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Security Guards are introduced in multiple sim games as protectors and "watch-dogs" for businesses. Most are often commonly found walking the floors of malls and high-tipped stations and air ports. Most are even found at post offices and police stations when managers and other employees aren't around. Some Security Guards are often spotted patrolling streets to keep them safe or patrolling malls at night when they closed for the night to keep thieves and other unneeded individuals and groups out. Other Security Guards stand by the entrances of businesses to watch what employees are doing, ask for ID and run metal detectors on customers to make sure they aren't there to do any harm. Some are men and some are women. Serious Security Guards usually have kempt hair by having theirs cut if they're male and have them up if they're female. They also have their uniforms tucked in tight and prove they're there to do their duty and keep the unit they're working for safe. Other Security Guards can vary, too. Males may have the tendency to have long hair, but short goatees. Females May have their hair up, but have her uniform untucked.