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A Sim's Tale: Book 4
Name: A Sim's Tale: Book 4
Genre: Drama
Created by: Rizkirafu
Number of chapters: TBA

Original run: Coming Soon
Status: Coming Soon

Preceded by: A Sim's Tale: Book 3
Succeeded by: -

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A Sim's Tale: Book 4 is the fourth entry of A Sim's Tale series. Originally, the story would be called Sirenia: A Sim's Tale Book 4 and would be set in Isla Paradiso and feature all-new characters, including the titular character, Sirenia.

However, I scrapped the idea after I decided to made another new story which will still connected to the first A Sim's Tale trilogy.

The characters from previous A Sim's Tale will be featured, along with a whole new protagonist.


Once upon a time, there was a small, peaceful town located in the eastern part of SimNation. Everyone said that you could watch the sunset on the top of its valley. However, after Mortimer Goth elected as the town's new mayor, he decided to made few changes to his beloved town. Sunset Valley no more. Now the town known as Pleasantview.

Ten years later, a young photographer arrived in this town...

Characters (will be updated as story progresses)Edit

Gallery TeasersEdit

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