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Sanjaria in Start Over music video.

Sanjaria Marie Sims (born April 10, 1984), is a Similish recording artist. In 2011 the singer embarked on a solo career after a recording of her first single, "I'm Alive", leaked and gained popularity on the Internet.

Early life and career beginningsEdit

Sanjaria was born in Pleasantview. She grew up in part of a family from a long line of musicians with a pianist-father, trumpeter stepfather, and vocalist mother. She has been playing piano and composing since she was a small child and graduated from the Conservatorium van PleasantView.[1][dead link]

Sanjaria began her music career as part of the girlgroup called Restoration that formed in 1999. The band released several singles like "Walk With Me" and "Happy Girl" [18] but they never gained major notoriety and eventually split. Years later, Sanjaria joined another girlgroup called Raffish. Together with four other girls, she got a number one hit in StrangeTown called "Plaything". She made one album with the band, titled How Raffish Are You?, and two other singles were released from the album: "The Love I Gave You" and "Stop".[2] The group disbanded in 2006.

2011–present: Rise to popularity and debut albumEdit

In April 2011 Sanjaria's song "I'm Alive" was leaked onto YouTube. The song soon attracted a large online fan community and became one of the most listened to tracks online, generating over 10 million listens.[1][dead link] The song was rumored to be by Celine Dion, but the song was later announced as Sanjaria's. Sanjaria has stated that she was flattered that anyone would think that her song was by Celine Dion.

"I'm Alive" was later released as Sanjaria's debut single. The single was released in Late April and April 2011, and reached the Top 20 in PleasantView and Veronaville, but didn't fare as well in other countries, as it failed to chart in the UK and the US and reached low chart positions in other countries. "Don't Stop the Beat", featuring Akon, was then rumored as the album's second single for an early 2011 release, but this was later denied by Sanjaria. In December 2011, Eva was featured on Chris Brown's song "Pass Out" from his third studio album Graffiti. The song was going to be released as a single, but its release was later canceled.

In October 2011, Sanjaria confirmed that she had a next single .[3] Sanjaria later confirmed that her second single would be a song called "Start Over".

Sanjaria's debut studio album, has been given a name and a release date. Sanjaria has been working with producer AriaSims to create the album. She has stated that the album will be personal but still upbeat and danceable. She has been writing a lot of the album's songs.


Year Title Chart positions Album
Simian Charts


2011 "I'm Alive" 4 I'm Alive
2011 "Start Over" 2 I'm Alive

Music videosEdit

Sanjaria's video for "I'm Alive" came out on September 27, 2011.

Simons' video for "Start Over" came out on September 30, 2011.