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A Sim's Tale: Book 4
Name: A Sim's Tale: Book 4
Genre: Drama
Created by: Rizkirafu
Number of chapters: 2

Original run: 04/15/17
Status: Ongoing

Preceded by: A Sim's Tale: Book 3
Succeeded by: -

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A Sim's Tale: Book 4 is the fourth entry of A Sim's Tale series. Originally, the story would be called Sirenia: A Sim's Tale Book 4 and would be set in Isla Paradiso and feature all-new characters, including the titular character, Sirenia.

However, I scrapped the idea after I decided to made another new story which will still connected to the first A Sim's Tale trilogy.

The characters from previous A Sim's Tale will be featured, along with a whole new protagonist.


Once upon a time, there was a small, peaceful town located in the eastern part of SimNation. Everyone said that you could watch the sunset on the top of its valley. However, after Mortimer Goth elected as the town's new mayor, he decided to made few changes to his beloved town. Sunset Valley no more. Now the town known as Pleasantview.

Ten years later, a young photographer arrived in this town...

Characters (will be updated as story progresses)Edit

Chapter 1: Memory of John RedfieldEdit

A lot of things happened in the town once known as Sunset Valley. After Mortimer Goth elected as the town mayor, the town got many changes. Even though some town's landmarks were still existed. After three years hard work, the town eventually had its new face, under a new name: Pleasantview.

Teenage Christine

Christine Redfield

One of the town's landmarks which still existed was the Mirabello Plaza. Outside the theater, a 16 years old Christine Redfield was sitting alone on a bench. She looked at her surroundings, waiting for someone.

"It's 05.15 P.M" she said looking at the clock in her Smart Phone. She then tied her long hair in pony tail.

"Sorry I'm late Christine" a voice of another teenage girl heard. Christine's cousin, Joana Delgado. "Where have you been Joana?" Chistine asked.

Teenage Joana

Joana Delgado

Joana then took a seat next to Christine. "I'm sorry" Joana said, "Mom asked me to clean my room, so...". "Well no wonder" Christine said, "Aunt Leona is a Neat person after all", Joana only nodded.

Christine Sirenia Redfield was the only daughter of Christoper James Redfield and Tamera Gerardo-Redfield. She inherited both her parents' traits, the good and caring traits from her mother and the charm from her father.

Joana Delgado was the second child and daughter of Enrico Delgado and Leona Redfield-Delgado. She was a year younger than Christine. However, unlike Christine and her brother, Nathaniel Delgado, who inherited some of their parents' traits, Jona inherited none. However, Joana had almost identical face with her mother and aunt, Dr. Jennifer Redfield-Curtiz.

"It's almost been four years isn't it" Christine said.

"Sorry?" Joana said.

Old John photo

John Redfield

"It's almost been four years since grandpa John passed away" Christine said, "Next week we will celebrate his 4th year anniversary of his death". Joana didn't said anything, she only looked at her saddened cousin.

Christine then took something from her pocket, a photo of an elderly John Redfield. "So many good memories with him" Christine said. "You are right" Joana said, "I remember he promised us to took us on a vacation but...".

Both Christine and Joana then became silent for a moment. They remembered how their family saddened when they attended John's funeral four years ago.

Grandchildren of John

John's grandchildren

Four years ago, Pleasant-Rest Graveyard

"But brother, this is not fair, grandpa promised to take us on vacation once he recovered!" said a 11 years old Joana to her brother Nathaniel. Nathaniel then hugged Joana tightly, trying to comfort her. Meanwhile, a 12 years old Christine didn't said anything, she only watched her grandmother, Lily Redfield, was crying. John's another grandson, Daniel Curtiz was also quiet, didn't said anything.

"Oh John *sob*" Lily said in tears. Lily's twin daughters, Leona and Jean tried to console her. At the other hand, the Redfields' adopted child, Charlie just arrived. Everyone greeted him. "Oh gosh Charlie *sob*" Lily said hugging Charlie, "John, he... he...".

John's funeral

John's funeral

Charlie didn't said anything. He only looked at John's grave. He felt guilty since he couldn't be in his adoptive father's side when he was dying. "Father..." Charlie said in quiet tone. Charlie's ex-wife Sandi was also there, trying to comfort him.

"I will never forget his kindness" one of John's son-in-law, Enrico Delgado said "I knew Mr. Redfield since I was child, a really nice and charismatic man I've ever know". "You are right Enrie..." John's other son-in-law, Alex Curtiz said, "He treated everyone like his own family, that's what I like from him".

Meanwhile, John's daughter-in-Law, Tamera looked at her husband Chris, who was sitting alone on a bench. "Christine, honey" she said calling for her daughter, Christine. "Yes mama?" Christine said. "Would you like to accompany your papa there? I think... you can cheer him up" Tamera asked.

Christine then looked at her father, "Okay mama" she said.

