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This is where all the stories of the Sim Lane Sims will be. As the stories go on, the bios will change too. Enjoy!

The Death Lot Strikes Again! Edit


Anna (left) challenges Claire to a game of chess. this was taken hours before her mysterious death

Not a happy way to start the story but I'm sad to say that there has been a death in Sim Lane. Anna Edwards, Mike's daughter was found dead inside the house of the notorious death lot, where many Sims seem to die under mysterious circumstances. Anna was found in a closed off room which was burnt by a fire caused by a grill obstructing the exit. Just days before a new neighbor had moved in. He too has mysteriously disappeared. According to stepbrother Tanner, Anna had just become acquainted with the new neighbor and he invited her to his house. Neighbors Lana and Buck Buchanan reported arguing in the house and what sounded like a physical altercation. Anna never came home that night. The next morning Mike was called by the neighbor and saw what no parent should ever see. He stated to police that he met the new neighbor once but never got his name. So the neighbor calls him, Mike comes over, and there's no one there except for his daughter's body. As of right now he is declared missing. Just yesterday a memorial was set up for Anna. Many Sims mourned for her. Mike talked about how she was a great daughter who was destined for great things. Tanner said that Anna was his closest friend. The Buchanan kids were going to miss her greatly. "It's a tragedy." Claire writes to the Sim Times. "But we're a close community and we can make it through." As of right now investigation of Anna Edward's death has begun. It will be lead by Sim Lane's Andrew Mason. There are currently no leads but the neighbor is considered a suspect. "I can't believe someone would do this to her." Mike says in an interview on SimNightly. "Anna was one of the nicest kids you'll ever meet. She was popular with all the younger kids and got along with all the adults. Now she'll never go to prom, get her driver's licence, or graduate. I hope they find [the neighbor] soon. He will pay for this."

A Birth and a Blossoming Romances! Edit

Photo (6)

Carl Jr. and Brittany hanging out late at night.

The investigation for Anna's murder is still going on. Nothing much but there are more clues indicating that her death was indeed a murder. The neighbor isn't found yet and the family is still upset. The case is definitely messing with Andrew's social life. But in other news Sim Lane welcomes Pamela Buchanan! But that's not it! The Buchanan are expecting another child! There's no word on what the gender is but according to Rachel it'll be Darren if it's a boy and Daria if it's a girl. Looks like Carl and Rach are going to have some more sleepless nights! And it also looks like there's some sparks flying between Shannon and Bill! Things have been getting really hot between them. Neighbors recall seeing them show a lot of PDA outside of Shannon's house. Denni however doesn't seem to be too happy about it. She told Tanner that her mother and Bill should either get a room or stop making out so publicly. Speaking of blossoming romances there seems to be sparks flying between Carl Jr. and Brittany. Lately the two seem to be sneaking into each other's houses to hang out. They are often seen joking with each other and it's so cute! I guess love is in the air in Sim Lane!

Oh Baby! Edit

Photo (5)

Carl and Rachel taking shifts.

Okay so Carl and Rachel's baby was born today. However there was a mistake on her birth certificate. Apparently the nurse, who started working just the day before, miss-typed the baby name and mixed it with another name she was supposed to do so the baby was named Darialanie! The couple next door wanted to name their daughter Lanie but was accidently named Laniedaria. But Carl and Rachel were fine with it and decided to call her Delanie. So here's Delanie! Speaking of babies, well... Remember Shannon and Bill's romance? After ten tests and finally a trip to the doctor it is confirmed that Shannon and Bill are going to have a baby! However the reception is somewhat mixed. Audree doesn't seem to be thrilled and Denni is well, upset. Whatever the reason no really knows for sure. Shannon and Bill love each other very much and want the baby but at the same time they're not really sure if they're ready to be really really serious. After finding out Bill moves in with Shannon much to Denni's dismay. Things look okay between them and they really want to have the baby. But Bill seems to be a little unsteady about it. Ever since moving in he's been a bit distant and always running off. Shannon can't blame him though. She's worried about how this will affect her relationship too. Especially with Denni, who almost never comes home anymore and barely speaks to her and Bill. Best of luck to them.

