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Fanon; Azure
Name: Disappointment.
Series: Sightless
Written by: Jysella Plazma Coldstalker

Previous chapter: Confusion
Next chapter: N/A

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Chapter 5Edit

I didn't pay attention to History class all that much, the things that were are still buzzing around in my mind. It shouldn't be so big of a deal if I like someone or not, in fact it shouldn't even matter. Maybe I should just stop thinking about it?
I should probably apologize to Kyle for being so angry towards him, after all Katrina started it. I suppose I'll put a Jell-o cup in her locker someday. Axle is a nice guy, but we just met. Why Katrina is pushing for things to go to the next level is beyond me.
Some people like to move fast, some people move slow and some are in between. It's odd that even Kyle is curious about how I feel about Axle though, he did say he made a bet and I wouldn't put it past him to do that. After about half an hour of being in class, the bell finally rings.
The bell becomes more and more heavenly to hear when you're stuck inside a humid classroom with sneezing and coughing people. I immediately get up and get my homework then exit the building. I ignore the whispers about Kyle and I exiting the same house and me wearing the same clothes two days in a row.
Why do people have to assume so much? "Hey, there's the sl*t!" I heard Jennifer giggle from behind me while I walked to the bus stop. She's one to talk, I heard she once slept with a teacher for good grades. Of course I'm not sure if that's true or not, this school is like a bee hive for rumors. It's like the occupants don't have anything better to do
then to spread bad things about their fellow classmates. "Hey!" I heard from behind me along with the pattering of feet. I can barely recognize the voice. "Hi?" I slowly replied. "Oh, uh, sorry. It's Axle." I nodded, I should've known it was him. "I've heard what the other kids are saying about you and that other guy-"
"I didn't-"
"I'm just trying to say I don't believe them." He interrupted, it was more of a polite interruption. I smiled and nodded again. For some reason I felt completely at ease with him around, maybe it's because he's not pushing me like the others. "So what'cha up to?" Axle asks, I shrugged. There was really nothing for me to do. All the things I wanted to do I can't because
I can't see. Before my little 'incident' I wanted to be a painter. I was pretty good at it from what I remember, but it's been so long since I've painted something, I can't remember any techniques. "Oh. Well, I could walk you home in case you don't to take the bus because of... y'know." Axle offered, his voice was always so smooth. However I don't know if I won't to
go home yet. I guess it all feels strange, my mom temporarily leaves and all this happens. I'm ignoring the negative things so far, but I mean when she left, I met Axle and he seems to be a pretty decent guy. I also meet Kyle. Kyle's strange honestly, but he has this thing about him. I'm not sure what you call it if it has a name. He makes me feel so comfortable around him
and it's this little thing that makes me shy around him. He's such a great friend isn't he?

"I'm not sure if I'm going home yet." I murmured then began walking to the playground where I'd hang out after class. I heard a faint 'okay' while I walked, he soon joined me and, to my surprise, guided me away from things I'd bump into. Sometimes other students would move things into my general path which means I'd knock it over or something. It got old real fast.
"How are you supposed to do homework?" He inquired, probably noticing the sheets of paper poking out of my backpack. "I don't actually." I chuckled. "I just get my friend to help me and hope she gets the questions right."
"Sounds kind of..." He paused, searching for a word. "Boring?"
"Yeah." We both chuckled a little then I found the jungle gym I usually hang out on. "Careful." He said when I began to climb up the latter, I only laughed at him a little. I know he's just a little concerned but I'm not so impaired I can't climb a latter I've been climbing for years. Once I reached the top I crawled over to the right corner and sat down, pulling my backpack off my shoulder.
I felt a presence with me, not Axle's. I brushed it off for a bird. I heard Axle climbing up the metal latter, each step gave off a bit of a 'tink' noise. "Oh!" He said abruptly, like he saw something he wasn't expecting. I heard a book close, the type of noise you'd get if you placed an open book in your hand with your fingers resting on one side and your thumb on the other, then closing your hand. Then a person was moving around to get up. "I'll leave." The person said, it was Kyle.
I couldn't help but smile a little, I found this a bit humorous. "Nah, you don't need to. This is public property."
"Well, I figured you two would want some alone time."
"What are you implying?" Axle's voice had a bit of an annoyed twinge to it. I said nothing, and ignored them. Why am I not surprised Kyle started something already? "I'm just saying you two would probably want to be alone. Isn't that how it works after a successful date, you get to know the girl or something? Then again your date was a blind one." Kyle uttered in a bit of a cocky voice, I was actually sort of surprised to hear this from him.
I looked up to the direction I heard his voice and glared. "I think you'd better leave." Axle gritted his teeth. "I said I'd do that but you were like 'Nah you don't need to.' Did you not listen?"
"Dude yourself!"
"Guys..." I murmured, trying to break this up. They're acting as cats do when another feline comes into the others territory. One of them, I'm assuming Kyle, picked up his backpack and slid down the pole in the middle of the jungle gym, I could barely hear him grumbling something but it was so low I couldn't make it out. "Sorry about him, I think he's just a bit grouchy." I apologized to Axle while he sat down across from me. He said nothing but pulled some paper out of his own backpack, must be homework.

