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The State of Simazonya is the fictitious American state in which a majority of Facebookerror's The Sims games take place in. Located above Minnesota and North Dakota, Simazonya is one of the most inhabited and prosperous states in the United States of America. Simazonya has a very strong economy, and its citizens tend to be wealthier than those of other states. It is also one of the few states to be barely effected by the recent recession in the United States. Citizens of the State of Simazonya are addressed as Sims, their beliefs not reflectant of the actual Sims in the Sims series.


Once a colony of Ireland, Simazonya and their motherland fought a short, but bloody, war so Simazonya could achieve their independence. After the war was over most Irish citizens fled, and boatloads of Southern American began to flood the colony. Simazonya eventually became their own country for a short time, but after falling into a state of poor economic well-being they were eventually annexed by the United States. During the civil war, while supporting the South's beliefs, Simazonya remained in the Union, its citizens fighting to rebuild the nation.

Geography and ClimateEdit

Simazonya is mostly a flat state, the highest point being the Oak Mountains in the southwest, and the lowest point being the Simazonya River. Simazonya, while not having the luxury of being surrounded by oceans, does have a small portion of Lake Superior in its southeast corner, near the resort town of San Azaria. The state also contains many lakes and ponds, and is heavily forested. However, a majority of the state is filled with suburbs and large cities.

The climate is often described as having 'freezing winter, burning summers'. It frequently snows during the winter, and rain is common during the other seasons.

The state tree is the Cherry Blossom, and the state flower is the Buttercup.


  • The 6th Largest State in the United States according to area. 
  • Total area: 118,604 miles.
  • Percent water: 10.3%

Political IdeologyEdit

Most Sims are registered Republicans, which is somewhat unusual for a state located so high up in the north. Sims tend to be anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage. They support limited government and lowering taxes, as well encouraging policies that help bring corporations to the state.

Political OfficialsEdit

The most important incumbent political officials in the State of Simazonya:

  • Governor of Simazonya: Parker Perry White (R), first elected in 2009 and re-elected with an overwhelming margin in 2012.
  • Lieutenant Governor of Simazonya: Wyatt O'Daniel (R), since 2009.
  • Senior United States Senator: Donna Rai Byrd (R), since 2011.
  • Junior United States Senator: Trenton Naylor (R), since 2013.

Notable former political officials include:

  • United States Senator Vita Alto (R), from 2005 to 2011. She was defeated in the party primary by Donna Rai Byrd
  • Former Governor Rita Nelson Landgraab (D) from 1997 to 2001. Defeated for second term in General Election by Bill Morrison (R). Narrowly lost the 2012 Senate Election. 


The economy of Simazonya is a prosperous one. The economy is centered mostly on commerce, and the state contains a vast amount of department store companies that are headquartered there. Malls are also a common site, leading Simazonya to be nicknamed 'the state of fashion'. Simazonya has the lowest unemployment rate, standing at just bellow 2%. Almost all Sims can find a job in their preferred career field, with most women serving as teachers. Simazonya also hosts a large amount of food companies, such as Mrs. Perwinkle's Bread Company.

Simazonya's economy is centered in the state's two largest cities, both containing a population over 1 million, Sim Grove (the largest) and Sim City. While Sim Grove hosts a majority of the department store headquarters and malls, Sim City hosts for place of political importance, being the state capital. The state's farming population is located mostly in the east, in small settlements such as Eugene and Simville. The fishing industry is located in towns near Lake Superior, and the large city of Sim Orleans, where the state's food culture comes from.


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Teachers in Simazonya are among the highest paid in the nation, due to the state being one of the most educated in the nation. Every 4 out of 5 students will attend college, and 3 out of 4 will graduate. This provides for the state's bountiful economy. The three major universities are the University of Simazonya, John Coronoto University, and the University of Sim City, an ivy league school.


Most citizens follow the Christianity religion, with a large of majority of others being Roman Catholics. Churches are very common, and the largest cathedral in the state is the South Sim City Cathedral of the Saint Virgin Mary, in the Catholic-dominated city of South Sim City.

Life of CitizensEdit

Most Sims live the typical suburban life, working 9 to 5, coming home to a home-cooked meal, and then spending time with family afterward. Simazonya is commonly described as the 'perfect' state to live in. Citizens tend to be upper middle-class, most having decent sized homes, white picket fences, and quaint front yards. Sims tend to not be obese, with most weighing an average weight.

Trailers and cars such as the Ford Taurus are a rare sight, only being seen in the smaller towns. Sims are trendy people, owning the nicest cars and newest technology, and wearing the newest clothes. The only time a person can be seen with a flip-phone and wearing coveralls is, once again, in the smaller towns.

Sims hold a large pride in their state, and state flags are a common site on front porches. They also hold a large amount of patriotism, and the site of American flags are common. Sims tend to follow the American dream of a nice house, well-paying job, loving family, and a white picket-fenced yard with an American flag flying in the front yard. It is not unusual to see your neighbor sipping a glass of sweet tea on their porch, and neighbors are always welcome in each other's homes. However, citizens are a little judgmental about newcomers, gossiping about every move they make.

As of the 2010 Census, 19, 793,002 Sims live in Simazonya.

Trivia Edit

  • The name "Simazonya" comes from "Sim", "Arizona", and "California."