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Servo Wars
Name: Servo Wars
Genre: Action, Comedy and Sci-fi
Created by: Lost Labyrinth
Rating: R (15)
Number of chapters: 9 (11 total)

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Servo Wars is a fanon movie written by User:Lost Labyrinth. It is the sequel to the (not so) award winning Servo Wars.

Prologue Edit

The universe is a somewhat better place with the X! Star being blown to smithereens. The Servos, Anvil, Omega and Linkita were acclaimed as they returned to Earth but they were not finished yet.

After her army was depleted, Mrs. Crumplebottom rallied a group of clowns to replace the SimBot's that were destroyed.

Through the inspiration of the Servos, a blogger known as Curtis Paradis had started to script a movie based upon the battle against the X! Star, but it didn't go to plan...

Chapter I: JavaMovieScript Edit

"Hmm, Anvil and Linkita fell in love. This film will be perfect!" said Paradis. Little did he know, he was talking to himself. "So Crumplebottom survived and they go for a new adventure! I will win an Oscar for this!" Paradis thought.

Suddenly, a clown came through the door. He was looking for Paradis. The clown a clown but no ordinary clown, a Tragic Clown. He walked through the house and searched every room. All that he could find were scripts for movies based on real life events.

"Now to blog that my movie script is complete!" said Paradis. The blog said, "The script is perfect! Time to play video games about guiding lives and fix my website's JavaScript code!". As Paradis hits the "Enter" button, the clown comes behind him with a machete. The clown stabbed Paradis in the back with the machete and said, "Oh the tragedy that was caused by The Dark Knight...I mean the Servos!"

Chapter II: Derezzed Edit

"I should have confirmed the kill 5 years ago on the X! Star....all those lives that were lost....avenge the deaths....end the war!" said a voice inside the Tragic Clown's head. The voice sounded very similar to that of Anvil.

The Clown had been captured by three unknown interrogaters in relation to the war. "Why did you kill Curtis Paradis? You're supposed to make people happy, not make them even more miserable!" asked the first interrogater. The Clown replied, "I did what I was told to do...kill Paradis and stop the hunt for Crumplebottom from esculating to a worldwide bloodbath! THAT'S WHAT I WAS TOLD!"

"You can tell us the story of what happened with the three Servos and Crumplebottom or we can execute you right here - right now!" said a female interrogater. Looking furiously around the room in which he was held captive, the Clown replied, "The SimBots were want to know my story? Fine! I'll tell you what happened. It all started shortly after I killed Paradis..."

Chapter III: Breaking News Edit

"...which had resulted in the the prisoner being executed for his crimes. This just in: Curtis Paradis - an internet blogger and screenwriter was found dead today in his home. He is most famous for working on Blue People as a screenwriter. He was found with a stab wound to the back. Police are trying to figure out who could have done this." reported the Newscaster.

"Clowns don't kill people, terror kills!" said Omega. The three Servos were walking out of a hotel after they returned from the X! Star. Anvil was still focused on pursuing Crumplebottom while Linkita was trying to balance her relationship with Anvil while ending the war.

"If you think about it, the SimBots were destroyed in the explosion! Who is helping Crumplebottom?" asked Linkita. Anvil, who walked down the street, staring at a TV inside an electronics store replied, "Clowns are suppossed to cheer people up when they're down, not send them down even further." The trio had then tried to find a link between Crumplebottom and the Tragic Clowns.

Chapter IV: Nonecyclopedia Edit

A web encyclopedia by the name of Nonecyclopedia had been spawning parody articles of Crumplebottom. "Mrs Crumplebottom is an 89 year old who thinks she's cooler than me? Argh, I suppose it was written by Curtis Paradis?" asked Crumplebottom. The Tragic Clown who killed Paradis looked at Crumplebottom and asked, "I did, the payment?"

"LOL at Nonecyclopedia!" cheered Anvil. Omega and Linkita were both laughing at the same time. "I bet that Crumplebottom is <censored by CleanBot - yes I returned for the sequel> herself!" replied Omega. Linkita, who proved that she could have a joke then said, "Look, we need to pursue Crumplebottom and find out about this clown stuff! Let's get moving!"

"You want me to exterminate three Servos?" asked the Clown. Crumplebottom nodded and insisted that if he fails, he will share the same fate as Paradis. The Clown replied, "Fine, but I want my payment! We had a deal..."

Chapter V: Intermission Edit

"That's what happened! I was sent to exterminate the Servos and claim an award from Crumplebottom!" shouted the Clown. The interrgogaters had then decided to quiz the clown on how he became affiliated with Crumplebottom. "How did you get involved with Crumplebottom? Love? Business?" asked the female interrgogater. "I'll tell you..."

5 years earlier...

"I need your help! I've become an exile! I know you're suppossed to be good guys but I'll pay you a lot!" said Crumplebottom. The Clown looked at Crumplebottom with disgust and asked, "If I get caught, you go down too! I want my payment when I have helped you - what is your mission?" Crumplebottom replied, "Kill. Paradis."

