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Fanon; Azure
Name: Confusion
Series: Sightless
Written by: Jysella Plazma Coldstalker

Previous chapter: Confusion
Next chapter: N/A

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Chapter 4Edit

I ended the phone call with my uncle, he calls every night to make sure I'm home by at least 10:30. He also mentioned that he'd send someone to be here with me til I'm an adult.
I'm still getting used to being alone, when I get home from school there's no welcoming voice of a mother or a condescending yet encouraging tone from my father. There's nothing.
Nothing but the creak of the loose boards and the sound of the wind blowing against the tree's who's branches clack against my windows. I'm trying not to break, I'm trying to hold onto
who I am, but when your family died horrificly, that always makes everything difficult. But I guess I'm not all alone. I have Katrina, although she's kind of annoying. And I have Azure, who's...
I'm not sure how to describe. It's weird to me that they're both girls, but it's only my third day here, I'm bound to make new friends. Or at least I hope so. I'm still trying to figure out the people in this
neighborhood, everyone seems to be normal but you still have nutjobs. Like Azure's mom, whatever her name is, crazy bit-...
I stopped sulking in the hallway and walked back to the livingroom where I saw Azure passed out on my couch, I didn't mind it although she's still somewhat a stranger.

It was just nice to have company. I rubbed the back of my neck and tip-toed to a closet in the hallway to get Azure a blanket and a spare pillow. Once I got the items, I carefully walked back to the livingroom.
"Okay..." I murmured lowly to myself as I sat the pillow down on the couch thinking if she woke up she'd just lay there and go back to sleep. But if she did wake up, she'd realize the rain stopped and want to leave but
wouldn't have anywhere to go. I gulped and carefully put my hands on her shoulders and gently moved her so that she'd lay down on the couch with her head resting on the pillow so she'd be more comfortable. I wasn't
meaning anything flirtatious, I was just trying to help. I wiped the sweat from my forehead, part of me was fearful she'd wake and accuse me of something I wasn't going to do. I stood and put the blanket over her, she almost immediately
cuddled up into a tiny ball. It actually looked kind of funny, but I held back my laughter and made sure the front door was locked, then I turned off the lights and went to my room. "Nothing weird about that. Certainly not." I scolded myself as I plopped
down on my bed. For a while I tried to keep myself awake in case anyone tried to break in, but I eventually fell asleep.

"Mmm..." I moaned, stirring awake on a strangely soft surface, I felt little fibers arranged in an embroidery way. Sliding my hand down the side of whatever I was on, I realized it was a couch cushion, a really soft one actually.
I flicked some sort of blanket off my body and sat up. It was strange. The air smelled like... French toast? It felt warm, but not a sweaty warm and everything was peaceful. Maybe this is normal.
There was a small 'clink' noise and my body immediately froze, I held my breath and stayed still until a voice broke the strange yet calming silence. "What in the world is wrong with you?" Kyle asked with a small chuckle
I rolled my eyes and stood, trying to brush off his remark. "I'm not really familiar with this place." I tried to say nicely then took a step forward, hitting my shin on the coffee table in front of me. I held my shin then placed my hand on the table and side stepped a few times until I was on the other side.
"That's one way to do it." Kyle said then walked somewhere and put two plates on a table. My bottom lip stiffened, I was trying to keep my cool since he let me stay in his house for the night. I stretched my arms out and took small steps, walking towards the door if I remember right. I could feel Kyle's eyes on me,
like he was examining what I was doing, how I got around. "Wait, wait, wait..." He said abruptly then took one of my hands and guided me away from something. "What?" I questioned after I felt there was a chair in front of me, I let go of his hand slowly felt my away around and sat down. "You were about to walk into a wall."

I put my elbow on the table and propped my jaw on my fist, looking away from Kyle. I'm just not used to all this, it's not like I'm afraid of other people, I'm just not used to socializing. Mostly because people don't want to socialize with me. I shouldn't let it get to me, but no matter how hard I try, it still does. "Hungry?" Said Kyle, nudging a plate in my direction.
I sighed and tried to find the silverware but I dipped my fingers in syrup by accident, my upper lip curled as I brought my hand back. I heard Kyle snickering, it was that type of snicker people do when they try to hold in a laugh. I gave him an annoyed expression, but this made it ten times worse for him and he busted out laughing.
He had that type of laugh that was caught in the middle of a boy and a man, it was funny to listen too honestly. I couldn't help it and began to laugh too then licked the syrup off my fingers, I then felt a cool metallic object be tapped on the back of my other hand. I twisted my hand the other way and a fork was placed in it, I nodded and
began to poke at my food and eventually ate some of it. It actually tasted pretty good. "I really appreciate this, even though we're strangers." I said slowly, cutting up the French toast as best as I could. "It's not a problem, I could... I could actually use the company." He said normally at first but ended it with a lower tone like he was saying it to himself. I simply gave a comforting smile then I heard the bus at the corner of the street.
I slowly got up and tried not to bump into anything as Kyle stood and walked toward, what I'm guessing is, the door. "Aren't we gonna clean the plates?" I asked, carefully walking toward him, trying not to bump into anything. "They'll be here when I come back." He said nonchalantly then twisted the handle on the door and walked out, then waited for me. I walked out of the door
and immediately stopped and side stepped out of his way while I ran my fingers through my dark hair to comb it a bit. Kyle locked the door and I listened to everything around me, the wind blowing against the tree's and the sound of the bus's engine.

