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Simasota County

Rough map of Simasota County.

Simasota is a city and a county in the State of SimNation, loosely based on real life Charlotte, Sarasota, Manatee, and DeSoto Counties in Florida. Simasota County includes most the premade neighborhoods in The Sims 2, Widespot,[1] and Naval Station Port Simasota. The City of Simasota is often referred to as Sim City.


In 2004, when The Sims 2 was released, the economy in Simasota County was flourishing. The south county regions of Port Simasota and North of Port saw a growth explosion in the mid-2000s, and the rest of the county growed steadily as well. However, when the economy crashed in the United States of Imagination in 2008, Simasota County was no exception. Empty storefronts and foreclosed homes plague once vibrant, lively neighborhoods, and crime is on the rise. An already changing Pleasantview, historically economicly dependent on the near by Naval Station, hit new lows when a new president severely cut the national defense budget. It is largely debated, however, whether the new president or the former president is more responsible for the overall bad economy

Law enforcementEdit

The Simasota County Sheriff's Office has juristiction over the entire County of Simasota. With the rise of crime in the bad economy, police presence has greatly increased. Joe Arpaio was the sheriff prior to becoming a Captain Hero, and like in the juristiction of his real life counterpart, prisoners wear pink jumpsuits in a jail consisting of a series of pink tents. The sheriff's office is both lauded and criticized for its harshness towards criminals. Downtown Simasota, the City of North of Port, Bluewater Village, Belladonna Cove, and Naval Station Port Simasota have police deparments. However, the police departments never respond to burglary calls in game. Criminals a prosecuted in the 20th Judicial Circuit Court, and are taken to a state prison. There are also federal law enforcement agencies, including the FBI and NTAC, which have officees in Downtown Simasota.


The Simasota County School District services all public schools in Simasota County except Simasota Naval Elementary. SCSD receives money from the Department of Defense Education Agency to educate the children of Sailors in addition to civilian students at Port Simasota High School. A private school, Sim City Academy, exists in the City of Simasota. SimNation Southwestern State College and State College of SimNation Simasota exist in the county, but most college students (in the absense of certain mods) go to universities that exist somewhere else in SimNation, and even other states.


A free market healthcare system exists in the United States of Imagination, much to the dismay of the current president who would prefer a government run system. Sim City General Hospital is a county run hospital in Downtown, whereas there are several other hospitals in the county owned by Hospital Corporation of America and Health Management Associates.


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