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Familie Schweiger (1)
Schweiger family
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The Schweiger family lived in Autumn Falls for an uncertain period of time, that's why it's speculated that they were the founders of the neighbourhood. There are many undiscovered things about the family, especially because they give no information about themselves. The only things other Sims know about the family is that they are rich, have good jobs and that their mansion is particularly creepy at night when the wind is blowing through the old walls.
Name Schweiger family
Number of generations 4 generations
Family connections Livingston family, Gräbner family, Cornell family, Liventhal family
Other Information
Neighborhood Autumn Falls

The Schweiger family (Speaker Icon Listen  /ˈʃvɡər/) is a family created by Karu Katerchen. In The Sims they originally consisted of only five members: Satinav and Ann with their three children Raoul, Deliah and Connor.

They appear throughout the whole Sims series and The Sims Medieval. In most games they live in Autumn Falls[TS][TS2][TS3] and only marginally appear in other towns such as Willow Creek[TS4].

The Schweigers are a mysterious family consisting of many unusual and even supernatural Sims. The inhabitants of Autumn Falls mostly avoid them, despite of the great part they play in the neighborhood. The majority of the family prefers to have little social contact with sims they don't know already.

Incidentally they resemble the Goth family in some respects. It's possible, that they may or may not be somehow related.


The origin of the Schweiger family dates back to the ancient medieval beginnings of Autumn Falls, then known as Herbstfall[TSM], where Vanitas Swaiger is the monarch.

In The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 there is an art gallery in honor of Frieda Schweiger, who is, along with her husband, the oldest Sim still appearing in the family tree of the Schweigers[TS2][TS3][TS4]. Her urn is currently located in a secret room of said art gallery. One says that a ghost of a starved, pale woman appears once in a while at night, where she tries to paint, but no color appears on the canvas.


Schweiger: German and Jewish nickname for a somewhat taciturn or 'deep' person. From the German word 'schweigen' what means 'to be silent'.

Satinav: Divine of Time in the role-playing game 'The Dark Eye'.

Ann: 'Ann' is a form of the Latin female given name 'Anna'. This in turn is a representation of the Hebrew 'Hannah' or 'Hanani', meaning 'He has favoured me', the name of the mother of the prophet Samuel.

Raoul: 'Raoul' means something like 'mentor' or 'adviser'. Raul comes from the Germanic name Rad-Wulf and means 'mentor of warrior'.

Deliah: Means 'the secondborn'(which is quite fitting, because Deliah is the secondborn child in the family) and 'the one with the billowing hair'.

Connor: 'Strong willed', 'wise' or 'Hound-lover', also from the Irish 'Coachuhhar', meaning 'high desire'.

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The Schweiger Family

Vanitas - Frieda - Xavier - Abigail - Satinav - Deirdre - Ann
Raoul - Ida - Deliah - Connor - Elizabeth - Edgar - Katharina