The weather was cool yet a little humid, the flowers smelled really nice even though most of them would be dying soon. Kyle and I started walking down the sidewalk, not saying a word. It was sort of awkward how some of the kids undoubtedly saw us coming out of the same house. "Just act natural." Kyle whispered as we approached the bus. I nodded and stepped onto the vehicle and went
to the back, mainly because I knew it would be empty. "Hiiii!" Katrina sounded off, she was probably waving and smiling but I couldn't tell for sure. "You're wearing the same clothes as yesterday, something you wanna tell me young lady?" She teased with the voice of an old woman, I laughed and leaned on the window side as the bus began to move again. I tried not to think of how weird this looks,
me and the new boy at school come out of his house in the morning and I'm wearing the same clothes I did as yesterday, this must look so odd. Even though Katrina was rambling about how her diet is shattered because of two slices of pepperoni pizza, I ignored everything around me. Mostly the eyes staring at me and the whispers, I could faintly hear 'Was she in his house?' and things like that, except more detailed.
Either way, I sat there tight-lipped and trying to ignore everyone but Katrina who was exclaiming, "BROWNIES!" When we drove past the local bakery. My expression eventually contorted into a saddened frown, I just know a certain someone will be all over this incident like ants on a popsicle. As Katrina joined in with the ones in the school called the 'Misfits' with their beatboxing, I leaned back on the bus seat and closed my eyes.

~~Kyle's POV~~
'This is weird, this is weird, this is weird.' I said over and over in my mind. I was sitting next to a sweaty kid who  had brown-ish hair with streaks of... orange? I don't know. Whoever it is, they keep staring at me like some sort of lunatic. "Do you mind?" I asked abruptly but he stilled stared. "So how was it?" He asked almost as quickly as my sentence had ended. I looked at him, one of my eyebrows pointing upwards.
The guy continued rambling on about his assumptions with Azure and I, except I ignore him and act like I don't know what he's talking about. When the bus finally stopped at the school, I was the first to get off. Well, I actually ran off and went inside to hide but still. Before my class started, math in fact (yay), I went to my locker to get out some books and a notepad, I didn't before putting them all in a backpack to bring back and forth all the time.
I haven't decorated my locker yet but I'm waiting for some skull stickers to come in the mail. Staring at my black notebook, I realize I'm using all these random little things as a distraction to keep my mind off my parents death. Everytime I think of them, I feel sick, like something is stuck in my throat. I know if people were to find out they would think I'm acting as if I lost a goldfish and I'm just forgetting about it.
I'm not doing that. I'm just trying to get my mind off of it. Yes, I'm mourning. Yes, I feel guilty and sad but none of these will bring them back. Why would I bother to show it if it doesn't help?
I shake my head and slam the locker shut, on the other side is Katrina. I yelp a little and jump as she glares at me. "What was that?" She demands, leaning against the locker in a golden looking vest and matching skirt.
"What was what?"
"Back at the complex, you and Azure came out of your house."
"AND I'm asking what that was about? What did you do?" She demanded again, I was beginning to feel my throat get dry. "I didn't do anything!"
"Liar!" She exclaimed, causing a few people to look at us strangely. My eyes widened and I just stared at her. "Let me ask you again and tell me the truth, Beanie." Katrina growled, poking at my black beanie hat that has a skull on it. I readjusted my hat with a frown on my face and awaited her question. "What. Was. That?"
"Look, her mom locked her out of her house and left a note, she came to me asking what it had written on it and-"
"And?" She interrupted, I gave her a sarcastic eye-roll then continued. "Aanndd, I invited her in because it was raining. She fell asleep on the couch!" I finally explained then took a deep breath after running out of air. "Why? What did you think happened?" I asked, suddenly Katrina grinned. To my horror Katrina began to make noises as if she were making out with someone, this... caused a lot of people to look at us strangely.

I looked around and tried to get Katrina to stop but she continued and instensified her noises. "No!" I said but she started to giggled. "Stop it!" I whispered while waving my hands up and down in front of her. "L stands for Loser. Loser stands for you." A random person said pointing at me as he walked by.
"Okay, why does everyone think that happened?" I asked, ignoring the random rude person. "Come on, Kyle. You're bound to have watched a few movies, figure it out." She said. I think about a few things pertaining to the situation. "I'm late for my class, bye." I said abruptly then hurried off to math, I could faintly hear Katrina giggling in the background.

