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Spells Inside a School
Name: Spells Inside a School
Written by: LolitaG

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  1. My First Day
  2. Basic Magic
  3. New Friends
  4. Learning Spells
  5. The Bravest Young Witch
  6. Branches
  7. A True Friendship
  8. Under Construction


This is a Diary of Angela Pleasant, whose recently entered a palace filled by magic, mystery, and true friendship. Can she stay in this magical, but kind of odd witch school?


She is the main character and is Phoebe's student. Her family has just moved to Belladonna Cove.

Angela's Twin sister who strongly hates her sister. She is Frances's student.

She is The Principal of School of Neverending Light and is also The good head witch of Belladonna Cove.

She's the evil head witch of Belladonna cove and is also the principal of School of Eternal Darkness.

They are Angela and Lilith's Relatives.

  • Lacy and Katy

These Spectral Cats are siblings but owned by the Good and Evil head witches of Belladonna Cove.

  • Shine and Twilight

They are pegasus horses owned by Samantha and Kimberly.

User Created CharactersEdit


A young girl whose slightly a bragger, but a genius, artsy one.

The wisest, smartest potion maker in whole magic neighborhood.

She is the first-ever deceased gypsy matchmaker who can still make potions.


The schoolwear designer, but she also helps on spells and potions.

The evil witch boy whose Angela's crush.