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Chapter One: My new boyfriendEdit

Ok, so I am Samantha. I will often love to hang out and I love to be a moron. I am a moron because I am so dumb I never study. So anyway, I tripped over a banana accident yesterday and went to hosptial. What a stupid thing to do because it only hurt a little bit. I never get to play because of some mean guys at high school. Anyway, this hot guy named James wanted to be my boyfriend.

Chapter Two: Awkward LoveEdit

So I fell in his arms. He was cool. He acted differently to me than those guys. He knew it was true love. We were in love. Well, people were asking about it and it was cool. We went to University and it was cool.

Chapter 3: Cool guysEdit

So yeah, he was the only guy that loved me. A lot of guys did not appreciate me but James did. So nice he let me know about love. I told him my secret. He was so chill, he never rejected my Go Steady.

Chapter 4:School clubsEdit

So we met the hot girls club. They were beautiful. I was appreciated. I knew it was going to ring the bell. Well,I had to notice. I was getting scared.