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Space Adventure, Goth style is the 3rd Chapter Of The Goth Story Bella is Called To The Aliens' Home planet when disaster strikes.


Bella had been home for a month, she already knew the house again, and she cooked almost every morning, On one Monday, Alexander had returned from school, and Cassandra returned from work, Bella Nobody was in the house besides them, or at least it seemed like that, under the house in Mortimer's alien study lab, (Mentioned in episode 1) Bella and Mortimer were talking on the intergalctic communicator, Cassandra managed to use a tracking device hidden in Mortimer's Bow Tie to find them, she soon figured out how to open the book case and enter the lab, "We Understand PT 6" Said Bella "Good, I Hope you can come soon, I'll send over the Mothership to pick you up" Said Pollination Technician 6. "What Are you doing?" Asked Cassandra after entering the lab. "We're going to the home planet of the aliens I used to rule" Said Bella. A Few Minutes Later the family were outside the house when a loud rumbling was heard, a UFO about the size of the entire street was hovering over the house, the Goths were teleported in, Bella was wearing her intergalactic queen outfit, with her hair tied up in pigtails like Cassandras except Bella was wearing a hat, the rest were in spacesuits. Cassandra looked out the window to see Pleasantview slowly go further and further away until she saw That it was gone, she soon found herself looking out the window to some stars, they were in space. Suddenly the lights went out, the wall suddenly became a TV screen and The Caliente Sisters were shown, "Hi, Bella" Said Dina. "We just wanted to tell you that the un-identified spaceship coming towards the planet where your little green friends live was us". Bella was angry. "We Plan to take over your silly empire and get out revenge" Said Nina "And After we take the Aliens, we will destroy Pleasantview, with you in it" Cackled Dina, Mortimer was upset, "What about me" He Asked, "You?" Said Dina "Who Cares about a Smelly old man like you? I only loved you for your money, I'll make sure you die first, Mortimer Goth" Bella Hugged Mortimer. Suddenly the most shocking thing happened on the screen, The Caliente Sisters transformed into aliens. "Did we ever tell you we were 1/4 Alien?" Said Nina. The Screen turned off and the lights turned back on, the mothership landed on the planet and the family stepped off. Another ship landed too and the Alien Caliente sisters walked off the ship.

To Be Continued...