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Shattered Dimensions
Name: Shattered Dimensions
Genre: Drama and Sci-Fi
Created by: Woganhemlock

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Shattered Dimensions is a Fan Fiction story written by Woganhemlock, and tells the story of a group of Sims who discover how to make a time machine. All users are welcome to make a chapter if they wish, but please inform the creator of the series here if you wish to make a chapter.

Act OneEdit

Chapter One: BeginningsEdit

The sun has risen once again over Pleasantview, but there is something special in the air today, for the famous scientist Mortimer Goth has finally found out how to make a time machine.

As he stood in the garage of his large mansion looking at his time machine, his daughter Cassandra entered the room.

"Dad, no. It's too much of a risk. You said..." Mortimer quickly cut her off.

"We've been over this heaps of times Cassie. You want to know what happened to your mother. So does your brother. And I have found a way to find out what happened that night, and you don't let me go to find it out..." His voice trailed off.

"It's just that... Are you sure messing around in the time stream is the only way to find out?"

"Well... I could think of other ways, but they don't exist yet. Trust me, Cassie. I know what I'm doing. I promise nothing will happen to me. I swear on my life."


Cassandra looked at her father, and then to the time machine. There was silence for a moment. Then she began to speak once more.

"Alright... But promise you won't do anything dangerous. I wouldn't want you to miss the wedding."

"I won't Cassie. Trust me. And I'll be back for the wedding. You and Alexander mean everything to me, and I wouldn't miss such a special day." He began to walk to the time machine, and started twisting dials and switches. "I will return... soon."

And with that, he jumped into the time machine, and into the mysteries of the past.

--WH (Talk) 05:52, June 9, 2011 (UTC)

Chapter Two: The LabEdit

The aliens were pressing buttons on their computers. Who knows what they could be up to. No matter what it was, they looked... mysterious. Bella was wondering just what they wanted from her, and why they had held her hostage for... she lost count of how long it was. At least five years.

As Bella sat and ate a non-descript substance, for what seemed like the millionth time, one of the aliens approached her. Like all of them, he wore a white coat, had green skin, and looked odd, for lack of a better word.

"It is time for our plan to be put into action. Take her to the laboratory." said an imposing looking alien, presumably the leader of the aliens. His minions did as they were told, and dragged Bella off towards the laboratory...

Meanwhile, Mortimer had arrived in the past, five years ago, to investigate Bella's disappearance. He had always suspected Don of being... something else, and now was his chance to find out. He saw Don get out of the carpool from work, and go inside his house. Mortimer just had to wait, and all would be revealed to him.

After a few hours, Bella's car pulled up at Don's house. She parked the car, and went into the house. Now, all Mortimer had to do was stay out of sight around the house, and watch...

--WH (Talk) 07:46, June 16, 2011 (UTC)

Chapter Three: Who is Don?Edit

It was very dark. Mortimer checked his watch. It said it was nearly Midnight. He thought something seemed a bit... suspicious. Why would Don meet Bella at such a late time? What was happening? Mortimer had to find out. He snuck into Don's house, and went up the stairs, to the balcony, where Don was with Bella. He hid behind the door, and watched.

"...but Bella!" he heard Don say.

"No, Don. I'm married to Mortimer, and it's going to stay that way" he heard Bella say.

"But, Bella, you are such a part of this. Without you, the plan is impossible. We will not succeed without you. So, please, can you help?"

Bella looked at Don for a few seconds. "No. And that is final..."

"Fine. I didn't want it to come to this. Just so you know, they won't be happy." Don then got out a strange device. It looked like something out of a sci-fi movie. Mortimer had no idea what it was, but got the eeling answers were near. Don pressed the button. Then a blinding flash of light, and they were gone.

Finally, the truth. Don abducted Bella.

--WH (talk) 09:13, June 18, 2011 (UTC)

Chapter Four: All Your Base Are Belong To UsEdit

Mortimer finally knew the truth about his wife's disappearance. He headed back to the future to tell Cassandra.

Meanwhile, in the past, Bella woke up on the alien spaceship. She noticed there was several aliens talking in the next room. She slowly creeped towards the door, and listened to what they were saying:

"...this will work?" said one.

"Yes, I am sure. If we can replicate her DNA, we could easily make clones of her. And with the clones..."

Bella tuned out? Why would they want clones of her? She decided to keep listening.

"...the secret formula"

"So, we clone her, impersonate her, get Morty to give us the formula, fake her death, and then kill the real one for good measure. That right, captain?"

He gestured towards the alien sitting on the biggest chair. "Yes, more or less. But, due to the complicated nature of genetics, and growing an entire adult body, we'd need to wait, oh, I don't know..., two years?"

"That's a long time, sir. Is there an easier way to do this?"

"Not that I can think of. And we need a good plan to get this formula. Morty may be aging, but he's as smart as ever..."

--WH (talk) 09:14, June 21, 2011 (UTC)

Act TwoEdit

Chapter Five: My Fiance is an AlienEdit

Mortimer came out of the time machine. To Cassandra, it was almost as no time had gone since he left, she was so excited in preparation for her wedding. However, she grew somewhat alarmed upon noticing the expression on his face.

"Dad? What's wrong? Is everything OK?"

"Yes, I'm fine. It's just... something happened. Something odd... You remember how your mother was last seen with Don? I found out how she disappeared. Don appears to be an alien. He abducted her to help in something he called The Plan. Cassie, I don't want you marrying him."

Cassandra had a shocked look on her face. "How do you know?"

"I saw it happen. And, more to the point, I have proof" Mortimer pulled out an audio recorder out of his pocket, and put it in a tape player.

"I... I... can't... How? Why?"

"Don is just an alien in a suit. He was never a person."

At this point, Cassandra started crying. The wedding was off.

--WH (Talk) 08:33, June 27, 2011 (UTC)

Chapter Six: Green Iguanas Flying in the SkyEdit

When Cassandra heard the wedding was off, a small part of her broke inside. She's had so many bad things happen in her life, he mother disappear, and now her fiance isn't even a human. Whatever could she do?

"Dad. I want to help you find mum. I've got nothing to lose, and I want to show Don."

"Cassie, are you sure that's a smart idea? These aliens are tough. They are intelligent, crafty, and deceptive, as you've found out. Leave it to me, an old fool who's got nothing left. I can handle it."

Meanwhile, on the spaceship, the aliens were working out a plan to get close to Mortimer.

"So, we turn into Bella. Correct?"

"Yes. Like I've said. Countless times."

"Mkay, just checking"

"But, we need backup. One fake Bella won't get it done. What we need is someone else. More kidnapping is in order. Prepare yourself, and we'll leave in the morning. And, don't bother pointing out there's no real morning in space please."

--WH (Talk) 08:28, June 30, 2011 (UTC)

Chapter Seven: oi m8 gab dat 2 my face in rl and not on da net n see wot comes aboutEdit

mortmer wen to doctor the next mornin

mortmer you have cholera and polio and scoliosis and you have like 10 seconds to live


he died

end pls nominate for Pulitzer prise / nobel prize in literature kthx