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Ran Away
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Chapter 1: Happy Family - or not?Edit

I was born into a troubled family. My dad, a rock star sensation, and my mum, a part-time spa specialist. We lived together for a happy 10 years. My dad sold records and did gigs all over the place, and he became very well known. But, this happiness didn't last forever. One night, when dad had gone to a gig, he hadn't come home, so Mum went to the gig to look for him. We drove in the car and found Dad behind the stage, kissing the backing singer, Lilly. Mum followed my gaze and saw Dad. Her eyes were filled with tears as Dad finally realised she was there. He looked so shocked and so did Lilly. I was only a child, but I understood all the same. My Dad had betrayed us.

Dad left the following morning. He hugged me, but Mum slapped him. Dad said he was sorry, and drove off in his car. Mum just sank into the sofa, sobbing and cradling her pregnant tummy. I went up to my room and tore the picture of Dad into tiny little pieces. I hated him for what he had done, but I still wanted him back.

Mum gave birth to her baby a few days after. The baby was a boy, and it looked like Dad. We named him Jamie. However, Mum had got depression and couldn't look after Jamie, so social services took him away. I thought it would be fine and we could just go and visit him, but no. Later in the year, we got news that Jamie had got cancer and would not have much time left in his life. We visited him in hospital, but he died 5 weeks later. Mum was truly upset until she met Charles. Charles was a handsome, fair haired military worker that Mum met when she went out with her friends. They got engaged a few weeks later. Mum seemed better now, and a few months later, she was pregnant again, with my half-sister. I, now a teen, argued with Mum as I felt she was betraying Dad, even though he had left us. I didn't want Mum to be happy, so Dad would see her sadness and come back.

Despite my anger, Mum and Charles married. I was a bridesmaid in a long, cream dress. I hated the party. I locked myself in my room and called my boyfriend, Micheal Bachelor. He understood my anger, so I went out with him a lot when Charles was around. Mum gave birth to my half-sister, Kaytlyn, the week after. This made me even more angry. I had so much anger inside me, you would never guess what I was about to do next.

Chapter 2: Leaving it behindEdit

I dyed my hair PINK. It was a way of showing my anger. Even though I felt I wanted to, my heart said that I cannot hurt someone as vunerable as my mother.

When I returned from my friend, Lisa's, house, it was Charles who spotted me first, Just my luck. He turned from his tanned orange colour to a boiling grape purple in a matter of seconds. Finally, he belted out "Claire!","Come here!" She clip-clopped into the open lounge, still wearing her cute spa outfit, white T-shirt and small white skirt. She looked at me, and gaped. Her perfect outlined eyes welled with tears and they poured silenty down her pale cheeks, making wet patches on her outfit. She whispered something that I could not hear as she walked out of the house, her shoulder bag swinging. Charles shoved me against the wall. "LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE! YOU ARE A STUPID LITTLE GIRL WHO MAKES OUR LIVES A MISERY!" It was then my turn to cry. I thumped Charles in the crotch and ran to my room. I smiled wickedly to myself as my work was done. I had finally made Charles crack,

Later that evening, my mum knocked on my door. I wrapped myself in my duvet and didn't answer. My mum came in anyway, wrapped in her dressing gown.

"Sarah, Honey," she started, "I know it is hard for you, living here." I didn't budge. "Sarah, listen, you are a bright girl with an amazing voice. You are almost eighteen. You should move out now, go and live your own life and do what you do best. Go honey, I love you." She kissed me on the top of head. I jumped up and hugged her hard.

"I love you Mom,"I whispered, "I'll miss you lots." I smiled and so did she. So maybe someone loved me after all.

Chapter 3: Moving outEdit

I packed my things the following morning. My mum left me a website to look for flats on. I found one in Bridgeport, and I liked the look of it.

A few hours later, I was ready to leave. My mum hugged me tightly and pressed $500 into my hands.

"I was saving for this moment." she whispered. Tears fell onto the ground as both of us started crying. Charles came to the hallway with Kaytlyn, who was 2 years old now. I quickly stashed the money away in my bag and looked at him.

