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Developer(s) Maxoid
Publisher(s) Electric Boogaloo
Series SimSandwich
Engine Toast (graphics)
I Can't Believe It's Not A Buttery Physics Engine (physics)
Platform(s) PC Mustard Race, Maxoid Simulator 2 1/2, Wii U-tensil
Release date(s) January 22, 2014
Genre(s) Simulation
Ratings ESRB: E
PEGI: 3+
Media Brain-power

SimSandwich is a simulation video game developed by Maxoid. The game centers around simulating the creation of a sandwich, using various different ingredients. Players are able to share their creations online with friends as well as download new sandwiches to modify or to simply look at and think that you really fancy a sandwich.

Description Edit

From the developer of renowned titles such as SimBanker, SimShopper and SimNewspaper comes a new title, SimSandwich! Create a whole range of sandwiches from various different types of bread, butter, fillers, meats, salads, sauces and other ingredients. Create the perfect sandwich that you would otherwise struggle to create, go wild and make a sandwich that shows off the talents of your 5 year old self or make as basic of a sandwich as you wish. The possibilities are endless! Share your sandwiches with other players around the globe and even screenshot and send images of your sandwiches across social media for others to envy! The possibilities are endless!

Features Edit

  • Build the perfect sandwich - SimSandwich allows you to use an endless range of ingredients at your disposal to make the sandwich you have always dreamed of. This is great if you are too lazy to drive down to Subway to get the sub-sandwich that you desire so much. It's like self-service but only via your TV!
  • Perfectly place ingredients - The "I Can't Believe It's Not A Buttery Physics Engine" allows for a sandwich to be formed in realtime like it would if you were making it at home. Because what sticks beef to bread better than butter...right? The physics engine takes full advantage of hardware to ensure that no other sandwich simulator can match the precision of SimSandwich!
  • Share sandwiches across the globe - The SaladServer online service allows for connectivity like we've never seen before. Players can collaborate on creating sandwiches, competing to make the best sandwich over a period of time and can share sandwiches with each other. No other title brings multiplayer food creation to the TV, which is what makes SimSandwich revolutionary really.

Downloadable content Edit

Maxoid have planned to release DLC for SimSandwich. While few details have been released to the public, it is thought that DLCs surrounding the topic of burger making, beverage making and health inspectors. It is expected that the DLC will be released whenever Electric Boogaloo decides to milk this new intellectual property, so expect it to be very soon.

Development Edit

B. King, head of Maxoid, came up with the idea for SimSandwich while he was eating at SimBurger in Sims University. He figured that the octo-core CPU in the Maxoid Simulator 2 1/2 would be better at making food than SimBurger were. The idea was proposed to publisher Electric Boogaloo and they were so impressed that they canned development on Life Simulator 4 and devoted all of their budget to SimSandwich.

Having only planned to release the game on their own console, Maxoid were pressured into porting to the PC because of Nvidia's new API that accelerates the exact same process which SimSandwich was using to spread butter. Compatibility issues with other vendors were expected but fortunately Mallet solved pretty much every issue, so Mustard Race gamers can expect a perfect port that even an ancient PC from 2005 that was already low end upon release can run admirably, even at 10K resolution.

The Wii U-tensil edition of SimSandwich has a free chopping board to create sandwiches on, which was planned as DLC. Now kitchen enthusiasts have more freedom than ever. This is also thought to be Electric Boogaloo's last title for the Wii U-tensil as let's be honest: it sucks. Maxoid claim that Wii U-tensil gamers are lucky to be getting SimSandwich as the console already suffered at the hands of a direct competitor. Aww.

Rumours have circulated of ports to Orange's FryOS platform, Microwave's ZesterHandle One and Sushi's PastryWheel 4 due to pressure given by Electric Boogaloo but as the publisher wants to force DLC on players, the outlook is bleak. Plus the sandwich calculations and graphics are so real that Maxoid doesn't want to compromise just so consoles and phones can play the game, despite everybody wanting to do so while they're on a bus or waiting in a restaurant for an inferior meal to be served. There is a high demand for sandwich simulators, so we'll just have to wait and see.

Reception Edit

Critical Edit

SimSandwich has received highly positive reviews. IGN praised the addictiveness, vast array of features, highly detailed graphics that show every little detail of a bread slice and the fact that it makes them want a sandwich. GameSpot said the exact same thing. In fact, it's not worth going over this because it was bound to be the greatest game of all time from the outset.

There was criticism of the online system and that everybody had to stay online 24/7 so the SaladServer cloud servers could simulate the deterioration of how fresh ingredients are and how many people liked your sandwich. The game was also criticised for a bug where a bug wanders into a sandwich and finishes making it for you. These issues are expected to be addressed next year but Maxoid claims an offline mode is impossible, so deal with it.

Commercial Edit

Everybody bought it. It was #1 worldwide for about 3 months. Electric Boogaloo reported record profits for that quarter. It is the most played game by a landslide on the Plumbbob service.

Health services around the world have reported a large spike in the number of people admitted to hospital because they tried to bite their TV screens to eat their sandwiches. They're just one more patient away from a worldwide pandemic. Speaking of which, I'm hungry and I haven't played SimSandwich for a few hours. brb.

Sequel Edit

Of course there will be a sequel once Electric Boogaloo is done milking this with DLCs that cost the same as the base game. That's several years away though. But why would I want a sequel? SimSandwich is already going to last another 20 years in terms of lasting appeal. Don't worry about prettier graphics, I'll just get a HD texture pack even though everything already looks realistic.

Videos Edit

People were too busy playing to film actual videos, so here is the E3 teaser trailer for SimSandwich that includes 0% gameplay. That's how developers work.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own this video nor did I make it for the sake of this fanon. I merely found it on YouTube.