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Stratonike is the tinkerer of the Attalid household, indifferent if not nominally hostile to the party-loving culture of the Attalid house. Stratonike however had the benefit of being a member of the royal family, as the royal family was quite interested in foreign adventures. Stratonike, despite lacking the love for the adventures themselves, appreciated the China expedition as it provided the means to obtain the pink diamond needed to build a Simbot. Having done so, Stratonike pretty much became the first of the Big 6, while becoming an inspiration for the later Kallisto as the pioneer in Greek engineering. However, Stratonike was also the first to establish the abnormal lifespan of the Greeks, inadvertently discovering the effects of the Death Flower after a would-be-fatal encounter with a meteor.

After the arrival of the Beauty 4, Stratonike kept the aloof attitude towards the newcomers, although Stratonike found it quite easy to associate with the likeminded Kallisto. Despite the positive relations between the two, Stratonike would not associate with Kallisto in a major way before Hypatia came in and gathered the supersims into a conglomerate. However, with Hypatia Stratonike's position as a leading scholar declined significantly for a time being. Stratonike's position grew slightly stronger with the Demetria-Hypatia feud caused by Christopher Steel's Cassanova maneuver with Hypatia, Achaia, Ayesha and Jamie which led to the creation of the Union of the Insane. There Stratonike started the second growth spurt, blitzing Sculpting and Mixology along with other skills, taking a niche in the military (while Hypatia took a niche in science, Lysistrata in Medicine)

Stratonike took part in the Romance Heresy, eventually taking a part in splitting the fledging Union of the Insane for some time. However, Stratonike still maintained good relationship with Kallisto, and soon rejoined the group after the tensions cleared up. Now with another member Kallistrata, the 6 grew more united than ever, and formed the Ecclesiarchy as the Big 6 ruling over it. After that, Stratonike maintained her position as a military specialist and a specialist in the realm of East Asian culture.

Even ShorterEdit

The first Time Paradox Sim to take up the supersim model that eventually became the Ecclesiarchy. Also, the first Simbot builder in the Time Paradox.