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School Days
Community School for the Gifted
Name: School Days
Genre: Action, Humor
Created by: BELTWAY
Rating: PG
Number of chapters: 11

Original run: March 24, 2012 - present
Status: Finished

Succeeded by: High School Days (Coming June 2012)

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Edward Watanabe is a good student at a bad school. Can he survive?

The Main CharacterEdit

Edward Watanabe is a gifted student. Sunset Valley Elementary School is out of control. Will he survive these horrible school days?

The VillanEdit

The Principal lets the students of Sunset Valley Elementary School behave foolishy. No one has seen him before. Who is he and why does he let the students behave so badly?

Chapter 1Edit

Edward is prepared for the first day of school. Now it is time to get on the school bus.

Edward's Mother: Be good at school today, Edward.

Edward: Okay mom, I'll will.

Edward boards the school bus. When he steps in, he is insulted by another child named Steve.

Steve: What's your name, Banana Head?

The other children laugh at Edward.

Edward: It's Edward, and I'm not a banana.

Steve: What are you then?

Edward: A Sim. Just like you.

Steve: Oh, well sit down Smarty Pants before you fall and break your egg head.

Edward: I'm not any kind of food.

The school bus driver tells the children to sit. He begins to drive away from Edward's home.

Chapter 2Edit

The children begin to unload the school bus. Now it's Edward's turn to get off of the bus. Steve pushes hims off.

Edward: Ouch! Who did that?

Steve: I did. What are you going to do about it?

Edward: I'm going to tell a teacher.

Steve: Snitch! I'm going to beat you up after school!

Edward runs to Mr. Hall, a math teacher.

Edward: Sir!

Mr. Hall: It's Mr. Hall and what is it, son?

Edward: Mr. Hall, Steve pushed me off of the school bus and threatened to beat me up. He also insulted me on the bus.

Mr. Hall: I'll get that boy!

The bell rings and the students begin to go to class.

Chapter 3Edit

Edward walks into science class. There is a man wearing a lab coat sitting in the front desk.

Dr. Aspir: Have a seat, students! After everyone is seated I will introduce myself.

The students sit in their desks.

Dr. Aspir: Very well. My name is Dr. Aspir. Good Morning.

No one says anything.

Dr. Aspir: Okay, well anyways, you will be getting your science books today. Everyone come and get one.

The students run to the science books. They are pushing and shoving each other.

Dr. Aspir: Everyone, please get in a line!

Edward: Okay, sir.

Dr. Aspir: There's a polite young man! Keep that up and we should have no problem.

Other Students: Boo!

Dr. Aspir: Other students should be polite like him.

Chapter 4Edit

Now it was time to go to PE. Edward went to the gym.

Coach Scott: I am your new PE teacher, or Physical Education. Now give me 50 push-ups!

Students: Aww man!

Oli: No.

Coach Scott: What did you just say?

Oli: I said... no.


Oli: ...

Oli: I said... NOOO!

Other Students: Oooo...

Coach Scott: GET OUT! NOW! I'm going to send a referral to the office with you!

He buzzed the office. The principal has a deep voice.

Coach Scott: I'm sending Oli Wilson to the office for defiance.

Principal: Oh... hehehe... okay...

Oli: Please, no! Give me one more chance!

Coach Scott: Too late. NOW GET, O-U-T, OUT!

Oli goes to the office.

Coach Scott: Now we shouldn't have any more problems. Hehehe...

Chapter 5Edit

The last class was very strange to Edward. Now it was time to go to Mr. Hall's class, math. Steve was in it with him. The two people who were involved in the drama that morning.

Mr. Hall: Hello, children!

Class: Heeellloo...

Mr. Hall: This is Math, if you didn't notice that as you walked in.

Henry raises his hand.

Mr. Hall: What, boy!?

Henry: How old are you?

Mr. Hall: That doesen't matter in math class.

Henry: It has numbers in it.

Mr. Hall: Oh, okay. But children aren't supposed to ask grown-ups their age.

Henry: Sorry. I was just asking.

Mr. Hall: Now, before I am rudely interrupted any further, you will learn to divide.

Class: Aw man!

Mr. Hall: Yep.

Chapter 6Edit

Now it was time for Social Studies. The teacher's name was Mr. Newson.

