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First Meeting
Fanon; Azure
Name: First Meeting
Series: Sightless
Written by: Jysella Plazma Coldstalker

Previous chapter: Of Radar
Next chapter: Confusion

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I could tell Kyle was upset; I'm not sure what exactly happened but the phone call must've been bad news. I wanted to follow him, I even counted his footsteps before I couldn't hear them anymore so I could go to him and try to cheer him up, but I didn't want to get lost, plus with all this pond water around I didn't want to fall in.
It was very quiet with Kyle gone, I wondered what happened and whether or not I should ask when he returned. Katrina gasped suddenly, I don't know if she had asthma again or if something startled her. "Something wrong?" I asked concerned, because last month she had a sever asthma attack and it's been somewhat hard for her to breath since then.
"No, it's your date, he's here early," she said happily and got up, I guess to go greet him. I just continued sitting on the grass. "I'll be right back, you stay here, okay?" She said, I nodded in agreement. After about three or four minutes Kyle came back, he sat beside me like he did before he left. I still wondered if I should ask what was wrong, would he mind if I did? Would he get upset? I don't think he would.
"So... is everything alright?" I began slowly, shifting in my place.
"Sort of," he started but stopped. I didn't like bad news, but I wanted to know because I thought there would be something I could do. I decided to scoot closer to him so he could whisper it incase he didn't want to say it out loud. He took a sharp, deep breath and let it out slowly.
"My parents are...dead," he finished in a dejected tone. Suddenly, I felt horrible for asking him what was bugging him in the first place. We were silent for a moment, and I wasn't sure what to say...
"I'm sorry,"
"It's okay, it wasn't your fault." he replied as he set his hand down beside me, I felt his hand bump into mine.
"I know, I'm just sorry that that happened." I said as I placed my hand over his hand, I felt his hand flinch underneath mine, but I heard someone coming so I lifted it off. I'd know those footsteps anywhere, that was Katrina...and someone else.
"Hey Az, this is Axle - your date. I've already explained to him your condition so there's no need to be afraid." I stood up and stayed still as the person came towards me, there was a good feeling about him.
He took my hand and shook it. "Hello Azure, it's a pleasure to meet you, I'm Axle," he said while shaking my hand, his hand was soft but had a few scars and his voice was sweet and smooth, I bit my bottom lip.
"Hello Axle, it's a pleasure to meet you too." I replied, a soft chuckle in my voice, maybe this guy won't be so bad.
"Would you like to walk around the park with me before it closes?"
"Sure." I smiled, Axle took my hand as we walked around, I waved goodbye to my friends with my other hand. We had a lot of fun, he was one of the nicest people I've ever met. We also became friends rather quickly, maybe too quickly. Sometimes he'd compliment me on something so I just relpied with a nervous giggle. After thinking about it, I realized I felt rather guilty how I'd forgotten about what happened with Kyle. But before I dozed off into my thoughts, Axle and I talked a bit more.

I gave a slight glare to Axle when I noticed he had a creepy smile on his face that Katrina didn't catch, or maybe I just looked at it wrong. I don't know why, but seeing him take her hand gave me a bad feeling and the feeling got worse when I couldn't see Azure anymore.
"Hey Kyle, I've got to go home to pack. See you tomorrow." Katrina said as she left. I figured I'd leave too since there's nothing here, I got up and started to walk to the exit but for some reason turned around and went back. I found Axle and Azure enjoying their small 'date', so I hid behind a bush. "Why am I here?" I thought to myself as I concealed myself amongst the leafy green shrub, I'm not sure why I was here.
He was describing the wildlife and flowers around them in a way that Azure would be able to tell what they looked like. The smile that had spread across her face was unbelievable. "I can picture it." She giggled. Okay, I'm outta here. I slowly walked away then went home. I unlocked the door, went inside, laid on my bed and stared at the ceiling. "Well, this day was bad, just bad." I spoke aloud before I fell asleep. I woke up to the sound of a gate's hinges creaking.
I got up and looked out my window to see Azure standing at her gate with Axle. I couldn't hear what they were saying but it made her smile and blush.
I'll admit that I am a little jealouse that Axle got to go on a date with Azure. When he walked away, she was standing there with a stunned look on her face then looked down and went inside her home, I laid
back down and glared at my ceiling, wondering how their date went. Why did I care? She's just my friend, we're only friends.
At school, I noticed she had a look on her face like she was dreaming about something when the teacher said that schools out. Katrina couldn't make it to school, she had to stay home and pack the rest of her stuff.
At recess, I found Azure on the play ground, the usual place teens met after class, I walked over to her to say hi and ask how things went. "Hi,"
"Hey, how are you?" she asked, smiling. This was something I noticed she was doing a lot now.
"I'm okay, and you?"
"Oh, I'm guessing your date was that good?" I accidently said sarcastically, she nodded. Good thing she took it in a positive way.
