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At the farthest corner of Schandlier State. THe map is so huge, some of the landmass cannot be seen. As you can see. Klauser isn't in the center of the map and is bareley seen.

Schandlier State is a huge neighborhood in the Sims 3. The state has 2 towns, 1 suburb and 1 huge metropolis. The world has straight roads with no big curves in them so Sims can transport in the state quickly. In towns, there are curvy streets and a 64x64 lot that has 4 rabbit holes that takes a role as a town centre or a downtown.



Simway Airlines


  1. Subway and Rail in Klauser
  2. Fanon: Plumb-bob Express


The state has geography that ranges from a vast ocean to a hilly meadow to a mountainous region.


Map de sap



Panoramio of Klaiser at night

Click Me for Information of Schandlier State famous city, Klauser

Pinochle TownEdit

Pinochle Town is a small town that is at the spot of Pinochle Pond. The town has a bookstore, diner, police department and a supermarket. There are 2 houses and 3 residents. The town can be classified as a village for it being so small.


This town is at the intersection of Waterfall Way and the road that leads to Fort Knome. The town has 2 residents and 2 houses. The town also has a diner and a bookstore. There is a great view of Klauser from the town.

Grove StreetEdit

Grove Street is a ghetto neighborhood in Klauser. It is in a cul-de-sac and has 7 people, all having dark skin. The 7 people are allied and all 5 house's household's names are "Grove Street Families". The street is based off Grove Street in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


A lot of Sims live in the state, about 140 sims live in the world. I cannot list the families on this page because there is about 90 households.

Active modsEdit

  • Movement Physics (for planes and trains)
  • Space Program (Stage 10 Military), you can see high in the sky and travel to a small hidden 120x120 moon lot. You also have the option to look anywhere on the map. Like the lighthouse island.

    Another edge of the state.