John and Chris Book 4

John told Chris about being a father

Chris was quiet, he couldn't shed any tears even though he was really sad with John's death. He only frowned, he was reminiscing his conversation with John about the feeling of become a father twelve years ago when Christine was about to born.

"Son, don't be afraid, I'm sure you will be a good father for you child. Just believe in yourself. Just remember, do your best to make your family happy. I believe you can do it" it was what John told to Chris twelve years earlier.

"I will never forget what you taught to me, father" Chris said. "Papa" Christine said approaching Chris, "Why don't you join the others there?". Chris then looked at his daughter. "Papa?" Christine said. Chris then stood up, he approached his daughter, and then hugged her tightly. Christine could heard that her father cried, even though it wasn't loud.

Young Christine and John

Christine's memory with John

Back to present day.

"So many memories about grandpa John" Christine said. She took another photo from her pocket, this time time a photo of her hugging John. "I really miss him" Christine said. "Me too Christine" Joana said, "Me too".

The two teenage girls then became quiet for a moment. "So.. uh... Where will we go now?" Joana said wiping her tears. "Oh, well, I almost forgot" Christine said "How about the bookstore, the newest issue of fashion magazine is already available there".

"Oh, sure" Joana said. "And after that, let's visit grandma Lily" Christine said. "Yeah, I agree" Joana said smiling.

Chapter 2: Four Years LaterEdit

Another four years have passed. A car was parked in front of the cemetery. Dr. Jennifer "Jean" Curtiz was standing in front of John Redfield's grave. "It has been eight years" Jean said to her father's grave, "I miss you dad".

After put a bunch of flowers on John's grave, Jean's smartphone was ringing. "Oh, it's Leona, she's already waiting" she said, "I guess I need to go now". Jean then walked out from the cemetery heading to her car. She then started her car's engine and drove to Pleasantview Community Bar where Leona was waiting.

At the bar, Leona Delgado was sitting at the corner eating a piece of cookie she ordered earlier. Jean entered the bar and greeted her twin sister. "Sorry I'm late" Jean said "I was visiting father's grave". "I see" Leona said.

"So, uh, how's your job?" Jean asked, starting a conversation.

"Ugh, it makes me stressed" Leona answered "Honestly I miss my old days as an athlete, it was more fun". "Well, how long is it since you are retired as an athlete?" Jean asked. "20 years" Leona said "Yeah, 20 years, shortly after I found that I was pregnant with Joana".

After got pregnant with her second child, Joana 20 years ago, Leona decided to retired as an athlete. However, three years after Joana's birth, Leona decided to join sport agent career. She had job to seeking and recruiting many young talented athletes. After more than 20 years worked as a Sport Agent, Leona was starting to bored with her current job.

"Then why don't you just re-join the athletic career? ha ha ha!" Jean said in hilarious tone. "I wished, but I'm old now" Leona said in sarcastic tone "You too". "Well, it couldn't help" Jean said "We are already in our 50s after all". "Hmph, the last time checked myself in front of the mirror, I found there are more wrinkles on my face" Leona frowned. Jean only chuckled, "Sounds like you finally have your mid-life crisis!" she said.

"Anyway, I've got message from Charlie yesterday" Jean said. "Oh really, how is he now? Is he still in Paris?" Leona asked. "Yeah, he said that he wouldn't be able to attend our family's feast party next week" Jean said. "It's so unfortunate" Leona said "Mom really want to meet him". Jean only nodded.

"And, how about Chris?" Leona asked. "Oh, he will join us, finally" Jean said. "So you mean he's already coming back from his tour? Nice!" Leona said excitedly.

Adult Jean and Leona

Jean told Leona about her son's situation

"By the way Leona, I slightly worried about my son Daniel" Jean said. "Oh, what happened to him?" Leona asked.

"It looks like he's alienating himself from everyone after his co-workers found out his secret" Jean said. "What secret?" Leona asked. "We just learn about this" Jean said, "Daniel... He confessed that he's gay".

"Oh, Is he bullied by his co-workers for being gay?" Leona asked. "I have no idea" Jean said "I hope not". "Well, Jean you are his mother, you should talk to him" Leona said "Tell him that it's okay for being different with the others". "I think you are right" Jean said.

Bryan in plaza

Bryan Schmidt

Meanwhile at the Plaza.

A young adult man was seen sitting alone on the bench reading a newspaper. Apparently, he was seeking for job. "Oh man, I really need a job right now" he said "It has been three days since I'm moving here".

This young man's name was Bryan Schmidt. For three years, he moved from one town to another in order to accomplish his dream to take pictures of many places in SimNation. However, at the same time he arrived in Pleasantview, he started to have financial problem.

"I wised the Doo Peas Corporate Tower there want to hire me as a freelance photographer" he said.

Just before Bryan finished his reading, he heard a scream.

-To Be Continued-

Gallery TeasersEdit

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