Present day

"That's what happened - she needed my help and I couldn't say no!" said the Clown. A male interrogater replied, "OK then, what happened next? Who were you sent to kill?" The Clown looked disorientated and he replied, "Circuit off!" The interrogaters sent an electric shock to the Clown's chair in order to get him to co-operate. The Tragic Clown responded, "Fine, I'll tell you..."

Chapter VI: Bloodshed Edit

"Crumplebottom went past the hideout of the Servos and Anvil noticed her pretty sharp-ish!" said the Clown. "Get in the Botmobile!" said Omega. The trio had travelled using the Botmobile in order to pursue Crumplebottom. "There's no escape! Give it up!" shouted Anvil.

Linkita had found a weak point on the veichle that Crumplebottom was using. "SPEAR!" shouted Linkita as she had used her spear attack to hit the veichle. The veichle had been damaged so badly that Crumplebottom had crashed into an asylum.

"She couldn't have survived that! Let's go!" said Linkita. While Omega followed, Anvil was less convinced that Crumplebottom was killed. "I should have confirmed the kill 5 years ago on the X! Star. All that blood on the floor could have been from the inmates! All those lives that were lost thanks to Crumplebottom! We need to avenge the deaths of our creator amongst many others, but most of all, we need to end the war!" said Anvil. Anvil had carried on going towards the asylum to confront Crumplebottom...

Chapter VII: Back to the Present Edit

"Where's my purse?" asked Crumplebottom. Anvil came rushing into the scene. "It's finished! Why dod you make a Tragic Clown kill Paradis?" asked Anvil. Crumplebottom stared at Anvil and chuckled. She replied, "He wanted money, clowns do have to be tragic every now and then!" Anvil was filled with disgust as the Tragic Clown walked towards him.

"Stand down!" demanded Anvil. The Clown looked at Anvil and Crumplebottom, just to reply, "You cannot break me! Neither of you can!" However, just as the Clown was about to attack Anvil, Omega came in and fired a stun gun at the Clown in order to take him in. "Good work brother, let's go!" said Omega. "No, there is one thing I need to do first!" replied Anvil. Omega had then replied, "She'll just bleed to death...let's go!"

Present day

"And that's how I got here! The Servo stunned me and I was taken captive." said the Clown. The interrogaters revealed themselves to be Anvil, Omega and Linkita. "That's it, huh?" asked Linkita. The Clown replied, "Yes, but you know it's not over yet..."

Chapter VIII: The War Room Edit

"If you let me go, I'll tell you where Crumplebottom is held up! You can launch an attack at the compound and have this all over and done with! Just listen to me!" said the Clown. The three Servos then opened their minds to the Clown. He replied, "She's on board the SS Dream. There is a section of that ship called The War Room. This is where she plans her attacks against the people of Earth. I know a guy that can get you everything you need! All you need to do is pay me double the sum that Crumplebottom was going to pay or you'll end up like me, a nervous subject..."

"Impossible! I thought you died on the X! Star right in front of us!" said Linkita. "He did, but he somehow came back and escaped!" said Omega. "Hear me out! I had to do this! She had resurrected me by making a deal with the Grim Reaper, who is taking many souls away because of her deeds. He is a target! A threat! If you don't stop him, this will continue!" replied Nervous.

"One more question - how did you become a Tragic Clown?" asked Anvil. Nervous replied, "I wanted to cheer people up, but she has a leash on me. I'm like a werewolf at wanting to make changes. She forced me to do these things or I would be killed. If I could have it any other way, I would!" The three Servos acknowledged everything that Nervous said. With the determination to stop Crumplebottom, Anvil replied, "We'll help you but you must help us first. You give us intel - we guarantee that you don't get put away for Paradis' muder! Deal?" Nervous replied, "Deal!"

Chapter IX: Dream Edit

Deciding that it was his destiny, Anvil decided to attack the SS Dream on his own with Nervous. "Stay safe!" said Linkita. Anvil and Linkita shared a kiss as he was about to board his helicopter to the Dream. Before they left, Omega said to Anvil, "You know how to do it brother, do it for mankind, do it to finish everything and prove this isn't a just cause!"

"Here we are, the SS Dream - this is where Crumplebottom will meet her demise and this time Anvil, I promise!" said Nervous. "You got enough clown makeup?" asked Anvil. Nervous nodded. They landed on the ship and rushed to The War Room.

As they were running towards The War Room, Anvil noticed something that was shocking. "Dear God, she's making a whole army of Tragic Clowns!" shouted Anvil. Nervous replied, "We need to deal with Crumplebottom and then we can use these clowns for the greater good!"

Epilogue Edit

"Don't move a step closer! I am wired with C4!" shouted Crumplebottom as Nervous and Anvil approached. Nervous flicks a switch that sets the Clowns free to cheer up others. "Mission failed!" taunted Anvil. Angered with Anvil and Nervous, Crumplebottom detonates the C4...

The SS Dream started to sink into the sea. Omega and Linkita were upset as Anvil and Nervous were M.I.A, possibly dead. "I gotta owe it to him, he did a lot of good! Now we should find the Grim Reaper and avenge Anvil!" said Omega. Linkita looked at Omega and replied, "We should but Anvil could still be alive! This isn't the end yet..."