"Well,  goodbye Sarah." he said, barely meeting my eyes

"Bwy Bway Arah," said Kaytlyn, hugging my leg hard, her head just about meeting my knee. I picked her up and hugged her back.

"Bye Bye little Kaytlyn." I whispered, tickling her ear. Then with one last goodbye, I got into my car and drove off. I'll miss Mum, and little Kaytlyn.

I drove on and on until lunchtime, when I stopped at services to pick up a drink and snack. I sat down at a table with a cup of coffee and a bar of my favorite cadbury chocolate. I started munching the chocolate when I saw the most handsome man ever. He looked quite young, around 19, and had the most gorgeous brown floppy hair. When he saw me looking at him he winked and slid into the seat opposite me.

"Hey,"he said, smiling at me, "What's your name?"

"My name is....Sarah!" I replied, almost forgetting my own name!

"Cool. I'm Barry,"he said, "It's a stupid name, my parents were quite old fashioned." He looked at me with big green eyes. I blushed furiously and spilt some of my drink on my skirt. "So, where are you heading?"

"Bridgeport,"I said, "I bought a flat there."

"Me too! What a coinsidence!" he laughed, his wide mouth open and smiling. He then looked at his watch. "So, see you around Sarah." He stood up, pushed a bit pf paper towards me, and left. I looked at the piece of paper. 07766585992 - Barry looks forward to meeting you again :). My life was just getting better and better.

Chapter 4: Arriving at BridgeportEdit

I arrived at Bridgeport at around 7:00p.m. I was really tired by then, and even taking my small shoulder bag to the lift seemed tiring enough. Before I entered the lift, I read on the side who lived in the block of flats. No one seemed familiar apart from the one at the bottom. Barry Tenderlove. Maybe this was my Barry?

I eventually walked through the door of my flat and had a look round. It was small, yes, but I could make it like home. Too tired to do anything else, I changed into my pyjamas, made a cup of coffee and settled down to watch TV. I wondered why Barry would like me. Me, out of all people. At the service station, I had bubblegum pink hair, denim shorts, and an old pale blue T-shirt. I did not look my best, but he still liked me.

Awakening me from my daydream was a buzz on the intercom. Who would come and visit me? Then I heard a voice.

"Sarah? Sarah Keaton?" said a male voice, "It's me, Barry." I was so shocked I just shouted yes and almost fainted! Then I looked at myself. Pale blue bathrobe over white and blue polka dotted pyjamas. Then there was a knock on the door. Oops. I quickly pulled my hair loose and opened the door. And there stood my prince. Barry, with a grin on his face and flowers in his hand. White lilies, my favourite. How did he know?

I smiled at him as he handed me the flowers and gave a kiss of the cheek. My pale skin turned instantly to a startling pink as Barry walked in.

"Wow, I like your flat! Mine is only a kitchen/lounge, bedroom and bathroom!" he said, looking at me.

"Thank you," I replied, "W-would you like something to eat?"

"Sure, if you have something ready!"

"I can make coffee and some of my mom's  chocolate fudge cake? I said. Everyone loves cake, don't they?

"Cool. I love chocolate!"

"Me too!"

I smiled and so did he. I went to make the coffee as Barry had a look around. I called him to the lounge, holding a tray with two steaming cappucinos and two slices of chocolate. I set them down, handed Barry his mug and picked up mine.

It was silence for a while. I had been watching the 'romantic' channel and me and Barry were both staring at it. He the took my hand and gave it a squeeze. He pulled me close to him and put his arm around me, his cheek brushing the top of my head. He kissed the top of my head and whispered to me.

"I really like you Sarah. You're funny, sweet, everything a guy would want." he said, "I love you Sarah." I was so surprised but then managed to reply.

"I love you too." Barry then turned my head and kissed me. He tasted like chocolate and happiness. Yum. We fell asleep in each other's arms.

Chapter 5: Love in BridgeportEdit

I woke up with the sun shining in my eyes. Barry was not next to me. I heard a noise from the kitchen. He was making pancakes. I walked into the kitchen/dining room, my hair rumpled from sleeping