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Stories from KidZ is stories about 22 kids in 22 different towns/cities. This is written by Henrik Bergström and Maximilian Wahlberg and illustrated by Natalie Näppi.


Story 1: Cloudy Weather in Sunset ValleyEdit

Mortimer Goth has just become a child, and have to start private school. On the bus, he meets

Story 2: Karate in Shang SimlaEdit

The second story is about a girl named Shi-Kai Na who starts at a karate school for boys.

Story 3: Mysteries in Champs Les SimsEdit

The third story is about L'mouné de G'lle and his not so normally work, detective.

Story 4: Not So Sunny in Al SamhalaEdit

This story is about Salah Seide who tries to convince his parents to let him go to private school.

Story 5: Twin-Trouble in TwinbrookEdit

This story is about Bunny Curious who is bullied by twin-sisters Nia and Lia Al'Maha.

Story 6: Vampires of BridgeportEdit

This story is about Ann Andreasson who befriends some vampires.

Story 7: New Friends in Appaloosa PlainsEdit

This story is about the bullied boy Nicholai Airt who gets a dog and a cat in present.

Story 8: A Star in Starlight ShoresEdit

This story is about a singer, actor, songwriter and dancer Zendella Tholeman who just want a normal life.

Story 9: The Darkness Over Moonlight FallsEdit

This story is about James Karer who is a Vampire who madly fall in love with a vampire girl named Charlotte.

Story 10: Diving in Isla ParadisoEdit

This story is about Annelie Aleto who loves to swim and dive.

Story 11: Farming in RiverviewEdit

This story is about the farmer-girl Nadja Karlsson who loves her farm.

Story 12: Pirates of Barnacle BayEdit

This story is about Peter who is a pirate along with his friends. ===Story 13: