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Servo Wars
Name: Servo Wars
Genre: Action, Comedy and Sci-fi
Created by: Lost Labyrinth
Rating: PG13
Number of chapters: 11 (13 total)

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Servo Wars is a fanon movie written by Lost Labyrinth. It is about 3 bots who are pitted against each other in a fierce battle but they must unite in order to save the world from a mysterious villain...

Prologue Edit

War! The world cannot cope with the invasions of a villain who calls herself "X!". Human resistance is failing against her SimBots, which are powerful enough to overthrow mankind!

However, a human psychopath has managed to grab hold of a robot weapon, known as a Servo. Three of them, named Anvil, Omega and Linkita were created to annialate the SimBot threat, but rivalries built between the three Servos, putting them against each other in a vital war that can save mankind...

Chapter I: Project Anvil Edit

"The bot's name is Anvil!" said the human psychopath. Anvil couldn't get out of his mind that he was a Servo, not a human. As he sat in the McSims restaurant with a Big Newbie, he couldn't help but worry about his well-being. He walks out of the restaurant in some human clothing, but where did he get the clothes? As he walked down the street, he saw a powerful explosion caused by a female - a female Servo. It was Linkita. Anvil just stood there, staring at Linkita. He was in love, but he also thought she was a terrorist. A SimBot comes behind Anvil and taunts, "X! sends her regards!". Just as the bot goes to kill Anvil, Linkita saves him by warping the SimBot into a Cowplant. Linkta says, "Nothing changes, me, you and Omega still hate each other!".

Anvil goes back to the lab where he was created, to figure out what went wrong, when he saw a familiar circuit...

Chapter II: I Am Bot Edit

"You shouldn't have come here brother!" said Omega. Anvil replied, "I am more powerful than you - you are outdated!". The bots went into a fierce brawl where they both tie while fighting for life and death. They are interrupted by the human psychopath, who was kidnapped by X!

"Help me Anvil, Omega and Linkita!" pleaded the human. Linkita, standing in the background listened to the message. "I have the key to the weapons that can end this massacre, but I need you to save me fast! Forget the worries and unite!" continued the human. X!, an elderly woman had demanded that a SimBot would take the human to a cell as she shuts off the camera. Omega then asks the other Servos, "Did you see that film, I am Legend? Y'know, I am Legend? Because I am Legend!"

The three Servos unite and set off across the world on an adventure that could possibly take them out of the galaxy and maybe away from existence, as they don't know what to expect...

Chapter III: X!treme Measures Edit

"Lord X!, the prisoner is in his cell! Now can we destroy Alderaan already? My doctor said I'd have less nose bleeds if we used the X! Star more!" said Governor Y! In fury, X! replied, "Once the Servos are here, I have better plans..."

Anvil's crush on Linkita grows stronger. As she destroys another SimBot, he can't help but stare at her. Omega looks at the bot and asks, "Who the <censored by CleanBot - the only profanity filter you'll ever need> is X!?" Linkita looks at the bot and says, "X! is...". Linkita then collapses to the ground.

As Omega and Anvil carry Linkita to a safe zone, more SimBots arrive. Anvil uses a power known as Chaos Spear to destroy the bots. Omega then realises he has the Chaos Blast power. "I'm thinking of making Linkita my partner - yes that kind!" said Anvil. Omega angrily replies, "No, I'd rather short circuit than see that happen!". Linkita wakes up and replies, "Knock it off, will ya? Can't you see we have a mission to be getting on with? To save our creator and end this disaster!".

The three Servos carried on moving across the land. Anvil then says, "She'll come to eventually, like that Mech did when we were in Loch Ness!" Omega replies, "Did that ever happen?"

Chapter IV: A New Soap Edit

"...that seriously happened Omega, I was seriously in love with her!" said Anvil. Omega and Linkita cannot take listening to Anvil any longer. As they trek through a city, a human bank robber comes towards them. Omega aims a gun at the human. "DROP IT!" shouts the human. Looking at his WiiboxPortable, he says "Soap?", as a reference to a video game that he loves. The human replies, "Price? This belongs to you sir!" and attempts to hit Omega. Linkita asks, "Who's Soap? And who on Earth is Price?". Omega uses his Chaos Blast power on the human and wins acclaim from many patrons of the city, including the police.

After they had received acclaim and "Soap" was put to jail, the Servos carried on moving towards X!. It is nightfall. Anvil stands next to Linkita while she recharges. Omega, who is standing elsewhere, sees Anvil and Linkita together and wants to ensure that Anvil doesn't win the heart of Linkita.

As the morning set off, they carried on moving into the depths of Medieval land. Omage said, "WOW, we look...strange, eh?"

Chapter V: Grand Theft Robot: Medieval Edit

Horses and swords were seen throughout. The Servos looked like outcasts, as did the SimBots who were after the Servos and getting killed during the job. Linkita walked through the land, desperate to get the job done, Anvil couldn't let go of his love for Linkita and Omega was the anti-hero who was waiting for the chance to strike Anvil.

Crowds ran out of the Medieval land as a Bugatti Veyron had arrived on the scene. The Servos wondered why there was a Veyron in a Medieval environment. Of course, it wasn't a Veyron but something else. The Veyron transformed into a larger than life SimBot. "You're the ones who are after the human! I can't let you through without a brawl!" said Veyron. "Circuits! How are we going to destroy this thing?" asked Omega. Anvil had a flashback to the first time he used the Chaos powers. Knowing that they all had these powers, Anvil had one plan. "Link up! We use our Chaos powers to bring him down!" said Anvil. "Bah! You think that some psychopath can save you by installing powers? Simbots, transform and roll out!" replied Veyron. As the Servos gave Veyron an intimidating look, Linkita shouted, "Chaos Link!"

Veyron had collapsed to the ground, meaning that the link had worked. Anvil asked Linkita, "How did you do that?" Linkita looked at Anvil and replied, "I didn't do anything special, it was your idea!". Linkita smiled at Anvil and Anvil had thought that he had won her heart, but Omega wasn't too happy...

Chapter VI: Who's that bot? Edit

As a SimBot on the X! Star plays some music, X! manages to find out that the Servos have left the Medieval land and are heading into the space elevator and into the X! Star to save the human psychopath. "I want all 3 Servos turned into scrap! Nobody invades my ship! Understand?" shouted X!. The human psychopath relied, "They're getting into the elevator right now and even if we move out of the planet's range, the elevator will go with them!" X! however, took the X! Star out of Earth's orbit and went towards the Sun.

"It's getting smaller! I'm sure that elevator shaft had...a shaft?" said Omega. "OK, here's the plan! Omega, you go to the prison block and rescue the human! Anvil, you'll come with me and we'll make X! regret the day that she had messed with us!" commanded Linkita. As they went to fulfill their duties, Omega walked while testing his weapons, in case that Linkita fell for Anvil. Anvil and Linkita approached the lair of X!

"Linkita, in case we don't make it out, I wanna say something but I'm scared that you'll hate me for it!" said Anvil. Linkita relied, "Anvil, I kinda like wait, I l-l-ove you!". Anvil and Linkita shared a kiss but they didn't realise one thing...

Chapter VII: Discovery Edit

"Love! I hate love! Why does love have to exist?" asked X!. Anvil and Linkita realised that were in the lair of X! while they were sharing the kiss. X! revealed herself to be a human named Mrs. Crumplebottom, who has a hatred for love. "You do know that this is being streamed to the prison block? Omega knows you two just kissed! He's going to kill you Anvil, or shall I say - Omega Mark III!" said Crumplebottom. Anvil goes through a flashback of his creation...

Chapter VIII: This is like a Flashback, this like the truth... Edit

"Omega Mark III". The term that Anvil couldn't get out of his head. Anvil realised that he has all the memories of Omega. He sees the human psychopath, who looked like a test subject. He sees a late scientist named Loki Beaker, who was killed by the human psychopath in a fire, along with his wife in order to obtain the new technology.

"I have no choice but to clone Omega! It's for the greater good! It can end this rivalry between Omega and Linkita!" said the human psychopath. The last thing that Anvil remembered before coming to life as Anvil is Omega being cloned to make a Mark II, which failed, hence the creation of Mark III. Anvil was convinced in his mind that he is a copy of Omega and that Anvil wanted to make things right!

Back in reality, Anvil asked Crumplebottom, "NO! Where is my creator?"

Chapter IX: Origin Edit

Omega opens the door to the psychopath's cell. "Nervous!" shouted Omega. The human psychopath is indeed Nervous Subject. He revealed to Omega that he wanted to be rescued so that he didn't have to go under more experiments. "Listen to me, we need to kill Anvil! He has gone insane!" said Omega. "He was meant to be perfect, yet you're the evil one and you saved me! Let's go!" replied Nervous.

"Anyway, good chatting to you Omega Mark III and Linkita! Toodles!" said Crumplebottom as she got into an escape pod and returned to Earth. "We need to destroy this ship or many lives will be lost! It can destroy planets!" said Linkita. Anvil replied, "Leave it to me!"

"Linkita! Return to Earth! I'll meet you there, just got a few things to take care of!" commanded Anvil. Linkita returned to Earth in an escape pod. Just as he gets into a space-helicopter to fire missiles and destroy the ship, an unfriendly sight appeared...

Chapter X: Two of the same Edit

"Got you now you <censored by CleanBot...must I constantly use product placement?>!" shouted Omega. "Hmph, so you want to kill me, eh? Linkita is mine! Live with it! And Nervous, I remember you, you wanted the best, right? Well I'll show you the best, I'll show you your best creation!" replied Anvil. Omega and Anvil charged towards each other and tried to use their attacks on each other, but it didn't work. They both fired at each other and shouted "Chaos Spear!"

Nervous laid on the floor, dying from the chain reaction caused by Anvil and Omega. Both Servos agree to stop fighting. "I'm sorry Nervous!" said Anvil. "No, I'm sorry! But do a job for me - destroy this ship and kill two people! Governer Y! and Crumplebottom...they...must...die!" replied Nervous with his last ounce of breath.

"We need to stop this Anvil, I don't care if you're with Linkita! I just wanna make this mission worth something! Let's destroy this place!" said Omega. Anvil agreed with Omega and they both went to their space-helicopters.

Chapter XI: Kill the King! Edit

As Anvil and Omega had fought in space, many SimBots had tried to destroy them. Back on the X! Star, Governor Y! had prepared to destroy Earth with the ship. "I want this place blown to dust in 2 minutes!" commanded Governor Y!.

"Come on!" cheered Anvil after he destroyed a SimBot. "Great bot, don't get electricity!" replied Omega. Anvil entered the weak point of the X! Star. "You're in! Now let's blow this thing and go home!" said Omega. Anvil fired a shot and both Servos had escaped back to Earth.

"Fire in 5..4..3..2..1.." said Governor Y!. As he counted down, the X! Star exploded, killing everybody on board. "We did it! We ended the war!" said Anvil. Omega replied, "Not yet..."

Epilogue Edit

"Nervous gave us a final job before he died. We've taken care of Governer Y! but Crumplebottom is still an issue!" said Anvil to Linkita. As they sat in a restaurant, they had discussed the war and what was left to do. "Crumplebottom is still out there, but we'll get her!" replied Linkita, who became optimistic. Omega mourned the death of Nervous but believed that his sacrifice helped the Servos in the war. Omega had confidently said, "I guess we had better move on, our main target is still alive and we need to stop her, and we will do so!"