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Splitting the Prism
Name: Splitting the Prism
Genre: Science Fiction, Comedy
Created by: SoaringDragon
Rating: PG-13

Original run: October 2, 2010 - ongoing

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Splitting the Prism is a TS3 story by SoaringDragon that follows the life of Byelobog Prism, a gray-white alien from who knows where. He doesn't know how he arrived in Neverglade, let alone what he's doing there.The town itself, although large, is strangely desolate of life, although Byelo seems to have no problem in finding it's occupants.

Original Blog Entries Edit

The following are the original blog entries that were created from screenshots taken directly from TS3 and follows the same format as many Sim blogs.

Splitting the Prism 1.1 - Where's Byelo? - 10/2/10
The main character, Byelobog Prism, is introduced along with a dark skinned native, Ruby Red.
Splitting the Prism 1.2 - Routine - 10/3/10
The start of Byelo's second day in Neverglade and his first day of work.
Splitting the Prism 1.3 - The Last Straw - 10/3/10
On his third day, Byelo finds himself at the mercy of the local goddess.
Splitting the Prism 1.4 - Drama Llama - 6/24/11
Byleo meets someone new at the park and pays another visit to Ruby Red.
Splitting the Prism 1.5 - Dragons and Zombies - 12/21/11
Morning at Ruby Red's house and Byelo suffers from a slight case of zombism.
Splitting the Prism 1.6 - Midlife Crisis - 8/29/12
Something's not quite right at the Prism residence, but maybe that's for the better.
Splitting the Prism 1.7 - The Slider Scare - 8/31/12
Mental changes trigger a change in Byelo's physical appearance.
Splitting the Prism 1.8 - Plugged - 9/14/12
Byelo finally manages to break the plumbing, but feels bad afterwards.
Splitting the Prism 1.9 - Chasing Bambi - 9/15/12
A new family moves into Neverglade and more hi-jinks with wildlife.

Characters Edit

With the exception of Byelo's boss and various NPCs, all sims in Neverglade are custom-made with randomly rolled traits. The following is a list of sims Byelo has come across so far.

Main CharactersEdit

Byelobog Prism - The main character, he is a gray-white alien from outer space. He has taken a liking to Ruby Red and aspires to be a hit music composer. He has quickly made enemies out of his carpool drivers as well as an aspiring thief. Byelo also seems to be the only one who can directly communicate with the creator.
MaleTrait DramaticTrait Good Sense of HumorTrait HydrophobicTrait Vehicle EnthusiastTrait VirtuosoScorpioLNFav ElectronicaFav Autumn SaladFav White
Ruby Red - The first person Byelo meets in Neverglade. The only meal she seems to know how to cook is mac and cheese, although she aspires to have the perfect garden. She is currently a self-employed gardener.
FemaleTrait Can't Stand ArtTrait Great KisserTrait Green ThumbTrait Heavy SleeperTrait Photographer's EyeLeoLNFav ElectronicaFav CobblerFav Red
Kassiopeia Liselot - The second person Byelo meets in Neverglade. For some reason Byelo decides to seek her out, but after talking to her for barely a few minutes he thinks she's so boring that he falls asleep on the spot. Kassiopeia aspires to become a master thief and since the neighborhood rearrangement now lives closer to the old abandoned warehouse.
FemaleTrait Can't Stand ArtTrait CharismaticTrait KleptomaniacTrait MoochTrait No Sense of HumorScorpioLNFav FrenchFav SpaghettiFav White
Emma Howell - Byelo's boss at work. She used to live right next door to Ruby, but later moved closer to the theater. Although she works in the music career, she aspires to be a dynamic DNA profiler.
FemaleTrait Can't Stand ArtTrait Computer WhizTrait FriendlyTrait Hopeless RomanticTrait NeatTaurusLNFav PopFav Peanut Butter and JellyFav Lilac
Gerard Ngo - One of Byelo's coworkers, he moved to Neverglade with his wife, Marian. His lifetime wish is to be a Jack of All Trades. He is currently only a fan of music with minimal guitar experience.
MaleTrait TechnophobeTrait ChildishTrait ExcitableTrait LonerTrait LuckyLeoLNFav KidsFav SpaghettiFav Purple

Minor CharactersEdit

Minor characters are sims that appeared in screenshots, but never introduced themselves to Byelo.

Brandee Shearer - The neighborhood newspaper delivery girl.
Burglar - A dark haired female sim who broke into Byelo's home (not that hard really) and stole one of his light fixtures from the ceiling.
Carpool Driver 1 - A female carpool driver that mysteriously disappeared.
Carpool Driver 2 - The male replacement for Byelo's original carpool driver. He was the burglar's getaway driver and seems to have a dislike for Byelo.

Other CharactersEdit

The following people are notable sims and pets that have not yet appeared on camera, but have a relationship to a main character.

Kyra Lansing
A fan of music, Byelo met her at some point during his time as a fan himself. Not much else is known about her.
FemaleTrait AnglerTrait Family-OrientedTrait GrumpyTrait KleptomaniacTrait Vehicle EnthusiastVirgoLNFav ChineseFav Fruit ParfaitFav Orange
Esteban Abel
A random sim that has never been caught on camera. At one point, Byelo knew him better than he knew his boss.
MaleTrait BraveTrait FlirtyTrait Green ThumbTrait KleptomaniacTrait NeatCapricornLNFav FrenchFav French ToastFav Spice Brown
Marian Ngo - Gerard Ngo's wife and Kassiopeia Liselot's boss. She runs her "nectary" business out of the abandoned warehouse on Slumber Street. Her lifetime wish is to have a "Bottomless Nectar Cellar".
FemaleTrait AmbitiousTrait BookwormTrait Green ThumbTrait LonerTrait SchmoozerAquariusLNFav RootsFav Frogs LegsFav Aqua
Mr. Pickles - The Ngo family cat, he was only a kitten when the family arrived in Neverglade.
MalePet Trait PiggyPet Trait Playful
  • All of the Sims in Byelobog's neighborhood are made in CAS.
  • AwesomeMod story progression was turned off so the only Maxis-made Sims come from filling NPC/boss slots.
  • Custom sliders from MTS were used in creating Byelo and his friends.
  • The default skintones were replaced with ones created by LadyFrontBum on MTS
  • Unlike the other fanon on The Sims Wiki, this story relies heavily on visual media and follows the popular blog format of many TS2 stories.
  • The blog (mostly) follows the rainbow legacy rules.
  • Almost everything Byelo does is caused by free-will. The only times he is told to do anything is if it is want related.
  • All traits were rolled randomly.