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Silver FallsEdit

Silver Falls is a fan fiction created by Monkeysandmyths.


The series, "SILVER FALLS," is a mystery soap opera that takes place in the fictional town of Golden Lake. It centers around the death of a prominent member of the town, Joanna Fuchsia, and the secrets hidden deep in the town. The series will feature many sims, and some parts of the show will not be possible, such as an injury or pet (it takes place in TS3). Well, enjoy.


  • Joanna Puce-Fuchsia - Joanna is the wife of Thomas Fuchia,the mother of Bella and Emma Fuchsia, and the older twin of William Puce. She was killed by a mysterious stranger on her late mother's birthday. It is revealed in episode 2 that she had woohoo with Daniel Pearl that resulted in the birth of her daughter Bella. It is revealed in episode 3 that she adopted her daughter Emma. It is revealed in episode 4 that she was the star in a movie called 'The Raven's Claw'. It was also revealed that she was best friends with her lawyers, Marilyn Apricot and Evelyn Mauve, in high school and that she may be legally insane.
  • Esmerelda Fuchsia - Esmerelda is the American Shorthair cat of Joanna Fuchsia. She is the only witness to her mistress' death, and so far, she's not talking.
  • The Mysterious Stranger - This stranger is the murderer of Joanna Fuchsia. He tried to make the murder look like an accident, but was caught in the act. Currently, his whereabouts and identity are unknown.
  • Thomas Fuchsia - Thomas is the husband of Joanna Fuchsia and the father of Bella and Emma Fuchia. He was one of the people who discovered Joanna's body. It is revealed in episode 2 that he isn't the father of his daughter Bella. It is revealed in episode 3 that he knew about Bella's real father and that he adopted his daughter Emma. It iis reavealed in episode 4 that he is a doctor.
  • Daniel Pearl - Daniel is the longtime butler of the Fuchsia family. He is currently unconscious after receiving a heart attack from seeing his the body of Joanna. It is revealed in episode 2 that he had an affair with Joanna that resulted in the birth of Bella Fuchsia.
  • Henry Beige - Henry is the lead inspector on the Joanna Fuchsia murder case, as well as a huge fan of her. He is currently focasing his investigation on Thomas Fuchsia.
  • Bella Fuchsia - Bella is the birth daughter of Joanna Fuchsia and Daniel Pearl, although Thomas Fuchsia believes he is her father. She is the sister of Emma Fuchsia. It is reaveled in episode 3 that she isn't the biological sister of Emma.
  • Emma Fuchsia - Emma is the daughter of Joanna and Thomas Fuchsia and the sister of Bella Fuchsia. It is revealed in episode 3 that she was adopted as a newborn.
  • Helen Magnolia - Helen is the longtime employee of Joanna Fuchsia. She is currently in shock from Joanna's death.
  • Sarah Lilac - Sarah is the new resident of Fuchsia Manor after being assigned to watch over Daniel Pearl after his heart attack. She has had a crush on Thomas Fuchsia since high school.
  • William Puce - William is the younger twin of Joanna and is the fiancee of Kayla Saffron.
  • Kayla Saffron - Kayla is the fiancee of William Puce and the niece of the Vice President of Sim Island.
  • Brandon Teal - Brandon is the quiet yet observant owner of Teal Funeral Home.
  • Marilyn Black-Apricot - Marilyn is the co-owner of Apricot/Mauve Law Firm. She was best friends with Joanna in high school. She is married to David Apricot and is the elder twin of Evelyn Mauve.
  • Evelyn Black-Mauve - Evelyn is the co-owner of Apricot/Mauve Law Firm. She was best friends with Joanna in high school. She is married to James Mauve and is the younger twin of Marilyn Apricot.
  • Xavier Salmon - Xavier is the mayor of Golden Lake. He is married to Jean Salmon.



To anyone who has any complaints, please put them here instead of my page since I'm more likely to see them here. Thank you.

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