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Sistaz (Sims 3 Series)
Genre: Family Life
Created by: Carman39
Number of chapters: 1

Original run: March 4, 2014 - May 17, 2014
Status: Cancelled

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Sistaz is a fan fiction created by Carman39. It follows the lives of two teenage  adoptive sisters Lia Mandy and Rayna Mandy. Lia is a popular girl who is friends with LITERALLY everyone, and Rayna is a quiet nerdy girl who's only friend is her sister. It shows their sisterhood, time at school, being not biologically related and having two divorced adoptive mothers. It premiered March 4, 2014 and was cancelled on May 17, 2014.

Chapter 1: The DivorceEdit

Lia woke up one morning in the room she shares with her sister Rayna.

"Yo Ray, you awake?" She called out to her nerdy readheaded sister.

"I was having a perfectly pleasant dream of our parents never crumbling marraige, and your voice volume woke me up from my peaceful sleep!" Rayna called back.

"Ray, I'm your adoptive sister, just say "I was sleeping nicely, don't wake me up" and don't go all voice of the nerd on me" Lia snapped.

And with that the two sisters went down stairs. With their mothers Karey and Katie sitting at the table eating cereal. Rayna grabbed a bowl of Rice Krunchies off the counter, while Lia grabbed a plate of spoiled hot wings out the fridge. Rayna and the mothers looked on as Lia gulped down mouldy chicken wings

"I think I'm gonna be sick!" Hissed Karey to Katie.

"Well I can tell that Lia's gonna be fighting you for the toilet soon!" Chimed in Rayna.

Lia changed into her dress and packed a bag full of toilet roll in her backpack. She sneaked out the door quietly

"Moms, I'm going out to... Estelle's!" She shouted.

And then she hopped onto Karey's black scooter that she brought from Champs Les Sims in France. She scootered all the way down Sunset Valley and parked up at the school. Lia went in and started throwing the toilet roll over the principals office... until he came in.

"LIA MANDY!!!" He shouted at her

"M-M-M-M-Mr Listen, wha-wha-what a surprise!" She stuttered.

Before you know it Lia was driven home, grounded and banned from Jared Frio's costume party. Eventually Karey noticed her missing French Kenspa scooter and the grounding was made worse. So Lia spent one whole hour doing chores until Katie and Karey un-grounded her. Later on they went down to the party (after Karey went and got her French scooter back) and they stayed there for two hours. And that's when it happened.

"I'm gonna go talk to my friend Agnes, she seems lonely" Katie said to Lia and Rayna

"Ok Mom, have fun" Said Rayna, then she whispered to Lia.

"I saw pictures on Mom's phone and I found out that Agnes is actually her ex girlfriend."

"I doubt Mom would go in the bathroom just to shower WooHoo with Agnes... right?" Said Lia.

Then Lia and Rayna got up and saw Karey, told her everything and then raced into the bathroom and BAM! There they were, Agnes and Katie kissing, apparently they made up and have put the past behind them by revisiting their old romantic past. Katie and Agnes were making out like they didn't care anyone was watching, until out of the corner of her eye Agnes saw Karey and the kids.

"YOU CHEATER!" Shouted Karey.

"Uh oh" Whimpered Katie

"I should have knew you were trouble, the only reason were together is because you cheated on Agnes and she caught us, looks like everything has reversed!" Karey snapped

"Wait. Mom dated Agnes then she cheated on Agnes with our other Mom and Agnes dumped Mom. Now Mom and Mom are married and years later Mom cheats on Mom with Agnes, Agnes and Mom's roles have switch around!" Said Rayna.

"Yeah, Agnes was the one who was cheated on, now she's the one who cheated with!" Agreed Lia.

The whole ride home was arguing and then Katie and Karey divorced, when the trick or treaters came Karey gave Justine Keaton's son Kenji her wedding ring. Then Lia's spoiled hot wings got back to her and she went to bed sick, Katie went to bed depressed, Karey moved out to live with her friend and Rayna went to bed... just being Rayna!

End of Chapter 1

==Chapter 2: School Time!==