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On the outskirts of SimNation lies the sleepy town Stjärnviken. With inspirational roots of Sunset Valley, the townsfolk tries to balance the 50-years old culture... Well atleast some of them do! But will the new neighbors with their modern devices ruin the feeling of living the suburban dream?
Name Stjärnviken
Game(s) The Sims 2: Mansion & Garden Stuff
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Stjärnviken (Eng: Starbay) is a neighborhood located on the outskirts of SimNation.


There are a total of (TBA) Sims living in Stjärnviken.

Desmond Montgomery, Elaine Montgomery, Juliet Montgomery
The Montgomery family is the most successful family in Stjärnviken. The grandpa of Desmond founded the town and became the mayor, later passed on to his son and now it's Desmond's turn. Their daughter Juliet is completely uninterested in her ancestors traditional job and she knows that she'll become the fourth but first female mayor. How will that end up?
Vita Alto
Leaving her husband Nick and her daughter Holly with the help of a Time Machine was an easy match for Vita. She built up a "palace" in Stjärnviken so she, her social status and the Political career could spread as much chaos one could imagine.
Sanjay Ramaswami, Priya Ramaswami
Sanjay and Priya are ready to settle down and start their life together! Will their young relationship give life to a happy child?
§ 9,000
Alvi Iqbal, Miriam Iqbal
§ 20,000
Tobias Vandrare, Tindra Vandrare, Tina Vandrare
After a few years of astounding success in his law career, Tobias realized the life of a working man wasn’t for him. He decided to take his modest fortune and travel with his family to explore the world.
§ 60,000
Kent Wilson, Joey Wilson, Molly Wilson
The Wilson twins are known as "the most proper teens in town", but the stinking truth is actually the opposite. How does divorced dad Kent manage to live with the quite positive rumor?
§ 60,000
Lola Prada
What's the secret behind Miss Prada's riches? Well, she's basically world champion at Smooth-talk. Lola's attractiveness would make any guy stop and drool. Her money is "borrowed" from all her exes who were all rich and/or famous, and she's always prepared to bring in more cash. But will she actually find the real one some day? If not, who'll be the next victim to lose his funds?