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Shinning Hearts
Name: Shinning Hearts
Series: A Loser's Try
Written by: Tornac57
Release date: April 22, 2011

Previous chapter: N/A
Next chapter: The First Date

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Shinning Hearts

'What can I do to get noticed?' Gobias paced his living room. 'I know people laugh at me behind my back. Those that know I exist that is...' He walked over to the kitchen and sat down at his counter. He slumped his head down on his arms. 'Am I too, fated to live the life my father did? Loveless?' He cried, soaking his shirt sleeves. 'Where could I meet my special someone?'

Gobias adjusted his collar and stepped out of the back of the taxi cab. He was going to the park, and just maybe someone would be there waiting for him. He looked around. There were lots of people at the park, 'Great. Just the perfect place to have a fool made of myself.' and cautiously stepped forward. Splat! Gobias looked down, he had stepped in a mud puddle. Everyone was laughing. But wait! Was that someone who seemed to have pity on him?

Ignoring the mud on his formerly-clean pants, Gobias dashed through the crowd to where he saw the blonde head disappear around the corner. Blonde! He loved blonde hair, so luscious and beautiful! And that face, even the glimpse of the kind face he had seen was perfect! Oh, how would he love to be her husband!

But again, he was Gobias Koffi, the biggest loser in Sunset Valley. Nobody, nobody would date him. No one would sink as low. But, why not try? It's not that he had anything to lose. Literally. He renewed his pursuit. As he ran around the corner, he tried to think positively, like that she might want to date him. Unlikely.

"Wait!" The head kept on walking, past the police station, and now the library. Soon, he'd lose her. "Wait!" She stopped. Panting, Gobias caught up. "Hello. My names Gobias, Gobias Koffi." He winced, ready to be hit by a purse, so many other women he chased had doled that out on him. But she didn't. Her purse stayed under her arm. He stuck out his hand, as if to shake the lady's.

Her head down, she stuck out a hand to him, "Agnes ." Gobias gasped. He had heard the rumors floating through down about how Agnes Crumplebottom had drowned Erik , her husband. Surely, this beautiful, kind woman could not be a cold hearted killer?

Chapter 1: The First Date