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Those books you wrote...
Name: Those books you wrote...
Series: Sunset Times
Written by: Starmoonie
Release date: 7/25/12

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Now this is the start of the story of a whole setting of problems going on in Sunset Valley. But first let me introduce my self, I'm Owen Howard, I'm a High School history teacher. I'm well beloved by my students and have won five teaching awards straight in one year but that does not make me happy. All I ever wanted to be in my life was a writer, or a journalist, or even a librarian. But the kids today needed me and I couldn't go and fail them, except on a test.

I wanted to start this story when I first moved to Sunset Valley, but let's start when my newest students found out all my old journals...

It started when I just moved into a small mansion in Bluewater Village. A nice one, a very girly purple one. I didn't care, as long as I was close to the school and I had my old books with me nothing really mattered. Walking in a room filled with books completed my day, speaking of which I left my old journals up in a room locked so no one an get to them. Heh, all my memories was locked away in them and so they shall stay locked in there.

Owen at home

I went up stairs and reached in a shelf of books and picked out a good mystery book, "Jimmy Sprocket and the Tall Eight Footed Goats". A weird but classic novel and one of the last books I collected of the series as a child before the author died of being cursed by a mummy.

A knock ame at the door, the welcome wagon. Stephen Tinker, Florence Delarosa, and Lisa Ramirez all welcomed me to the neighborhood with open arms. Before chatting up the gossip of the town, Stephen pulled me aside to the kitchen to have a little talk of our own. "Owen, I know you are the newest elementary school teacher in Pleasantview but have you noticed you need to get along with your students in your class before the school year?." That was an odd question, I thought. "N-no, back were I was living teachers were not allowed to engage in any contact with students until school and only was permitted to teach...I mean who do you think I am?" I went into the fridge and made us some sandwiches while Stephen kept on talking. "All teachers here are now permitted to have relationships with their students." "STOP!, let's not go far into this conversation....", "Oh No! Not THAT relationship! I mean to take time and get to know what kind of students you have..." he said wiping away the sweat off his forehead.

I placed my plate down and looked at the ground. "Tell me Stephen...what kind of students do I have?."

Owen chats

It was the next day and I had to know who were my students were. All Stephen told me was I had the "Terrible Four", I mean please...I've dealt with more brats in high school. I proceeded to make my self a sandwich since I had little money to shop for food until I heard the chatter of kids on my porch. "Okay you ring the bell and I'll say good morning!", "What? It's 2pm stupid why should I ring the bell anyway?!". The two voices arguing back at each other sounded aggressive to me. "I hope our new teacher isn't as boring as Mr.Davis was..", "Yeah he was kind of a bit of a pansy." The other two sounded sweet and kind. I took a peak out the curtains to see three girls and a boy on my porch.

Terrible Four

One girl was dressed as if she was a younger teen and was getting insulted by another girl who seem like she was a goth. I noticed on the other side was the two gentler ones talking to each other trying to ignore the aggressive ones. I thought to myself, this can't be my students.... I went ad opened the door for them anyway. All four gave me a fake smile, even the little cute one with the yellow dress. But then the goth girl yelled at me, "Well what took you so long?" she walked passed me in to the living room. All of us were now in that room just gazing at each other, I had to say something....that girl in the yellow seem to be reading my mind.

Nadia threatens Cecilia

I sighed, "I guess this means that you all are some of my students huh?". The boy rolled his eyes, "Yes we all came here to BOND with you. Lucy, the one in the yellow, thought it would be a good idea." Lucy bowed down like a little lady should and introduced the rest of her friends. "I'm Lucy, the dark looking girl is Nadia, the depressed boy is Alexander and that thing here is Cecilia." Cecilia snapped her fingers in Lucy's face, "I'm THE THING thank you very much." I noticed Nadia was holding back anger as she clenched her fists. "Um, alright about I go get you guys something to drink okay?." Alex took a glance at the piano and asked if he can play something on it. I told him it was alright and walked out.

Owen sad face

While I was gone Nadia and Lucy began to talk to each other and Cecilia danced along Alex's music. "Hey Lucy have you seen these books? They look about 25 years old!", "25? Seriously? How can you tell!" she whispered back. Nadia grabbed Lucy's hand and dragged her upstairs, it was obvious these kids were not going to be my favorites. Alex stopped playing the piano and followed along worried about his friends, Cecilia tagged along so she can put all the blame on Nadia and Lucy and claimed she nor Alex didn't do anything. They had reached the end of the hall and Alex took a quick look at the door standing in front of them. "We should try to open it, who knows whats inside." Nadia said and tried to pick the lock. Cecilia handed her her bobby pin and Nadia picked the door open. Alex walked in first trying to be a man even though he was even more scared than the girls.


"MORE BOOKS?" Cecilia was disgusted, yeah I kept my books locked up in a storage room, what of it?. Nadia and Lucy proceeded to look through them and Alex began to search books that looked more beat up and dusty. I was finished making them some orange juice and getting them some chips and cheese and crackers when I came in the living room and found them gone. "Hey! Kids! Kids?!?" I ran and looked everywhere until I reached the storage room. "What are you kids doing in my storage room?!". "Calm down nerd, we just wanted to look through some of your stuff that's all." Cecilia said as she tossed the book she was reading to the floor. Nadia closed her book and looked up and me and said "Hey, I just read through here that you went to school with our parents." I looked at her and grabbed the book out her hands. "I went to school with Alex's, Cecilia's and your parents. I didn't go to school with Lucy's because her parents weren't born yet." Lucy looked to the ground and said, "But I'm older than Alex and come my parents weren't born yet?."


I hate these kids, I placed my hands on my head and screamed "WHY ME!!!!!".


Now it has been a couple of years going through being an elementary school teacher and becoming a high school teacher. I was a bit happy, those four were my top students and I always had classes with them in it. I couldn't get rid of them and they were becoming bright kids. All four came over to my house one day and hanged out with because it was my last day of teaching. Alex, Nadia and Cecilia was hanging out in the kitchen while Lucy and I were in the living room.


"I can't believe Mr.Howard is retiring.."Alex said, Nadia sat next to him and placed her head on his shoulder. "Its okay, you still have me." Cecilia glared at Nadia as if she was warning her if she didn't get off of was on. "I don't think it will be the same with out him though...I mean we learned very little from him", Cecilia said. All of them laughed and then started to mention the good times and bad times they had with me as their teacher, Lucy tried to work up the courage to ask me a question in the other room.


"Um....Mr.Howard", she said, "What was written in all of those books upstairs?". I looked up to the ceiling a bit confused and back at her, "Well didn't you read some of the information?". She looked at the t.v., "No I couldn't understand some of the words and you came in before I could get to anything good." I got up and pulled a small book out of the shelf near me, "This is one of my older journals, I'll let you read them if you promise not to damage the pages." She took the book from my hands and skimmed through the pages, "Wow! are these from back when Pleasantview was Sunset Valley?." I smirked "This is some what most information before Sunset Valley turned into Pleasantview, lots of drama went on here before things went and turned bad and back to good." Lucy asked if she and the rest can read the journals and I told them yes. I didn't really want anyone to go through those old books but old things always find some joy to others.

I sat back down on the couch and clicked the remote to something decent on t.v. The kitchen became a little room of laughter and snorts, I was happy to see the things I wrote was being read by some people. Maybe the people of Pleasantview would like to read the history of their town....