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Simtropolis was built 10 years after the events of Sims 2 when Hanzel Goth-Mundane the astronaut discovered a damaged Alien Cruiser holding the Birth Empress.He was on a mission to find a way to save New Sim Earth which had been plagued by earthquakes and ecological disasters since Mother Nature disappeared. Thankful for saving her and her people stranded on the ship, the Birth Empress had her scientists build a device to heal New Sim Earth. The Alien Empire and the Landgraab, Goth-Mundane and Curious families helped to build the futuristic city that would emulate the best all Sim Earth had to offer. Protected by the future’s response to Superheroes, the Society of Incredible Metasims, nothing has looked better for the gem of New Sim Earth. Can the city fend off destruction from bitter Supervillians and crazed former heroes?

The city is split into four sections, Simtropolis City, New Pleasantview, Nova Strangetown, Little Veronaville, Supernatural Sanctuary, and Asylum Abode.

The two relatively new districts of SimNation, Supernatural Sanctuary and Asylum Abode, are very dynamic neighbourhoods. Supernatural Sanctuary is the personal kingdom of Sacagawea Greenwood, and a safe haven for all life-states. Asylum Abode was once the foremost detainment facilities for Supervillians, being located on an isolated plateau off Nova Strangetown. When a Zombie Virus broke out within the Asylum walls, the power hungry Warden destroyed the bridges, containing the virus on the plateau and sparing SimNation. Now it’s a place of suffering, as the former villainous inmates run riot, and the guards have to fight off zombies and homicidal maniacs.

The following takes place 25 years after the events of Sims 2.


  • Goth Family

Live in New Pleasantview

Bella Goth, Cassandra Goth, Alexander Goth, Vespasia Goth, Seraphine Landgraab

When the Aliens and Sims united, they returned Bella Goth to her family, who had been worshipped by a developing extraterrestrial tribe on an alien moon. Unfourtunately, the now elderly Cassandra Goth has no time for her mother, who is now younger than her, and has a reputation to keep as town Matriarch.

  • Landgraab family

Live in Simtropolis City

Malcolm Landgraab IV, Nina Landgraab, Dudley Landgraab, Bella Landgraab (Bella Goth clone), Posie Landgraab

Finally settling down after a life as a business tycoon, Malcolm Landgraab IV decided to put his massive amounts of money into something worthwhile, building the futuristic city of Simtropolis. His son, Dudley, is geared to take over, and has already secured a healthy, and promising heir, in the form of Posie Landgraab, with a failed Alien clone experiment based on Bella Goth.

  • Curious family

Live in Nova Strangetown

Pascal Curious, Vidcund Curious, Circe Beaker, Tycho Curious, Estelle Curious

After their brother Lazlo went missing in the prime of his astronaut career, Pascal and Vidcund gave up their life of glamorous science to find him. Now that Tycho Curious has become the first Alien superhero, the Curious family has been plunged into stardom. With the help of Vidcund’s Alien daughter and a recently reformed Circe Beaker, can the brothers find their lost sibling in space?

  • Vanderburg family

Live in Simtropolis City

King Sebastian Vanderburg, Queen Ella Vanderburg, Princess Liliput Vanderburg, Prince Reginald Vanderburg

King Sebastian Vanderburg was once a young Prince in Hidden Springs, struggling to fulfil his mother’s wishes and marry. Ella Carlisle was suppressed by her domineering step mother, and met and fell in love with the Prince at a party held so her step sisters could woo him. When his mother died, Sebastian became King, and Ella as his wife became Queen. They lived happily together until they realised they couldn’t have children. With help from the green skinned natives of Hidden Springs, they were able to secure a formula to produce an heir, but the side effects were that they were returned to Young Adulthood.

  • Van Der Burg family

Live in Little Veronaville

Francisca Van Der Burg, Rupert Van Der Burg

After her mother the Queen of SimNation became contempt with her sons marriage to Ella Carlisle, Princess Francisca returned to the Royal Family as an accomplished and well known writer. Secretly being kept young by unknown means, Francisca continues to write, hoping to marry her new boyfriend Rupert very soon.

  • Nigmos family

Live in Nova Strangetown

Ophelia Nigmos, Nervous Subject, Myrtle Nigmos

After Ophelia helped Nervous Subject escape from the Beaker family, they fled to SimCity to get away from the strangeness of Strangetown. But their perfect lives were not to last as an earthquake devastated SimCity. When it was revealed Aliens do infact exist, Simtropolis was built over the crumbling ruins of SimCity, and Ophelia and Nervous watched as familiar faces returned to their lives. Now that Myrtle’s grown up, can Nervous keep his 'grim' family secret, and why is the young girl so drawn to the graveyard...

  • Beaker family

Live in Nova Strangetown

Loki Beaker, Circe Beaker 2.0

When he was fired from his job for testing dangerous inventions on prominent city-folk, the original Circe Beaker left Loki to live with the Curious brothers. Bitter, Loki turned to a life of crime, supplying his inventions to Z-list criminals and creating a nuisance for the heroes of SimCity. Among his inventions are his clones the new (and improved) version of his wife, Circe Beaker 2.0, and ‘son’ Nervous Subject 2.0, the superhero SimBorg.


  • FATHER TIME: when the aliens arrived, Father Time and the other ‘Maintainers’ were forced out of their jobs as technology took over.
  • MOTHER NATURE II: when Mother Nature disappeared shortly before major earthquakes devastated cities all over New Sim Earth 20 years ago, Daisy Greenman was named her successor and given a connection to Nature that gave her awesome powers. But when the Aliens came and the ‘Maintainers’ were no longer needed, Daisy moved in with Father Time and Mystery Sim, watching as the world she cared so much for became suffocated by technology and concrete.
  • GRIM REAPER: probably the most powerful sim being ever to have existed, the Grim Reaper has ushered the souls of Sims into the Netherworld since times immemorable. As of yet the Aliens have not created a device to get rid of this ‘Maintainer’.
  • SACAGAWEA GREENWOOD: great granddaughter of Holly Greenwood (EcoGuru) and Shawnee Fox (WereSim), Sacagawea Greenwood was born with the ability to control the weather. Instead of becoming a Superhero or Supervillian, Sacagawea fled from the city into the forests of Little Veronaville, creating a utopia for her followers.


  • Cassandra had an illegitimate baby with Malcolm Landgraab, her youngest daughter Seraphine Goth.
  • There are two Bella Goths present in Simtropolis. One is the original Bella Goth, kept young by the Aliens. The other is Bella Landgraab, the blonde haired “failed” cloning experiment to preserve Bella’s genes.
  • King Sebastian Vanderburg, his wife Queen Ella, and sister Francisca Van Der Burg, have all managed to remain young due to the over use of Hidden Spring’s fountain of youth, which has recently been stolen by Supervillain Loki Beaker.
  • Loki Beaker is an elderly Supervillain, who uses his giant SERVO robots in an attempt to destroy Simtropolis. Simborg is one of his ‘inventions’ and his wife Circe has run off to live with the Curious family.
  • Maintainers are god-like Sims charged with maintaining aspects of the game that the Watcher (the player) has no control over. These include the Grim Reaper, Father Time, Santa Claus, Mother Nature, Mystery Sim, Toddler New Year and the Tragic Clown.