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Servo Wars: Episode III: Don't Fear The Reaper
Name: Servo Wars: Episode III: Don't Fear The Reaper
Genre: Action, Comedy and Sci-fi
Created by: Lost Labyrinth
Rating: PG-13
Number of chapters: 12

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Servo Wars: Episode III: Don't Fear The Reaper is a fanon movie written by User:Lost Labyrinth. It is the third installment of the Servo Wars series. Critics across the globe are ducking their heads in shame.

Prologue Edit

The world is reeling from the fall of Anvil, even though the world is now Crumplebottom free. A new threat, known as the Grim Reaper is taking away many souls of those who were either harmed by Crumplebottom or have suffered from other causes. With Anvil and Nervous Subject on the depths of the SS Dream, the Reaper wants to add to his fine collection, but it won't be enough...

Chapter I: Awakening Edit

"I gotta owe it to him, he did a lot of good! Now we should find the Grim Reaper and avenge Anvil!" said Omega. Linkita looked at Omega and replied, "We should but Anvil could still be alive! This isn't the end yet..."

"Anvil, he's coming!" shouted Nervous. Looking at the sea, Anvil could see some black smoke. "Circuits! It's the Grim Reaper!" replied Anvil. Nervous didn't want to fall into the hands of the Grim Reaper and decided to jump into the ocean. As he jumped, he shouted to Anvil, "Save yourself! See you soon, man!"

"Anvil! The Servo who destroyed every SimBot and restored the occupation of the Tragic Clown, finally we meet!" said Reaper, "You can't swim, you're a stack of electricals!" Anvil runs into the helicopter that he used to get to the SS Dream and he replied, "No, but I can fly! See you in 2000 years!" The Grim Reaper had vowed revenge against Anvil as he had escaped the SS Dream as it had sunk, though the Grim Reaper had teleported away just in time.

Chapter II: Recognition Edit

Anvil arrived in Washington D.C. to confirm that he is still alive. As he had walked out of the helicopter, thousands of people had cheered for him. As Anvil had approached the White House, the President said, "Anvil, in honour of your achievements which have dramatically helped mankind, I would like to give you the notice of a nomination - a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize!"

The event was televised across the world and even in the depths of hell. The Grim Reaper had sat there watching the ceremony and thought to himself, "That electrode escaped me! This won't happen again! I will get my way and put an end to every living Servo and anyone who follows them!"

As the citizens of Washington had cheered for Anvil, he said in his acceptance speech, "I never thought I would make it back alive, let alone being nominated for an award! There is a new threat who was working with Mrs. Crumplebottom, he is the Grim Reaper, he is even tougher! But giving up is not the way forward! I will put an end to the Reaper and I will be at the awards ceremony! It's time for change! It's time for difference! It's time for FREEDOM!"

Chapter III: Warfare Edit

"Omega...he's alive!" cheered Linkita. Omega and Linkita were watching the TV when they discovered that Anvil had survived. "Dear God! This is a ghost!" said Omega. Linkita cheerfully replied, "No seriously, it's really Anvil! He's alive! He wants to stop the Grim Reaper!" However, Omega had other thoughts...

"It's an honor, sir!" Anvil said to the President. As the President went into the White House to sit down, the Grim Reaper arrived. "You have made a big mistake! Now you will pay!" shouted the Reaper. As Anvil came rushing in to save the President, the Reaper turned the President into a ghost. "NO! I won't let you take him away!" shouted Anvil. The Reaper replied, "You need to learn - not everything can go your way!"

As Anvil charged towards the Reaper and the President's ghost, they both disappeared. "I am not letting him get away with this! I will bring back the President and I will make the Reaper pay! This ends now!" shouted Anvil.

Chapter IV: Fortress Edit

"Come on dude, I don't want to die yet! I'm too young!" said the ghost of a deceased man which the Grim Reaper had taken back to his fortress. "You had forced an error on many people! Why should you return?" asked the Reaper. The Reaper then puts the ghost into a cell whilst defending the fortress from any attacks.

As he walked into the core of the base, the Reaper said, "Project: Ghost is near completion! Soon, all of Earth will be covered in smoke and noone can run, even the Servos!" However, the celebration was short lived when a threat was detected near the base.

"This is it! We can end this before Anvil does!" said Omega. As both Omega and Linkita went into the fortress, they had witnessed something shocking...

Chapter V: When We Collide... Edit

3 hours earlier...

" to make things clear: Anvil will go and look for the Reaper and free the President while we will deal with any hired guns that he may have! Let's roll!" commanded Sgt. Johnson. As Anvil ran through the fortress, black ghosts had started to attack. They were minions of the Grim Reaper.

"Cell Block V, Cell X!" thought Anvil. As he arrived at that cell, he managed to free the President. "Thank you! You did a massive favor for the United States of America!" said the President. "You better get back to Johnson before you get caught! I'll deal with the Grim Reaper." replied Anvil.

