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Sofia LeBranchEdit

Sofia LeBranch was born in SimSpain, bur moved to Bridgeport in 1992.

She is most famous for being the evil sidekick and lover of Dr Seuss Zerpentos.


Sofia LeBranch came from SimSpain, and thus she had a slightly darker skin than most native Sims in SimNation. Her eyes were brown, and her har was black. She was 35 in 2003, when Dr Zerpentos, her future boyfriend, was 38. She kept her beauty until she was 50 and started smoking.


Sofia was just as romantic as her second boyfriend, Dr Seuss Zerpentos, whom she spent many years with. As he didn't want to have a biological child with her, she adopted a young boy, called Seuss Jr. After being kicked out of the evil Organization by her boss and lover Dr Zerpentos, she broke up with him, and instead became his second sidekick (Bob Carlstelton)'s girlfriend. They lived together the rest of their lives after being kicked out of the Zerpentos Mansion, in a fancy house in the middle of Bridgeport.

Late Life, Death and LegacyEdit

After she and Dr Zerpentos moved to different houses, Sofia broke all contact with her ex-boyfriend and raised her two new children with her husband Bob, Susie and Anna Carlstelton. Sofia died in 2049, at the age of 81.

Her two daughters faced their father's death two months later, and turned to criminality to make a living.