"Yesterday's date went so perfectly, when he wanted to flirt, he never came on too strong, he never tried to grab anything and he was so nice. He offered to take me down to the creek tonight before curfew."
"That's nice," I muttered, soon Axle came walking up, he looked at me and grinned, seemingly forced, greetfully.
"Hi Azure," he said as he stood beside her.
"I'm guessing this is one of your friends?" He said a little bluntly, I forced myself not to glare. Instead gave a friendly smile.
"Yes, this is my friend Kyle."
"Hi," I tried to say in a nice way, he looked at me suspiciously and turned back to Azure.
"Are you ready?" She nodded and they were on their way, he didn't say bye, she waved at me before they left.
I just sat there, wondering what I should do next, but I couldn't decide on anything. All I really thought about anymore was my parents and Azure, I didn't want to think of my parents or even mention them because it hurts every time I do. I began to wonder what would happen if I had to move away, I can't stay here by myself. I just remember that Mr. Zenith
called back last night, telling me one of my relatives would be coming to take care of me.
I don't know which of my relatives are coming, I just hope whoever they are comes here quick. What if after Katrina moves away and then I do? I don't want to leave Azure by herself, I was afraid someone might try to hurt her or something.
I got a call from Mr. Zenith yesterday before school, he said they had found my parents bodies and that they had brought them back to the states and waiting for the funeral, he also told me that the cause of the crash was the engines had failed.
My uncle was supposed to be in charge of the funeral, he would occasionally call and ask a few questions pertaining to the funeral such as flowers or the wood color for the casket and things like that.
I decided to stop thinking about all that, I didn't want to constantly think of my parents and the possibility of leaving, I was afraid of that. I looked up and saw the sun was starting to set. I just got up and walked home, maybe I'll do some homework or play a video game.

I'll admit, it was kinda creepy sitting in the bank of the creek but at least nothing bad is happening so far.  I stood there waiting on Axle to come out of the bushes after he had excused himself earlier. I was starting to get nervous, it was just so quite, but then I felt a hand on my shoulder. I gasped, I didn't know who it was.
"Did I scare you?" He asked as he removed his hand from my shoulder.
"Sorry about that."
"It's alright." I finished. I could have sworn I heard thunder or something in the distance, though I'm not sure.
"I think it's gonna rain-" He said in a dismal tone, and was interrupted by a drizzle. Everything was closed by now so there was nothing to do, curfew was coming up and I had to deal with mom. There wasn't anywhere to hide from the rain.
"I guess this means the dates cancelled?" I gently said, I felt a little put off about it but at least I would be home before mom decided to drink.
"Would you like me to walk you home?" He asked in his usual soft voice, he has a pleasing voice, at least I think so.
"No, thats alright. I only live a block away," I said, remembering how last time mom was passed out on the couch due to her drinking, since she hasn't drank yet she won't be asleep and that meant she'd see Axle.
"You sure? Because I wouldn't want anyone to hurt you or anything," he offered a bit persistantly but at least it's not in a bad way. I giggled and lowered my head, I always seem to laugh when he says something like that.
"Yes, I'm sure. Maybe I'll see you tomorrow?"
"Actually, I have an all day shift at the diner, that alright?"
"Yeah, it's alright. Bye Axle."
"Okay, bye Azure." he said as he embraced me in a friendly way then let go. I walked away, I could feel his eyes on me.
Going by memory I walked down the sidewalk, there was no other noise but the tap of my shoes and the drizzling rain, plus the cars on the street. I finally reached the little development I lived at, I knew because I could hear the pond and barely smell the flowers.
It began to rain harder as I walked up to my house and tried opening the door.
"It's locked?" I said to myself. I found it odd because mother never locked the door, even when she went to work, thankfully we never had a break in, though whenever she went on a trip, she'd lock it and leave a note.
I tried jiggling the handle one more time, it didn't help though. I felt around the door because my mother would often go on a business trip and not tell me, I eventually found what I was looking for.
"Does she forget I'm blind or does she do this on purpose?" I thought to myself. I stood there holding the small piece of paper and wondering what to do, I couldn't unlock the door because I didn't have a spare key, my mom took it after she misplaced hers, so this was bad.
She would normally go on trips since we lived far away from her job but she would tell me first. I balled up my fist, I was angry, she could have at least waited til I got back.
I remembered Kyle lived across the street, this is probably going to be embarrassing but I didn't really have any other choice. I couldn't brake a window to get it in or I'd get in trouble, and the sliding door in the back is locked in the inside, it's always locked.
I hope he doesn't mind because if he turned me away, I'd have nowhere to go. I walked across the street, I knew there wouldn't be any traffic because that just didn't happen in this development. I reached the gate which wasn't shut, I walked up to the porch and tripped going up the stairs. I caught myself before I totally fell over and braced myself to knock on the door.
I know this is Kyle's place because this is the only house left besides mine, people with a trailer moved away some time ago. When I got to the door, one thought ran through my mind, what if he's not here?  I ignored it and raised my hand to knock on the door.