As Anvil searched for the Reaper, he had found Project: Ghost. "This is's an incomplete monster!" said Anvil. Project: Ghost had woken and shouted, "I am Diablo! I will destory the planet in the most dangerous way I can!" As Diablo had risen to power, Omega and Linkita had entered the fortress to witness Anvil and Diablo.

Chapter VI: Turn The Tide Edit

"Finally! The world is mine! I will get my revenge on everyone! MWAHAHAHA!" shouted Diablo. Diablo had risen from his trap and deployed a black hole which could absorb the whole planet with the consent of the Grim Reaper. The hole had rapidly spread as the Servos had fleed the scene.

"This hole is going to kill us all! We need to escape!" commanded Anvil. Omega and Linkita were less than happy to listen to Anvil as of his disappearance. "We need to do something! Escape and let the world fall to the Reaper? No thank you!" replied Linkita. After feeling annoyed, Anvil grunted, "We can end this one way or another..."

"Well done Diablo! The whole world is covered in the hole and everyone will become my servant!" cheered the Reaper. "Master, what do I get from this?" asked Diablo. As he felt generous, the Reaper replied, "Everything..."

Chapter VII: The Other Side of Sanity Edit

"ISS Control, this is Houston. Can you see what is up with Earth?" asked Houston. ISS Control replied, "Seems to have become a black hole. We picked up a human we found on Mars named Nervous Subject who claimed to have had an encounter with the Grim Reaper. The guy is pretty darn crazy!"

"Look, I don't need to be strapped to another chair. I can tell you that this is all related to the Grim Reaper. Anvil, Omega and Linkita are stuck there! They all are! If we can't go and stop them, they'll be trapped forever!" said Nervous. "How do you suggest we act?" asked ISS Control. Nervous replied, "Guns."

Meanwhile on Earth, the Servos had looked for an exit. "Every room is like a portal, a portal to another country. Why is China next to France? Which door do we take?" wondered Linkita. Anvil replied, "We need help from above..."

Chapter VIII: Resistance Edit

Nervous and the ISS forces landed on Earth to form a military resistance to combat the Grim Reaper. The Servos were in the black hole looking through every portal until they could find the Grim Reaper. "He has to be here somewhere - we can't let him get away with everything! This ends now!" demanded Anvil. Both Linkita and Omega looked at Anvil with an agreeing look on their robotic faces.

"Holy Fajita! This hole is huge, it covers the whole planet!" said an ISS soldier. Nervous replied, "We're here for one...okay two purposes: Find the Grim Reaper and capture him dead or alive. Then we reverse this black hole! This whole war ends today and noone can change that!"

The soldiers searched every portal and wiped out any enemy in their way. Nervous wandered into a portal with the Servos. "Anvil, Omega, Linkita! Thank god I've found you guys! We're going to end the war after so long! Crumplebottom lasted too long and the Reaper is the ringleader in all of this." said Nervous with relief. Omega replied, "Agreed, we can't be too far now...he'll have nowhere to run..."

Chapter IX: Scrap Edit

As Omega and Linkita wandered through a strange looking portal, something bad had happened. They had disintegrated into nothing. "Omega...Linkita...NO!" screamed Anvil. "I'm sorry Anvil but we must move on!" assured Nervous. Anvil couldn't believe that his allies went away just like that. Anvil rushed through the portal but he found something more shocking. He was still alive.

"Finally, we meet Anvil! After all of this time, it's just you and me and of course...Diablo!" said the Reaper. Diablo and the Reaper merged together to create a super-monster. The ghost of Crumplebottom entered the monster in order to provoke evil. "Now, let's get the party started!" shouted Diablo Reaper.

"Anvil...fall back! This is suicide!" shouted Nervous. "If it saves the world then this one last battle could mean everything. We all have to sacrifice a piece of ourselves in vain! It would be worth it! Defeating him would reverse the black hole effect! Let's show him everything we've got!" replied Anvil.

Chapter X: The cake is not a lie! You just need to try harder... Edit

ISS soldiers had stormed into the portal to shoot at Diablo Reaper but it proved ineffective. "FALL BACK!" shouted Nervous. "None of us can defeat him but...Anvil! Let him get on with it!"

"CHAOS BLAST!" shouted Anvil. Anvil's attacks were proving effective against the monster. Anvil had used his ultimate attack to weaken the defenses of the Reaper. "Testingcheatsenabled!" chanted Anvil...

As the Grim Reaper had reverted to his original form, the black hole was disappearing. The planet had returned to its normal status. The Reaper was sent back to the depths of hell. "We did it!" cheered Anvil. Nervous replied, "No, you did while losing a part of yourself in battle!" Anvil then replied, "The deaths of Linkita and Omega are a shattering loss...but they gave me the energy and the will to end all of this...and that's all that matters. I'll never forget them..."

Epilogue Edit

2000 years later...

"...and so I lived through the Reaper's madness while fighting other hazards along the way." told Anvil to a group of freedom fighters. The freedom fighters were all Servos who were training to protect the world. "Go my apprentices, use everything I have taught you to rid the world of threats..."