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Sienna Richies-Richmond
The Sims 3 Logo
Sienna Richies-Richmond Sims 3
Life is... not so great with this greedy twin pauper of Princess Sierra's. Sienna is hungry for money, while her rich twin sister has money! How will Sienna be able to reach her money goals?
Name Sienna Richies-Richmond
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Young-Adult Young Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Human
Education and Employment
Music career icon Music
Parents Sebastian Richies, Tessa Richies Deceased
Sibling(s) Amy Joner Female, Sierra Richies Twin sister
Romances Jon FischerPartners
Marital status Dating
Child(ren) None
Trait Clumsy small Clumsy
Trait Daredevil small Daredevil
Trait Grumpy small Grumpy
Trait Unlucky small Unlucky
Trait Virtuoso small Virtuoso
Zodiac sign ScorpioLN Scorpio
Lifetime wish
LTW Rock Star Rock Star
Fav Indie Indie
Fav Lobster Thermidor Lobster Thermidor
Fav Blue Blue
Hair color Haircolor4-TS3 Red
Eye color Eye-blue Blue
Skin color Light skin-TS3 Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Social Standing
Celebrity status
1 Celebrity star
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Playability Playable
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Sienna Richies-Richmond (born 23rd November 1987), is a rock singer, created by Wikierzz1122. She is supposedly a Princess, since Sienna is born a royal blood. She is the daughter of Sebastian and Tessa Richies. She also has two sisters, an older sister named Amy Joner and her younger twin sister named Sierra Richies. She is supposedly British American. She is half British, 1/4th Australian and 1/4th French.

Early YearsEdit

Sienna was home-birthed on November 23rd, 1987, in Twinleaf Valley, Tennessee, United States to Sebastian and Tessa Richies. Her mother says that she originally was going to name her Princess Serena, but Tessa then discovered that she has another new twin princess, so she named her Sienna instead. She has two sisters: an older sister named Amethyst Joner and an younger twin sister named Sierra Richies. Her mother gave Sienna up for adoption to United Kingdom to see what being the suburbian is like. She was later adopted by an unknown family whose last name is Richmond.


Sienna is most likely a silly and annoying person. She likes any type of rock music, metal music, fighting movies, complete opposite to Sierra and classical music. She also has an inverse personality of Sierra, except that she seems a little bit of friendly from her true first appearance on April 1st, 2004, starring on the movie Sierra as the Princess and the Pauper, until Sierra really wanted Sienna's kidney due to Sierra claiming that she's 'dying' from an unknown death.


Sienna's natural hair color is actually light brown, but is later dyed red to match being twins with Princess Sierra. She is always seen wearing loose hair, while Sierra is seen most likely wearing her 'Signature' pigtail braids. Her eyes are blue while her parents' eyes actually are recessively green. Sienna dresses opposite of Princess Sierra: she is seen wearing rebellious, somewhat ripped, musically rocky and metallic clothing while her opposite twin sister Sierra wears cute, girly, and feminine clothing. It is possibly a sign if not being royal or rich, but Sienna should've worn Princess clothing, since Sienna is actually royal by blood. She even has lots more tattoos than Princess Sierra, as seen in many pictures.


Sienna's voice is most likely the same as her younger twin sister Princess Sierra, but is slightly a bit more gruffer and lower since she is a rock/metal musician and Princess Sierra is a sweet and elegant person.

Her Visit To The Sims UniverseEdit

Sienna mysteriously visited the Sims universe possibly by herself for many reasons. She wasn't able to understand what the Sims were saying, since The Sims' main language is Simlish, but then was used to it.

Life leading up to The Sims 3Edit

In The Sims 3, her age ranges from 21-26 depending on the release date, making her a young adult. She is dating Jon Fischer, a fisherman whom her twin sister Sierra broke up with.

For Sienna to date Jon Fischer since he preferred girls who are feminine and calming, Sienna had to disguise herself as Princess Sierra.

She and her twin are, or at least appear to be, complete opposites. This is shown by the very different ways in which they dress and decorate their rooms. While Sierra dresses in a pink princessy dress, Sienna wears a sleeveless British top, black skirt, red sneakers with black socks, long black gloves, a spiked choker on her neck and a black bowler hat. Sienna was supposed to wear a cap, but there isn't exactly a long hair with a cap facing backwards, so she is wearing a black bowler hat instead. It is said that her house bedroom is "dark," with a dark red carpet and stone walls.

On the other hand, Sierra's room is a bright shade of pink that some consider elegantly girly. Unlike Sierra, Sienna does not have a computer, or even a desk, in her bedroom. This could be a sign that the family favored Sierra, or it could just mean that Sienna wasn't able to have one.

Sienna and Sierra are friends with each other, even though they're almost the opposites with each other.


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  • She first seems to appear on April 1st, 2004, making people think that she isn't a real character on Kimmy's. The creator then claims that Sienna actually may have been the real twin sister not portrayed by Princess Sierra.
  • Unlike her sister who appears in lots of Sims games, Sienna appears in only one game: The Sims 3.
  • Sienna should've appeared in The Sims Bustin' Out and The Urbz, but the creator decided not to, because she would then be a marriageable candidate for Lorenzo Gutierrez, and that there possibly isn't a perfect hairstyle available for Sienna.
  • Sienna's eye color is blue along with her siblings, and her parents' eye color is green, which genetically makes her eye color blue instead of green, because her parents' eye color is recessive.
  • She has the same birthday as her rich twin sister.
  • The name, "Sienna" comes From the English word meaning "orange-red", which fits because of her hair color.