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SimNation is the de facto nation in which most Sims live in. It is the largest nation in the Time Paradox universe only by the virtue of being the only one until the advent of the Papal State.

SimNation in Time Paradox generally does not deviate much from the canon SimNation. The TP SimNation is a representative democracy like its canon counterpart, and the lives of most sims work out as it does in most modern developed countries as it does in the canon SimNation. There are slight differences to the system, mostly the existence of political parties: While TP SimNation has no mainstream parties akin to GOP or the Democratic Party, The new parties that were sparked by Ecclesiarchy, often forged by local interests, not only exert influence through politics but also extra-political avenues, while the canon SimNation's politics have little to no effect on the lives of an average Sim, and thus political parties were of minimal importance.

Comparative Technological LevelsEdit

While SimNation has its share of Simbots, the TP SimNation at the Heptanomis-Era Second Timeline has not yet the power to produce Plumbots yet, nor do they employ Simbots in a manner or scale close to the Papal State. In the fields of robotics and cybernetics, SimNation falls behind the Papal State. This is to be expected: SimNation isn't a country with a single minded trek towards technological advancements. In addition, the SimNationian science is also bound by conventional morals. As such, they do not have access to technologies that could be deemed controversial such as artificial wombs, cybernetics beyond simple prosthetics, and a few others, mainly because companies dislike the high cost of developing their own technology. Some morally dubious technologies, such as animal rendering, probably exists, although its presence is masked to SimNationian citizens, unlike the practice at Papal State, which makes no secret of animal rendering.

Landgraabs, one of the leading families in terms of producing household goods and capital, does not fare well against the Ecclesiarchal competition when it comes to high-tech capital. With that being said, the SimNationian default hegemony ironically place them at the lower level of technology until Aigyptos declared independence.


SimNation's economy in general is fairly solid: while the gap between the poor and the rich do exist, it is rare for poor to be so poor as to be unable to pay for the most basic of living needs. Because of this, there has been little records of the exact nature of the social netting in SimNation, if it exists at all.

SimNation is implied to have a significant industrial capacity spread around its domains, since the domains mentioned in Time Paradox have all lacked significant industrial bases yet its capital goods have been the initial capital with which the Big 6 worked with. Because of the lack of explicit focus on industry, it produces a rather deceptive imagery that SimNation falls behind Papal State in terms of industry. While it is true that the Papal State is more productive with the capital goods that it has and has actively worked to expand industrial capabilities, SimNation nevertheless has a significantly larger industrial capabilities than the Papal State so far.

Commerce plays a great part of SimNationian economy. While no single SimNationian consignment market could ever hope to compete with the likes of the Agora of Heptanomis, SimNationian commerce is still a strong part of its economy. Mail-shipping is the dominant force in SimNationian commerce, since large-scale malls do not exist even in the likes of large cities like Bridgeport.


As the Papal States were formed in a manner hostile to one of the most visible segments of SimNation's population, the celebrities, SimNation is nominally hostile to the young state. However, as the media hype that was maximized by Kallisto's orbital bombardment of Bridgeport slowly faded, the relation between Heptanomis and Sim City has grown stable in a lukewarm fashion. While neither side wants to make an outright compromise, those outside the political powers have traded heavily, and the volume of international trade in Heptanomis exceeds most, if not all, of SimNation's cities. Popular sentiments, asides from those who wildly support celebrities, are mostly indifferent to Papal State, although there are exceptions, such as the Bronzefangs and the pro-WooHoo faction in Moonlight Falls, led by Ezekiel Gretchyn.

Aigyptos is a different story: SimNation is at war with Aigyptos, as Aigyptos was created by an independence group which is a conglomeration of radicals and reactionaries linked with groups such as Al-Dar.


While there is semblance of democracy going on, government's impact on Sims' lives in SimNation is limited in most cases. There is no single chief executive, although there are a council of executives, each appropriating a region, although effective policies can only take place if the citizens vote in the favor. This has worked to Ezekiel's advantage, as his choice to administer Moonlight Falls was buttressed by his anti-Ecclesiarchy campaign that was successful. The government of SimNation is largely localized, with no giant major parties to dictate the players given the system of multiple executives rather than a single one.