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Sonic the Hedgehog
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Sonic Boom Sonic 2
Name Sonic the Hedgehog
Gender Male Male
Age TS3-Teen Teen
Life state CAS Human icon Hedgehog
Sibling(s) Tails
Trait Brave
Trait TS4 Good Good
Trait Friendly
Trait Hydrophobic
Other Information
Game [[Plumbob Wars 2]]
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Gaming Village
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Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the playable characters in Plumbob Wars series and the leader of Team Sonic.


He is the world's fastest hedgehog and also has many abilities to fight against enemies. Unlike other Sonic The Hedgehog Game, in Plumbob Wars, he a little bit shy. Nevertheless, he is a kind-hearted and carefree hedgehog, hates lies and evil. Sonic's weakness is that he is scared of water, due to the fact that he cannot swim. Thus, he takes advantage of the floating ability of Pac-man to get over water.