Can't believe I did that, I'm so embarrassed. Why do I have to make everything embarrassing for myself? First I ask Azure if she actually likes Axle, then I go and do this. I'm so stupid! Eventually I sit on a swing and open up my book again, occasionally I glance over at Azure and Axle. They're both seemingly having a good time, I can see her laughing and playfully hitting him in the shoulder while they do their homework.
I grit my teeth and go back to the book I'm reading. "'Phantom of the Opera' Wow, I didn't know you read such a thing." I heard a squeaky feminine voice say. "I told my mom I'd read it two years ago, I just figured I'd read it now." I murmured, shifting my weight on the swing. I didn't bother to look up at the person, I just wasn't in the mood for conversation. She sat on a swing beside me and I groaned lowly because of her presence.
"I heard about the accident, I'm sorry." She whispered. I knwo this girl isn't Katrina, so who is it? I look up and to my, slight, horror it's Jennifer. Really? This girl is a heartless b-... She's a jerk. "Uh, it's okay, Jennifer." I nervously said then tried to read my book again. She was just staring at me. I got the feeling I remember looking at the over-attached girlfriend meme on the internet but now that's it's just about real, minus the girlfriend part, it's freaking me out!
"You can call me Jen." She whispered, she even leaned in towards my ear. I lean backward a bit and look at her strangely. What's with the sudden interest? "Um, okay... Jen." I murmured then opened my book to try and ignore her. Something has got to be up for her to suddenly be like this. She sat there quietly, maybe she was reading my book or something. "I'll catch you later." Jennifer with a faint smile then trotted off. "Ewgh." I shuddered once she was out of hearing range. Jennifer might be a nice person underneath all her mood swings, if I can call them that.
But I'm not going to find out. "Just wanna have fun." I heard another feminine voice say like they were whispering the words to a song they were listening too. I'm not sure why there's so many girls at this school, I'm not complaining though. "Ooh, girls just wanna have fun." The voice whispered in a singing fashion again. I looked up from my book and saw Katrina skipping down the side of the school building, listening to her iPod. She waved at me and then went over to the Jungle Gym Azure and Axle were hanging out on.

