthazar of All Sims, Ruler of the SimEmpire

The future Supreme Emperor Balthazar was born Week 488, day 6 to Crown Prince Supreme Trent of All Sims and Princess Marie-Alix Simbon of SimFrance, as the younger brother of Crown Prince Supreme Trent II of All Sims. Early in his life, he showed great promise of being an intelligent ambassador of the SimEmpire, and his grandfather promised him to be a Supreme Duke of Sunset Valley on his marriage to the Princess Royal Persephone Vanderburg of Hidden Springs.

The future Supreme Empress Persephone was not the prettiest Princess of the SimWorld, as she lost the Fairest of Them ALL heart cut Pink Diamond to her.younger sister Princess Bertrienne Vanderburg of Hidden Springs.

Whilst still attending Smuggsworth Royal Academy, Prince Supreme Balthazar's life was thrown upside down by the news of the accidnental assassination of his elder brother. Princess Royal Persephone, who had already graduated and had witnessed the death of the Crown Prince, was racked with grief over the sudden realisation that she was to be the Supreme Empress of one of the largest Empires on the face of SimEarth one day. Balthazar was rushed home, and was met by his grieving parents and sisters. News of the assassination spread throughout the SimWorld, but Supreme Emperor Trentham was sure his grandson would make a great Supreme Emperor one day.

Fortunately, Crown Prince Supreme Balthazar still had the duration of his father's reign to learn to be a good monarch and extend the immediate Supremely Imperial family.

Week 483, day 5, Crown Prince Supreme Trent III of All Sims was born, followed by a younger sister, Princess Supreme Katherienne of All Sims, the future Queen Consort of King Andreas Simbon of SimFrance, on Week 481, day 4, both of which were genies.

His father Supreme Emperor Trent died week 473, day 3, and Balthazar and the new Supreme Empress Persephone moved in with the Dowager Supreme Empress Marie-Alix at the Emperor's Residential Palace.

It was under Supreme Emperor Balthazar's reign that Dong Hou's Mummy Hordes were finally vanquished by the Alliance founded by his father. Dong Hou sealed off the Forbidden Palace of Shang Simla and continued to keep himself and his wife Empress Lei Fei of SimChina young with life fruit vowing to return again.

He also had multiple museums built in each capital city of the SimEmpire, in a hope to further culture his people.

He was an extremely popular monarch, loved by his people and other rulers alike.

Supreme Emperor Trent III of All Sims (Week 467, day 7 - Week 461, day 4)Edit

Born week 483, day 5, to the Crown Prince Supreme Balthazar and Princess Persephone Vanderburg of Hidden Springs, Trent III would prove to be an extremely boring monarch.

His childhood was uneventful, and he seldom ever saw his royal relatives. To make matters worse, he was engaged in an arranged marriage with Princess Imperial Genevieve Simaparte of the SimFrench Empire, who was immensely popular and incurred his jealousy.