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Showtime in Bridgeport
Name: Showtime in Bridgeport
Genre: Drama
Created by: FluffBall

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Showtime in Bridgeport is a fanon created by FluffBall. It focuses on The Drama on TV household and there life with there roommates and friends. Partying, flirting, working... Trying to make there dreams come true!

Main Character:Edit

Feel free to ask me if you want to play someone! :)

Chapter I: Young and Beautiful.Edit

written by: FluffBall. Starring: Katelyn Missoni

Beep! Beep'! Beep!

'ummm. Stupid alarm'! She mumbled to herself as she pressed the silent button.

"I don't want to get up!" She thought as she turned around in bed.

"Huh!" She gasped as she realised that there was someone else with her in her bed!

"Wh-Who are you?"She asked as she jumped off the bed.

"What, don't you remeber? Well, you were pretty drunk!" Said the mysterious stranger. "I am Romeo! Romeo Rake!"