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Of Radar
Fanon; Azure
Name: Of Radar
Series: Sightless
Written by: Jysella Plazma Coldstalker

Previous chapter: The Beginning
Next chapter: First Meeting

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I woke up sore all over, I wish I would have gotten more than an hour of sleep last night.
I sat on the edge of my bed waiting for my mother to unlock my bedroom door.
I yawned and thought about school and what I'll have to go through today.
My thoughts where interrupted when I heard the unlocking deadbolt click back into its holder.
"Honey, I'm going to work alright?" My mother always had a change of attitude during the day.
"Alright mom," I plainly said, I faked a smile to hide my carelessness. I still cared about my mom though, after all she is the one who's raising me, I still wonder how I manage to care for her but she is my mom.
"Remember, no hanging out with crackers today," she told me as she came inside.
"Well, how the heck am I supposed to tell they're white?" I muttered under my breath.

"What did you say?" She asked, her voice was shrill.
"Nothing." I lied, hoping she'd buy it and not beat me up. "Well okay then, see you later honey." She believed it, she'd believe anything...almost anything.
I got up and got a pair of clothes I had stored underneath my bed and walked into the bathroom and combed my hair into a neat fashion, then put on some lip gloss. Hopefully this day wouldn't get worse.
I figured I would take the bus since I didn't get much sleep at all last night, I was afraid I would collapse. As I walked to the bus stop, the weather felt damp and it was cold. When the bus had finally arrived I got on board and sat in the nearest empty seat.
I felt something punch my shoulder, that pulsating pain when your hit hard enough to get a nasty bruise.
"Hey you, your kind goes to the back of the bus!" I didn't know if they where talking to me or someone else, I was almost used to getting hit so I didn't think anything of it.
Then they shoved me, hard enough to make me fly on my side, it felt like a rock hitting my shoulder. "Did you hear me?" They yelled in my ear which sounded like a child whining, now I know who it was, Jennifer.
I often wondered how someone as rotten and spoiled as her could even be the slightest bit popular.
"Is there something wrong?" I asked politely hoping she wouldn't blow like last time.

"Yeah there's something wrong: Your hearing! I said, 'Your kind goes to the back,' apparently you didn't hear me, now get up and go to the back!" Almost everyone laughed at me, I could feel everyone's eyes on me -
especially Jennifer's, so not wanting a fight I got up and walked to the back of the bus. I could feel everyone's eyes still on me, it's a good thing looks cant kill. Though its not like these clowns could do much but when they start a rumor, they make sure it hurts.
I sat down and as usual the insults, paper balls and spit balls were all flying in my direction. Before the bus had sped away, I could of sworn I heard someone yelling outside the bus.
"Hey! Wait a sec!"
But they were too late and the bus sped away leaving whoever was there to walk to school. "Darn it!" I heard them yell just before the bus sped out of my hearing range.
When the bus finally arrived at the school, I slowly walked off; I had recently tripped coming out once. I made my way to my class which was unfortunately History, at least I would get a nap. When History class was over, I went to
my French language class. After that it was recess for me, I didn't have very many classes, I wanted to take art but that was before I lost my sight, I wanted to be an artist but I won't be able to do that now.

Going by memory I went to the playground and sat on the swings. I enjoyed the peace and quite and listened to everything around me, I felt a nice breeze again, and smelled the flowers around the school building, when I wasn't suffering I absolutely loved life.
Soon my best friend came up, I could tell she was excited because that was her personality, she was always excited about everything. "Az, you'll never guess what I did," she exclaimed while clapping her hands. "Matured?" I joked, smiling for once in a couple days
"Haha very funny but, no." She said, her voice heavy with sarcasm, as she sat on the next swing. "...I don't know Kat."
"I got you a blind date, kinda literally too, but trust me, you'll love this guy, he's nice, funny and I'm almost certain he's your type,"
"But you don't know my type,"
"...I took a guess..." Kat's tried to hook me up with boys before but they never worked out, they always did something stupid or they where just plain weird.
I figured I'll go along with it since I didn't want Kat to feel bad. "So...when do I meet him?" I asked becoming a little curious.
"Later since school is out." I heard slightly heavy, and squishy, footsteps coming towards Kat and I, I knew who it was. "Hi Kyle, are you ok?" Kat asked.
"If you mean having a nightmare last night, missing the bus today and having to walk to school in the rain, and missing class - then yes, I'm 'okay'." Kyle replied, sounding a little annoyed and extremely sarcastic. I wasn't sure whether I should speak or not. "H-Hi Azure."
"Hi Kyle, I'll be right back guys, I left my cell phone in my locker." I excused myself then left. I kept my head hanging as I walked to my locker, keeping to myself, but that didn't seem to keep the bullies away.


