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Name Schwitz
Number of generations 4 (2 current) generations
Family connections Langerak family
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An ascendency of Athletes, the Schwitz are in town, and they aren't settling quietly - with Deana's big mouth and Ti-Ning's bipolar personality, they are sure to ruffle some feathers.
Members Deana Schwitz
Ti-Ning Yeager
Chayse Schwitz
Jai Schwitz
Walker Schwitz
Lot 477 Sunnyside Blvd
Difficulty level Difficulty1
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Fanon:Sunset Valley

The Schwitz family (pronounced: Sh-wits) is a wealthy ascendency whom currently reside in Sunset Valley, all of which are a derivation of Deana Schwitz. The family are iconic to the Athletic trait, and currently consists of Deana, her other half Ti-Ning Yeager, and their three children, Chayse, Jai and Walker Schwitz.


Prior to now, Deana lived with her mother and now-deceased grandmother, Renee Schwitz (previously Thompson) and Anica Schwitz. She moved to Sunset Valley once she became a Young Adult, hoping to start a family of her own in her family's name, as part of a promise she made to her grandmother. It is unknown whether Deana or her predecessors had any siblings.

The Schwitz household was previously situated at 9 Sun Song Ave, and currently settles at 477 Sunnyside Blvd.

Deana's previous relationships in Sunset Valley included Parker Langerak and Stiles McGraw. Deana and Parker, although originally Romantic Interests, currently remain friends, and both the Langerak and Schwitz households still stay in contact with each other.

Deana and Ti-Ning began trying for a baby shortly after moving in together. As Young Adults, fertility proved difficult. Once becoming Adults, it was announced that Deana was expecting her first child.


The house is a basic three-story building, and currently holds sixteen "rooms", including four bathrooms, two living areas and two balconies. Indents implicate leads to – you cannot get to the room without going through its predecessor.

  • Ground floor
    • Open-plan Living Room and Dining Room
      • Fully-equipped Kitchen (with a door that leads to the Garden)
      • Bathroom with Bath, but no Shower
  • First floor
    • Landing Area
      • Parents' Bedroom
        • On-suite Bathroom with Shower, but no Bath
      • First floor Balcony (with stairs that go down to the Garden)
      • Baby's Bedroom
      • Bathroom with merged Shower-bath.
  • Second floor
    • Landing Area
      • Playroom
      • Children's bedroom
      • Living area
        • Second floor Balcony
        • Study Room
          • Mini-bathroom with Bath and Urinal


Member Generation Age Residence Town Career
Deana Schwitz 3 Adult 477 Sunnyside Blvd Sunset Valley Roadie (Music)
Ti-Ning Yeager 3 Adult Unemployed
Chayse Schwitz II 4 Child Elementary School
Jai Schwitz 4 Toddler None
Walker Schwitz 4 Baby None
Renee Schwitz 2 Unknown Unknown Pleasantview Unknown
Anica Schwitz 1 Death Unknown
Chayse Schwitz I 1 Death Unknown

Family treeEdit

Schwitz family


  • All descendants beginning with Deana and Ti-Ning carry the Athletic trait – it is unknown whether any other family members prior to Deana carried this trait.
  • Chayse Schwitz II is the first male descendant since his great-grandfather of the same name. However, it is unknown whether those of a higher descent had any siblings.
  • Deana was supposedly born Deana Thompson – however it is unknown if she took her fathers name at birth or not.
  • It is not known what happened to Deana's mother, Renee, after Deana moved to Sunset Valley.
  • Although the family was known for it's popularity with female births, all three of Deana's children where male: Chayse, Jai and Walker.