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Skye Reynolds is a merman from Isla Paradiso. His true parents are unknown to him. Gina Starlet, a witch, is his adoptive mother. He also has an adoptive sister, Kayla D'Nacci, who is also a witch. Skye showed signs of his sea heritage at an early age.


From early childhood, Skye lived inland with his adoptive mother and sister. He would always ask to go to the sea. This happened often, and the instant he entered the water, he felt something. Since then, Gina knew where he came from. She took him to the sea frequently. They moved to a houseboat, so Skye could always be close to the water. When he became a teen, Skye had what would seem, the average, normal life. Until his 16th birthday. He went swimming, and his legs began to feel strange. Before he knew it, his legs were gone. In place of his legs was a blue fishtail. The same night, Gina told him she found him at the water's edge, in a basket made of seaweed and kelp when he was just a baby. He also knew there was something else about him. He'd never liked girls. At least, wasn't attracted to them. Not long after he finished school, Skye met Christopher. His now ex-boyfriend. Christopher began to be abusive towards Skye. Gina forced him to move out with just enough to buy an unfurnished lot. Not long after, Dorian moved in, after seeing an ad in the paper. As soon as he and Skye met, it was love at first sight. Skye's moving on from the heartbreak over Christopher. Now a young adult, Skye is trying to make it big as a singer. Passionate for the stage and the thrill of a performance. Skye loves swimming and warm weather, and is always a friendly guy to be around. He now still lives on the same houseboat with his mother, Kayla, Dorian and Kia (a mermaid who claims to know about Skye's true origins). Dorian has joined Skye under the waves, choosing to be a merman also. Thanks to a certain sort of Kelp. Him and Skye are a happy new couple.


  • Skye was found with a blue stone pendant around his neck. He's worn it all his life. It's believed to be Aquamarine.
  • He loves abalone and conch shells. He collects them when in the ocean.