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A plane flying over Brickleberry

Simway Airlines is the airline company that carries passangers to different destinations in Schandlier State. A plane works the same way a train does, with a movement physics mod.


Airports are 64x64 lots set as "Big Park" lots. An airport always has a ticket machine. An NPC will show up and take your inventory items. When you walk into the plane, you sit down and the plane pops into the air. When in the air the plane goes the speed of a Bwan Speedster (white sports car that costs $85,000) The sim pops up at the next airport. Do what you want after that.

Klauser InternationalEdit


Klaiser International

Klaiser International (KIX) is the largest airport of the 3. The termainal is an A-frame. The insides is small. When you walk inside, you have a plane tunnel and stairs up to a train station. The rest in the inside is blacked out with a hudden room marker in the Debug menu.

Pinochle FieldEdit

Pinochle Feild (PTX) is just a field and a hangar. The terminal is a 4x7 shed with chairs inside.

Fort Knome Secret StripEdit

Only people in the Law Enforcement and Military carriers can fly here. It only takes you to Fort Knome.

Brickleberry StripEdit

Brickleberry Strip (BBX) is only a concrete strip with no building. You show up at a hangar though. The strip is located outside of town possibly the length of Llama Stadium to the City Hall in Sunset Valley.

Interior of planesEdit



Coach and bathroom

First ClassEdit


First Class has a flat screen TV and a video game console.

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