They were talking about something that made Azure giggle and blush a little, it was something Axle said. I grimaced and turned back to my book, my shoulders hunching a bit. "Kyle! Come on up!" Katrina yelled, ushering me over with her hand. "Uh, I don't-" Axle began then abruptly turned his tone into a whisper. My eyes narrowed and I bit down on the inside of lip. I bit too hard and I heard a 'crunch' noise then tasted blood. "Don't be silly. KYLE get up here!" Katrina laughed. She's not going to shut up, is she?
I groaned and closed my book again then reluctantly climbed up the metallic ladder and sat down in the area that had enough space for me to sit down, next to Azure. There was mixed feelings in the air, the one that stuck out more than anything was tension. I cleared my throat and placed my book down on the floor. "Well don't everyone speak at once." Axle said flatly, he was probably upset that I joined them. Too bad!
"Truth or dare, anyone?" Katrina joked darkly.
"No!" Azure, and I, yelled, we received weird looks from Axle and Katrina. It's not that her yelling it was strange, it was the fact that her and I did it at the same time, with the same tone and pitch. Katrina immediately started laughing, she even grabbed her stomach and tapped her feet on the metallic floor. "Eh-hehee- Ahem, anyway, guess who was assigned to plan the Halloween Dance?" Katrina announced, puffing out her chest a bit and smiled at everyone a bit smugly. "You?" Axle murmured, still flatly.
"No." Katrina sighed. "The thing is, nobody has been assigned yet! I told them to let Azure try it out."
"Wha- Kat, I can't plan a dance!" Azure grumbled. I sat back and tried ignoring everyone. Well, except a few people. Then Katrina and Azure began to argue about Azure's abilities in dance planning. Ugh, can't they just agree that everyone should wear pink or something and be quiet? I just don't understand girls most of the time, they're like an encrypted dictionary in an alien language. Out of the corner of my eye, I look at Axle, he seems to be glaring, grimacing or just looking at me crossly. The heck did I do to him?
"Well, girls, I'm gonna go now. I'll see you tomorrow, Azure?" He said abruptly while he stood, making the two girls flinch and stop arguing. I smirked when they finally became quiet. Azure looked up at Axle and shifted her eyes from side-to-side. "Of course, I'll be here after class." She smiled.
"Great, see you then." He grinned then slid down the pole and onto the ground. "Merrhh, it's getting late." Katrina whined and stood. "Azure, tomorrow, we go costume shopping, alright? And yes, we can bring Axle." She paused and looked at me. "And Kyle.
"No, I don't want to go." I murmured, folding my arms. Katrina rolled her eyes and tried to kick me but I moved out of the way. "Sounds like fun, Kat." Azure giggled. Katrina too slid down the pole, she then ran away cheerfully listening to her iPod. Azure and I both sat there for a few minutes in silence. I wasn't sure what to say and neither did Azure. I looked at her but she was biting her lip and tapping her finger on one of her folded legs.
"So..." I muttered and clacked my sneakers against the metal pole coming up from the center of the jungle gym. "So..." She repeated.

Why is this silence so freaking awkward?
"I'm, uh, sorry for earlier."
"It's okay, you're upset. Anyone would be." I say nothing in return but give her a faint smile even though she can't see it. "Want to go home? Well, not your home but my home that you're staying in." I stood up and stretched a bit. She nodded and stood as well then carefully climbed down the ladder. I slid down the pole, it was much faster then the ladder.
We looked at each other, well, I looked at her, she merely turned her head in my direction. I cleared my throat and began walking home, clutching my book tightly in one arm. Azure trotted up beside me, her light backpack was slung over her back and she had this smile on her face. Why's she smiling? "Happy are we?" I chuckled, nudging her in the shoulder.
"Axle told some funny jokes,  that's all." She laughed and pushed me lightly in the arm. It was funny because her hit was so light I could compare it to being hit with a feather and not know the difference.
"Really? Tell me one."
"Um, I don't want too."
"Why not?" I tilted my head.
"I forget." She shook her head but I saw through her little attempt at lying.
"Azure, come on!"
"Look, they..." She paused, biting her lip. "They jokes about you."
I felt my shoulders drop a bit, I frowned and rolled my eyes. "Well, that's really nice. Please, do tell." I said sarcastically.
"They were really just jokes about your funny way of dressing and your beanie hat!" She mused, poking at my hat a bit. It took her a few pokes to tell where my hat was, but I didn't mind that much. I just don't get why nobody likes me beanie.
I didn't say anything, instead I groaned and continued walking down the street. "Could you walk on the other side of the sidewalk?" I asked her.
"Just in case a car swerves out of control or something. You're closest to the road, I don't want you to be hit." I accidentally blurted out the last part. She looked at me a little surprised then smiled a little. I felt incredibly dumb but we switched places. "Better?" She asked, laughing a little.
"Better." I nodded. We walked down the sidewalk, everything was so quiet besides the noises of the city and the noises of cars. I couldn't help but smell some fries cooking in a nearby McDonalds. We continued walking, we were pretty much at the complex in which we stayed but then Azure reached over and held my hand.
"Uhh..." I groaned in surprise at the touch, I welcomed it though. What did she mean by this? What is this? I don't get it. "I-I thought I smelled some water or something so I thought there would be mud since, y'know the mud sometimes runs onto the sidewalk." She stammered, was she nervous to say she could smell that or something?
"Oh, okay." I gulped, feeling my face warm up. I couldn't help but looked down at our hands, we both were gripping one another so tightly but at the same time it was loose. I looked up at her, her eyes were directed downward toward the sidewalk, she was still smiling. Seeing her smile, made me smile a little.
"You're such a good friend." She says with the warmest voice she ever had. But for some reason I couldn't help but feel discouraged. "Thanks..." I quietly murmured.