Umm...Is Everything Okay? Edit

Audree's relationships seem to be falling like dominoes. With Andrew wrapped up in his job more than ever, well he hasn't been spending a lot of time with Audree and she doesn't like that. Apparently she was so desperate that while visiting she decided to kiss James very passionately. Unfortunately she forgot that neither one of them knew that they were both seeing her. So now it looks like she and Andrew and James are done. Carl and Richard seem to be keeping a great distance from her too. While visiting the Buchanans Audree decided to revive their chemistry by massaging Carl's back. In front of Rachel. Carl wasn't happy about it and kicked her out. Also Richard has been deliberately avoiding her calls. Matt seems eager to come and they always had a good time so Audree isn't too worried about him. Things between Mike seem revived now after staying out of the neighborhood for a while. In fact he's come across her a little too passionately. Well, that's better than nothing. Meanwhile there has been reports of strange behavior between her and Bill. Now with the baby due anytime soon Bill has been hanging out quite a bit at home. There's definitely something going on here.

Busted! Edit

Photo (2)


Not so good news. As Shannon's due date grows near, Bill has been very MIA. The truth? Bill and Audree were married at one point and still have something going on. The third cousin thing was a lie to hide the fact that they were married. So Shannon walks by Audree's house to check on Bill and well... The next day Bill got kicked out. A few days later their baby, Scott (named after Shannon's brother) was born. Poor Shan almost lost the baby when she found out. Fortunately Denni stepped in and took care of him. Meanwhile Audree pursues her affair with Matt when (oh no!) Claire comes inside and catches them kissing. After a fight and some blood, things aren't looking too well for these two. Looks like Audree has herself two new enemies. And speaking of Audree, something strange is going on inside her house... and it has nothing to do with Bill. Sources said they saw a baby or two through the window (not that they were spying or anything...). The next day the windows to the upper floor were removed. Better keep an eye on her...

Then Comes Along Baby, Bellauve, and Locobutt Edit

Okay so quite a few things happened since I last checked in. Brittany has been seeing Carl Jr. a lot since Matt and Claire's fallout. They look so cute together! Denni and Tanner are preparing for graduation. It looks like Ally and Andrew are dating and it seems like Andrew had a fallout with Bill. Shannon's back to work and Scott's growing up well and getting along with everyone. James is feeling discontented with his job and no one seems to know why. Meanwhile some strange events seem to have taken place. First of all Bill takes off and disappears for months. When he comes back he moves into the death lot! Audree has been closed off for a while and suddenly moves in with Mike for a while. Long story short Audree's relationships led to three kids. Fraternal twins Baby and Bellauve are definitely his kids since they look a lot like him. The youngest kid Locobutt looks nothing like him though. Unlike the twins, Locobutt has a conceited and very extroverted attitude. Despite his problems Mike agreed to adopt all three. Audree feels much better with the kids off her hands and moves in with Bill to the death lot when he returned. Baby and Bellauve are great and Baby greatly resembles her late half-sister Anna while Bellauve resembles his father. However Locobutt's father has not stepped forward yet but Audree knows who it is. What she hopes is that it doesn't cause problems with his family although it seems like things have already fallen apart for him.

Ups and Downs Edit

Photo (3)

Audree has some surprise visitors in her new home.

Looks like Bill and Andrew repaired their relationship and are on good terms again! However Andrew still feels strange around him. Or is it the ghosts haunting the lot? Speaking of ghosts Audree had an unexpected visitor. And her reaction? Not so well. But at the same time Audree is somewhat glad to see a familiar face. Even if that someone isn't friendly towards her. Meanwhile Mike and Tanner are enjoying their new family members. The adoption was finalized and Mike gave them new names. Baby is now Carlee, Bellauve is Davey, and Locobutt is Matthew. Andrew and Ally are still close but Andrew's been a bit distant from her. With Anna's case declared cold he feels bad for Mike. At the same time he received something in the mail from an old friend. Whatever it is, he's not saying anything. Ally and James seem worried about him though. Now for the major down: Claire and Matt. Based on the way they've been acting towards each other, it seems like they're done. The tension between them is thick and they can't be in the same room without starting world war III. It doesn't help that Matt openly cheats on her with Audree, which makes poor Audree a bit uncomfortable. Just last night Matt slept over at Bill and Audree's and is still over there. A suitcase has been spotted next to the couch he slept on.