I sat on the swings, wondering how things will go tonight with Azure's date. I hope it goes well since every other one failed miserably. Az told me, when they wanted to flirt they would always come on too strong, or the guy would be very annoying and talk for the entire date.
I just hoped this one will have sense. I've been considering telling Azure why I'm in such a frenzy to find her someone, but I can't...not yet.
It's just something I'd rather tell her at the last moment I'm here. It's too bad really, I wanted to stay here and grow up here. Heck, I was born here but my parents say we need to move away, I've tried begging them to find another job but, they didn't listen. They say its for the best, they wont tell me exactly why.
"Uhh...Katrina are you ok?" Kyle interrupted my thoughts, I always tried to tell the truth, but I'm not sure how I could share this. I want to hide that I'll be leaving in a week but I can't.

"No." I plainly said, hoping he wouldn't ask any further questions. I just didn't want to share this truth.
"What's wrong then?" I looked at him, my eyes watery, I didn't want to leave all my friends behind, I knew that if I left Azure alone here, Jennifer and everyone else would tear her limb from limb, not literally but...I lost my first best friend because of Jennifer.
She slit her own throat because Jennifer had started a rumor that she had been messing around with the teachers and that she had diseases, and stole Jennifer's boyfriend. She slit her throat because the rumor never stopped at the school.
It spread from Jennifer's Twitter page with everyone leaving horrible comments. Lydia couldn't walk through the city without getting spat on by teenagers who read Jennifer's blog, Lydia never did anything wrong to anyone, Jennifer made all of it up. Everyone saw Jennifer as someone that would always tell the truth but what people always saw were Jennifer's lies.
"I'll tell you, but you can't tell Azure, no matter what," He looked at me as if I was speaking gibberish.
"Okay?" I took a deep breath and let it out slowly, I didn't want to lie to any of my friends.
"The thing is...I'm going to move away in a week, I didn't want anyone to know, which is why you can't tell anyone," his eyes widened a bit.

"Not even-"
"Not even Azure," I knew who he was going to talk about since she is the only person he knows that's not on an online game or chat room.
"So, where are you going?" He asked, maybe he thought he could contact me. I sighed, I was going far away, very far.
"Monte Vista."
"Wow." I didn't want to talk about this subject anymore, I returned to my normal high energy and high pitched personality.
"On a better note, I got Az a date for tonight and I'm not sure if she should go alone." He shifted towards me with a slightly surprised look on his face.
"She got a date?"
"Yeah, I figured she needed a guy when I leave, someone to be here when she's down."
"Oh." I heard him mutter, I wanted to ask him to go on a date with her but he looked busy at the time, not to mention not interested in her, so I decided not to ask.

"But are you sure this guy won't do anything to hurt her?" He asked looking concerned. I smiled at him.
"What?" He said, shifting his eyes.
"Nothing." I plainly said. Then Az came walking up, she looked sort of sad.
"Sorry, I got stopped in the hall," she said.
"What happened?" He asked her, I just sat back and watched.
"The usual, every time I'm alone, the cheerleaders stopped me and started insulting me."
"Are you ok?" She just smiled at him.
"I'm fine, they're just words." That's what Lydia said a day before she tried to kill herself the first time.
A bad feeling ran up my spine. Suddenly, Kyle's phone rang.

I got a call from the airline my parents took, I feared the worst. "Hello?" I gulped hoping that nothing bad happened.
"Is this Timothy Hemlock's son?"
"Yeah, who's this?"
"This is Mr. Zenith."
"I called to tell you your parents plane went off our radar, we're looking for it now but so far no luck. We'll keep you updated."
I said bye and hung up with the man, my worry settling at the pit of stomach. "Is everything okay?" Azure asked, I guess she could tell I was a little worried.

"It was my parent's airline, they said their plane went off the radar."
I replied, feeling sick. "How about we go to the new park? To clear our minds?" Katrina suggested, I figured that would be great so I nodded. Azure nodded as well. We walked to the park which thankfully wasn't very far away,
I enjoyed walking there, it was nice. I began to think of almost everything, how Katrina will be gone soon and how Azure has a date later, I also thought of my parents and hoped they where okay. We finally arrived at the park, Katrina took a look at the map and then we all walked to a nice place near the pond.

We all sat down and talked with each other for awhile, we made jokes, shared funny secrets and even played a round of 'Truth or Dare.' Thankfully, Katrina never asked a really personal question.
Katrina and Azure started talking about girl stuff so I just ignored that and continued thinking of other things. I listened to the birds singing and splashing as they took their baths, I listened to everything to keep my mind off my parents.
"Right Kyle?" Katrina asked startling me out of thoughts, I had no idea what they were talking about.
"Uhh...yeah sure," I played along and returned to listening to everything but the girly conversation. Then my phone rang again. "Hi again." I answered the phone a little too anxious than I'd meant, I had to know my parents were safe.

"We found the plane, son," the man on the other end said this and I froze, clutching the phone to my ear with dear life. My throat dried up and I realized I was holding my breath.
There was a but in his pause...there always was a but.
"But the only problem is...your parents won't be coming back. The crashed," he finished with a compassionate tone, trying to ease the situation.
"My parents are dead?"
"Afraid so, I'm sorry for your loss, we don't know what happened, but we'll find out. I'll contact you when we do, goodbye." I closed my phone then hung my head. "I'll be right back," I said to the girls who given me a quizzical look, then walked away for a few minutes to be alone. I wish I could have stopped my parents from boarding that flight.