I ignored most of the whispers during class, a few paper/spit balls hit my head but I'm used to that by now. Once it was lunch time I carefully walked to the cafeteria and waited for Katrina. The cafeteria was very much alive, there was constant chatter, footsteps, the sounds of bullies and the ever present small of freshly cooked yuck. The cafeteria food wasn't that good but it's better than the stuff my mom tries to pass off as food.
"Boo!" Katrina chirped and tapped me on the shoulder, I playfully through a punch at her but she moved or I didn't hit her at all. We both walked to the trays and each slid down the line grabbing what we wanted to eat. Katrina would always put my things on my tray, I usually go for mac'n'cheese and other stuff like fruit. Only they rarely put fruit in the selection anymore. I could feel my mouth watering when I had got whiff of
a burger, odds are it has a rubber band in it unfortunately. Katrina and I then sat our usual tables in the corner, we never really had anyone sit with us unless they were talking to Katrina. I was bit of a loner I admit, but I'm just trying to protect myself, that's one reason why I'm so shy. "So you going out with Axle again?" Katrina asked while she fiddled with a salad, the crunching of the lettuce was a bit gruesom to listen too.
"Maybe." I smiled, thinking about it. Axle is still a stranger but he's also different somehow. I don't know how to describe it, he's just different to me. I don't really know what he looks like yet, but all that matters is that he's a friendly guy. "Then... you're attracted to him?" Katrina pressed, I said nothing. I smiled briefly and bit into an apple. "Ooohh!" She squealed and lightly slapped her thighs, she was obviously excited. I can't
say I'm definitely attracted to Axle, but I am curious about him.

I jumped a little when a tray slammed on the table, I held the apple in my hand tightly from the slight fright. So tightly my nails pierced the apple's skin. "Oops." Kyle murmured and sat down. I can tell who he was when he spoke, he has a distinct voice. Well, almost everyone has a distinct voice to me.
"Seriously, you're eating that? A burger?" Katrina questioned. I only sat back and listened to their conversation with a smile on my face. "Says the girl who broke her diet by eating pizza." He responded then went silent, presumably to eat his lunch. "Whatever." Katrina murmured.
We sat there for a few moment, eating our lunch and discussing the ridiculous assignments some of the kids had to do. After I had finished my apple, I started on a jell-o cup that was orange flavored. I listened to all the sounds in the cafeteria, there was so much talking I couldn't decipher any of it
except for my friends speech. The clattering of the trays and the footsteps echoed throughout the large room and so did the yelps from nerds getting bullied on. "So anyways, Azure is attracted to Axle!" Katrina suddenly spilt, breaking my attention on the noises around me. I turned my head towards her and gave her a stern expression but she only laughed.
Right she had said what she did, Kyle started choking on his meal, eventually having to spit it out on his tray. "W-What?" He asked with the voice of a person who had a tough time breathing. "Nothing, she's being stupid." I said abruptly but Katrina covered my mouth. I tried to get her hand off but she already repeated what she said before.
"Katrina!" I whispered angrily, however she giggled somemore. "Oh come on, Kyle's a friend, nothing more, how could it hurt? It's great news!" She said enthusiastically but Kyle was silent. I heard light tapping on the ground, like the sound of a shoe hitting the concrete floor. "What's up with your foot?" Katrina asked.
"Restless, I think." Kyle responded nervously. I sat there awkwardly, there must have been a blush on my face. Not the type you'd get from romantic endeavors but the kind from embarrassment. The bell rang and I immediately got up and darted out the door, I was completely embarrassed because of Katrina and I don't even know why.

As the hall flooded with teens and tweens, someone put their hand on my shoulder. I turned, hoping it were Axle. "Is it true?" Kyle asked lowly so that only I could hear. "Is what true?"
"That you, you know, like Axle."
"Wha- Why would you care?" I asked, sort of defensively and shrugged off his hand. "Well I- Uhh... I... I made a bet." He said nervously, I rolled my eyes. A few people bumped into us and I heard whispers about us but I ignored them as always. "I don't know, okay? It feels like you and Katrina are pressuring me and I don't like it."
"I'm not pressuring you, I'm just-"
"Yeah you are!"
"No, I'm not!"
"Are too!"
"Are not!" He insisted, raising his voice a bit.
"Are TOO!"
"D2!" A random nerd yelled from across the hall. I growled and walked to my History class, angrily grumbling under my breath. Sheesh, why is it such a big deal to those two? I mean, I won't be alone. I have Katrina and Kyle. Axle is just a... possibility. I can't decide and such sort notice, plus he's still a stranger to me.
Then again Kyle is still somewhat a stranger and I slept in his house last night... Ugh. I'm just so confused....