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This fanon page was created and is owned by Darkangel0410 (talk). Unless the edit is constructive and/or minor (such as fixing a template), please do not edit this page unless given permission from the author.

This is a fanon series inspired by the GoAnimate grounded videos. It is one of my grounded series out of Sims 3 characters. Was made by User:Darkangel0410, a fan of GoAnimate and the Sims. Darkangel0410 is the narrator of the series with the main characters having GoAnimate and Speakonia voices.


Sofi Says Evil Doings Infront of Crichton and Gets Grounded

Sofi Hits Her Mom and Gets Grounded

Sofi Calls Her Mom a ( bleep ) and Gets Grounded

Sofi Beats Up Her Younger Brother and Gets Grounded

Act Your Age, Sofi

Sofi Steals Her Dad's Car and Gets Grounded

Sofi's Punishments

Sofi Refuses to Put Crichton in His Crib and Gets Grounded

Sofi Does Arson and Gets Grounded


Sofi: A 14 year old.

Roxy: A 23 year old.

John: A 57 year old.

Rita: A 16 year old.

Crichton: A 2 year old.


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