Mr. Newson: Hello.

Class: Hello.

Henry: Aren't you going to tell us your name?

Mr. Newson: Of course! I was just getting to that! My name is Mr. Newson, and I will be teaching you all Social Studies.

Edward: What will you teach us, Mr. Newson?

Mr. Newson: About... The World!

Edward: About the sims?

Mr. Newson: Yes, my boy!

Chapter 7Edit

Mr. Newson talked until the bell rung. Now it was time to go to the library.

Librarian: Students! You all can use to computers. Just no nasty sites.

Class: Yay!

All of the children run to the computers.

Harry: What website are you going to?

Larry: What do you think? A game website!

Harry: You didn't have to get an attitude, you know? Geez...

Larry: I wasn't getting an attitude.

Harry: Yes you were. All I asked was a simple question.

Larry: I think that something is wrong with you.

Harry: I don't have problems, you do!

The other students watch.

Larry: Your'e the one with the problems.

Harry: What's your problems? I don't have any.

Larry: You have a mind problem.

Harry: You know what, I'm better than this. I'm going to ignore you.

Larry: Forget you!

Chapter 8Edit

Edward rode the bus home.

Edward's Mother: How was school?

Edward: Bad.

Edward's Mother: What do mean?

Edward's Father: Did anyone bother you? I'll be the first person to know.

Edward: No, that didn't happen. I wouldn't let that happen.

Edward's Father: You shouldn't let that happen. If it does happen, I'll be worser than the person who did it to you.

Edward's Mother: You shouldn't encourage violence. A social worker may come if you do that.

Edward's Father: Social workers? Social workers are too soft.

Edward's Mother: They protect children. That's good enough for me.

Edward: Mom, Dad, please don't argue.

Edward's Mother: We're not arguing. Edward go and play video games with your brother.

Edward: Bu-

Edward's Father: Go, son.

Edward: Oh boy.

Edward walks up the stairs to his brother.

Chapter 9Edit

When Edward walks in, he sees his brother playing "The Adventures of Llama Feats"

Edward: Can I play?

Edward's Brother: Wait a second.

Edward: Okay.

After fifteen minutes, Edward's brother is still playing.

Edward: Come on, let me play.

Edward's Brother: Hold on.

Edward: I'm not going to fall for it this time.

Edward's Brother: Okay, you got me. What mode do you want to play?

Edward: Llamas vs. Aliens.

Edward's Brother: Okay. It's my turn to choose the next mode.

The boys begin the game.

Edward: Shoot that alien!

Edward's Brother: What alien!

Edward: Beside you! Oh no, it's going to get you!

Edward's Brother: What the-

Edward's brother "accidently" uses profanity.

Edward: Oooo...

Edward's Brother: Shut up, before you make them hear it!

Edward's Father: Who said "Oooo"? What's going on up there?

Edward: Seems like someone has already heard it.

Edward's Brother: ...

Both Boys: Uh oh...

Chapter 10Edit

Edward's father knocks on the door.

Edward's Brother: What do we do now.

Edward: I dunno...

Edward's Brother: Run!

Edward's father opens the door. The kids run out and knock him down.

Edward: Run for the door!

Edward's Brother: That's a good idea!

Edward's mother stares at them in awe. They blast through the door.

Edward: To my school!

Chapter 11Edit

The boys run to the school.

Edward: To the principal's office!

Children: What are they doing?

The boys run to the door of the principal's office. They principal steps out.

Edward: You... Your'e... a...

The principal is a child! A boy!

Principal: Yes, and I paid Oliver to behave like that so that you would think otherwise.

Edward's Brother: So you wanted to be an adult?

Principal: In other words, yes.

Edward: Can't you wait?

Principal: No. Adults get to do more than children. I don't think that's fair.

Edward: Your'e making a point, though.

Principal: I figured that if I were a principal, people might think that I'm grown enough to do adult things.

Edward's Brother: Such as?

Principal: Driving, Getting jobs, and etcetra.

Edward: Why don't you just buy a Birthday Inferno Birthday Cake?

Principal: I don't know. Maybe I will.

Edward: Why not?

Principal: I will!


The boys have a birthday party at the principal's house. They all turned into teens. Edward is happy that he were able to skip 6th grade. But next year, he has to go to high school!