There was no answer, I knocked again and still there was no answer, I waited, no answer, not even footsteps or light switches being turned on. This is frustrating, not just because there was no voice to be heard, but what my mom did, I am a little desprate to get out of the rain.
I began to turn around and walk back home, but then I heard footsteps.
"Who is it?" I heard a voice say, a little groggy, from behind the locked door, they sounded like they had just woke up. Part of me wanted to just leave, I didn't want to disturb anyone, I just hope he didn't mind that I came over.
"It's Azure." I said while I continued to grip the note my mother had left me. I heard the door unlock and swing open. I stood there with my head down, I was sad because everytime my mom does this without warning it feels like she abandoned me.
"You can come in," he said, I slowly went inside, I tried not to bump into anything since it was my first time entering Kyle's home.
"Why were you out in the rain?" he asked as he shut the door and locked it.
"My door's locked and my mom took my spare key."
"Oh," I wanted to know what this note said, I hope it's not bad news.
"Uhh... could-could you read this for me?" I asked, handing him the note that was stuck to my door.
"Sure," he took the note and unfold it, he cleared his throat and began to read.
"It says: I'm going on another business trip, I'll be back in two or three days and..." he stopped, it made me worry. What does the rest say? Is it good or bad news?
"...and while I'm gone don't hang out with that cracker boy again." He finished, I could tell he was upset, he partially crushed the note in his hand. I wonder if he'll get angry?
"What does she mean by that?" He asked agitated. I gulped.
"She's... talking about you. She always says that, I don't like it either. I'm s-"
"It's okay, I got that a lot in the last neighborhood I lived in," he said, then gave me back the note. I felt relived, not just by the fact that he said it was okay but that I wasn't the only one teased by the color of my skin.
"Oh." I'm so embarrassed, why did mom have to put that in her note? We just stood there in a compromising silence, I had no idea what to say.
"Anyways, your locked out?" He said abruptly, breaking the silence.
"Yeah, I'm sorry to bother you if you were sleeping,"
"It's alright." Again, we stood there in an awkward silence. I'd go to Katrina's house if I could, but the last time I went there, her parents couldn't wait to get me out of their house, plus her house was a bit too far from mine. I'm not sure why they where like that towards me.
I'm not sure how to bring up the question if I could stay here until the rain quit, the only problem is, I wasn't sure how to put it, I was afraid he'd put me out. I just feel I'm bothering him with my presence. I don't know why, but I just do. Probably because that's the case with every person I met, well, almost every person.
"W-Would it be a problem if I stayed here til the rain stopped?" I said, while shifting in my place uncomfortably and held my breath after I spoke. There was a pause, it made me feel very embarrassed that I asked what I did. I'm aware we don't know each other too well, but I can't go anywhere else.
"Uhh... sure, if you want." Kyle answered after a while, I responded with a nod and a smile. For some reason it made me feel at ease, maybe it won't be so bad to stay here until the rain quits. I spread out my arms to prevent myself from bumping into things and took a step forward. "Oh," Kyle murmured, abruptly, but gently, taking one of my hands and guiding me to a sofa
in his living room. I couldn't see where I was going so I am hesitant when it came to following him. My legs seemingly didn't want to move and I felt tense, but after a few perfectly guided steps, Kyle placed my hand on the arm of the sofa. I felt around for the seat and sat down.
I admit, it felt a little awkward but at the same time helpful. "Thanks." I managed say. I folded my arms and sat there awkwardly. "You're welcome. How come you don't have one of those blind people stick things? Or at least a stick." Kyle carefully asked, sitting beside me. Once he sat beside me, I became nervous and bit my lip, almost forgetting his question.
I took in a deep breath, his house had a sweet smell to it. Like cinnamon and vanilla. My attention sprang back to his question, not that it was a very important question but it's nice to make conversation. "I'm not sure, I think my mom said it was too expensive but I can't remember." I shrugged, leaning back on the sofa to rest my back.
"I'm sorry to intrude like this..."
"No, no, it's fine. You know, I could actually use the company." Kyle interjected before I could finish my apology. I turned and smiled at him but he only chuckled, my expression went serious and I asked what was so funny. "You're smiling at the kitchen." He says through his chuckles.
I jokingly frowned and tried to hit him in the shoulder, or at least somewhere on his body. He only laughed and blocked my little playful attack. I laughed a little too, not realizing how long it'd been since I've done such a thing. Suddenly, I heard a buzzing sort of sound, then I felt small vibrations on my legs. "Excuse me."
Kyle said, getting up and slipping something out of his pocket, I could tell by the slight rubbing sound it made against his pants. I'm guessing it was a cell phone, I don't know of any other device that vibrates. I simply nodded and listened as Kyle walked away, greeting whoever it was on the other line. After a while, I began to get tired, and even though I fought it, my eyes still shut.