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==   Childhood==

At age 7 Spencer already has her own group! So popular the Paragons despise them. Natasha saw all her friends as siblings. That was until the twins came along and they were plain evil.She didn't see a point in them, 2 whining babies. So from the day they were born they had enemies all ready! Other than wanting to put her sisters up for adoption, Spencer was lovely. So lovely her best friend, Lucas Munch (also her crush, shh don't say anything) should absolutely date her. Spencer wouldn't see what comes next.


Spencer now had two, supposed, 'spoilt little devils' who could now annoy her back. She realised a long time ago her parents weren't going to sell them, so she might as well torture them instead. So the twins got locked in their room, with the 'Monster Under the Bed'. Sneakily,she escaped each Sunday night, going to nightclubs. Soon she'd realise something is up. Something wonderful is up. During school one day, when she was at home sick, she got a call from a mysterious number. They said meet her outside, immediately. Spencer currently stank like a skunk, so when she saw Lucas, she almost ran inside and hid. Somehow Lucas didn't care. Underneath the nightclub, Lucas was dragging Spencer along in between two closets. Little did she know, this was going to be a magically stinky night, suprisingly most came from Lucas, who was sweating like a pig. Lets hurry it up and say, they kisses. But it didn't stop there. In the closet they went, they kisses, then , well, did , something...