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Sonny Landgraab is the son of Geoffrey and Nancy Landgraab, brother of Malcolm Landgraab, husband of Sandra McDonald and father of George, Penelope and Sonny Landgraab. He grew up in Sunset Valley but moved to Sims University after graduating from every Boarding School. He his Best Friends Forever with his children and good friends with Sandra, Malcomb, Geoffrey and Nancy. He knew his grandfather but only has distance memories of his grandmother. He is a Leader of the Free World but his career history shows he was a Ringer up-erPower Broker and a Mad Scientist

Lifetime Wish and Traits:Edit

He has the Friendly, Brave, Workaholic, Hopeless Romantic and Family-Oriented traits. His Lifetime Wish is the Jack of all trades, so he hasn't completed his Lifetime Wish yet. He will normally join the Military and get to the Astronaut rank.


After they graduated from University, Sonny and his at-the-time girlfriend Sandra travelled around the world. He proposed to Sandra in Shang Simla and they got married in their home of Sunset Valley. He has a home worth about 300,000 Simoleon. On the bottom floor he has a Super-Stretch Television Experience and a Wallvuu XXXXL TV. He also has a BeoWuuf Stack. In his Studio he has Sturdy Shelf, XS 4258p Laptop from Landgraab Industries and another Super-Stretch Television Experience. Also in the studio are both versions of the Sonaflux guitars, the Dulcinea Guitar, both versions of the Das Kauker R86, all three versions of Iconic Jam guitars, a Prudence Pennypincher's Portable Piano, Schnadahupfl Virtuoso Grand Piano, a Shibata String Bass and Marvin Beats Drum Kit. This all shows that Sonny is a big fan of music. He also has items from places he has travelled to, like a Mummifed Canopic Jar from Al Simhara, a Vase of the dragon from Shang Simla and a Fearless Gargoyle from Champ Les Sim. In the garage he has two Jamborees, one Toyata Prius V, one 2011 Ford Fiesta and two Margaret Vaguester. He also has two Teleportation Pads. 

Family: Edit

Sonny is married to Sandra Landgraab (née McDonald), a wealthy writer and painter from Hidden Springs. Sonny and Sandra had twins first, George Benjamin Landgraab and Penelope Nancy "Princess" Landgraab. George and Penelope moved out of their home and into a nice apartment near to the border of Sunset Valley. George is a Journalist and he works alongside his father's best friend Curtis Brown, a Star News Anchor who covers everyone of the Landgraab stories, and Penelope is the co-founder of a worldwide Pop/Rock band called The Sweet and Sour. She founded the band with her best friend Samantha Brooks, George's girlfriend. The Sweet and Sour band is made up of Penelope, the lead vocalist, Samantha, the bass player, professional guitar player Michael Rock, Penelope's boyfriend and former guitarist for the Teen sensation Pop/Rock band LOL, and Frederick Brooks, Samantha's brother and drum player. Sweet and Sour is Managed by Sonny and there record labels and Sonny Music (A play on Sony music), a Father-Son record label, and Sonny Belle Records, a record label founded by Sonny Landgraab and Lola Belle. Sonny's last child is Sonny Geoffrey Landgraab II, at only a young age younger Sonny became the co-founder of Sonny Music alongside his father, and later co-founder of Sonny Belle Records. He is best friends with his family, except his niece Princess Penelope Landgraab-Rock (Penelope's future daughter with Michael Rock), who he is enemies with. If The Sims 3: Pets is instulled, they will have a supernatural dog nicknamed Scruffy. Everyone but Nancy and Geoffrey like Scruffy, whilst Sonny I's parents hates the dog. If you look in his Family tree, it shows you that he had five fathers, all in which had special powers. Chan, with the power of the Werewolf , Zach, with the power of the Vampire , Lunar, with the power of the Mummy, Jason, with the power of the Witch, and William, with the power of the Fairy.