Epilogue - 5 years later Edit

Things have changed since I last visited the neighborhood. Sims have come and gone. Things have changed, mostly for the better.

Tanner and Denni graduated from school, along with Lana and Carl Jr. Denni attended college in the city and graduated at the top of her class. She now works as a nurse in a hospital and living in an apartment in the city with some friends. Tanner attended Sim U for a year but dropped out after Mike suffered a heart attack. A year later he attended a nearby community college to help his stepfather care for Carlee, Davey, and Matthew, all who are now in elementary school. The mystery surrounding Anna's death is still unresolved but there are reports that a big reveal may be around the corner. Whatever that means, hopefully it can bring closure to her family.

Both Lana and Carl Jr. are in college, both attending Sim U with Lana majoring in child psychology and Carl Jr. following his father's footsteps to becoming a professional athlete. Shayla, Buck, Pamela, and Delanie are still in school and doing very well while Carl and Rachel are content in their lives and jobs.

Audree has never been seen since she left with Matt. Rumors say that after she left Matt, she moved in another small neighborhood and started fresh with a new identity. Some say that she married twice in Vegas, both marriages lasting less than a month.

Bill hung around Sim Lane for a while after Audree left. He became antisocial and spent a long time hanging out at the graves. He is often seen sitting at the gravestone where What Shock supposedly died. The night before he left he was apparently seen talking to the ghost of No Shock, one of What Shock's friends. Since then Bill mysteriously disappeared and the empty grave of What Shock was dug up. A typed note was taped to the grave: The grave lies. To this day, Sims are constantly debating about what it meant.

The roommates, three popular and well known Sims in Sim Lane have left. Allison and Andrew remained just friends. Andrew reconciled with a friend from the past, a former patient of his. They now live together in an apartment with her two children. As of now there are no sparks flying between them but things could change. Allison met and married a pediatrician and they moved to a nearby town. It was later revealed that Ally had difficulty having kids due to her past health problems. The couple adopted a child from a local orphanage, who is now two years old. They plan to adopt another child in the next year. James received a job at a university in a nearby town as a professor. He instantly became a favorite among students and professors. The three of them live in the same town and visit each other often.

Shannon remained in Sim Lane with Scott, who is very intelligent and ambitious. She never saw Bill again after he refused to visit their son. Scott has no ill feelings against his father and is amazed about the mystery surrounding him. Shannon continues to be a session player at Sim Records, becoming well known in the music industry by some of the biggest record companies. Her relationship with Denni has improved a lot since Denni moved out.

Richard has been promoted to head researcher while Josie owns a small photo studio. Both are doing very well and living out their dreams. They even played matchmaker for Richard's brother, who then moved to Sim Lane with his new bride. Quinn attends art school every Tuesday and is a straight A student. Their second child Lucy is in preschool and is a very fast learner. Another member of the family is expected to come in a few months.

Two years after their bitter divorce, Claire and Matt resolved their relationship. By then Claire had taken a job offer near her hometown and lived with her parents for a while before finding a place of her own. Katherine and Brittany are well known in school, clearly taking after their parents. Matt has been through a lot of soul searching after leaving Audree. He went to seek help and made the first move in repairing his relationship between his family. After a year of wandering, Matt moved back home, where he ran into Claire. Although the chances of them getting back together are slim, they remain close friends and Matt becomes involved with the family by attending the girl's games and events.

Character Bios Edit

Fanon:Allison McKeller

Fanon:James Finnegan

Fanon:Andrew Mason

Fanon:Rachel Buchanan

Fanon:Carl Buchanan

Fanon:Audree Cardova

Fanon:Bill Cardova

Fanon:Mike Edwards

Fanon:Josie McCaffery

Fanon:Richard McCaffery

Fanon:Claire Bennett

Fanon:Matt Roderick

Fanon:Shannon Wimble