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Stuck In Sims 3
Stuck insims 3
Name: Stuck In Sims 3
Genre: Adventure
Created by: DarkSuicune2000
Rating: T

Original run: original draft

August 15, 2015 -
October 12, 2015

revised draft
March 1, 2017

Status: Completed

Preceded by: ---
Succeeded by: After Sims 3

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Stuck In Sims 3 is a third-person omniscient adventure story created by DarkSuicune2000. It is about a girl who gets transported into her favorite video game, The Sims 3. Sometimes, it's abbreviated as SIS3. It was started on August 15, 2015 and ended on October 12, 2015.

Character IntroductionEdit


When Nia's cousin visits, she brings over an invention that her uncle created, with the ability to transport you into games.

Chapter 1Edit

September 1, 2015
Nia Toadstool started up her game, The Sims 3. It was her favorite game she had ever played. She was in her bedroom playing on a high-powered desktop computer which had advanced graphics and let her game run very fast. Waiting for it to load, she looked up above her desk to read her calendar. She sighed, there was about seven days until school starts on September 8th. She wanted the summer to be over. Sure, it was nice to have a vacation from school. But this summer in particular seemed to last forever.

She's spending her last week playing her fun game before she enters her freshman year of high school. Nia and her parents had done just about EVERYTHING this summer. They've gone camping, boating, fishing, mountain-hiking, and Nia's favorite: going to the beach. earlier this morning her mother Harmony went to Starbucks and got her a drink. Sipping her frosty cool drink, she noticed her game had FINALLY loaded up. She looked across the screen to see her family she had made with the feature Create-A-Sim, or CAS as most people called it. They were the Hall family.

It started out with Arthur Hall. He worked at the Sacred Spleen Hospital as a doctor. Then there was his wife Chastity Hall who works as a scientist at the Landgraab Science Facility. The parents of the family worked VERY hard at their jobs. Arthur worked on his logic skill by playing chess, reading logic-type books, and the most fun way: looking through a telescope!

And the mother, Chastity had to work on many things as a scientist. She had to keep her logic, handiness and gardening skill. Which is very tough when she has children to feed.

Their eldest son is named Maverick Hall. Nia made him to be the perfect guy. Nice, good-looking, strong, and smart. He was a tall older teenager who normally wears hoodies. He also had long chestnut hair, which was Nia's favorite hair color that she secretly always wanted, rather than her platinum blonde hair that she inherited from her grandfather, Victor.

After Maverick was his youngest sister Fiona Hall. She, despite being younger than Maverick, she was also a teenager. Nia based Fiona off of other disrespectful teenage girls Nia has met before. She was horrible and rotten on the inside. She had darker brown hair at her roots but had died most of it a white-ish color. She wore revealing outfits like tank tops and shorts, which cause her and her mother to get into fights abut her age-inappropriate wardrobe.

Their youngest child is named Blair Hall. He's a toddler, so he doesn't really have too much importance yet. He has brown hair with a blue shirt that had a ladybug on it. And that's pretty much all to say about the Hall family. Nia sent Arthur and Chastity to work. Maverick and Fiona rode off in a bus to the Sunset Valley High School and a babysitter named Autumn to take care of Blair.

She loved this family the most and set the lifespan to "long" so she got as much time with them as possible. The best part about The Sims 3 is that it NEVER ends! Nia could play the Hall family generation to generation, as many family members as she wanted. She received The Sims 3 a few weeks ago as her birthday present and it has been the majority of her free time.

As she fast-forwarded the Sim-day her mother called her from downstairs for something.
"I'm coming mother!" She called down to Harmony.
Her mother was in her favorite pink polo shirt and had her dark brown hair in a ponytail. Nia could tell from her cleanliness that she had one her "surprises" ready for her.
"Nia, I have a special visitor coming all the way from Montana to visit you!"
"Montana? Don't tell me its-"
"It's your cousin Astrid!" her mom said with glee. She opened the door to see her uncle Jebidah Toadstool standing next to his daughter astrid. The pre-teen ran in to give her a hug.
"Oh yay. It's Astrid," Nia said sarcastically.

Chapter 2Edit

The slender 14 year old looked at her cousin, who really hasn't changed since the last time she had saw her. Astrid was now 10 year and still had her braces in. She had mosquito bites, bandages, and her hair was in a tight bun that she remembers Astrid's mother always forces her to wear. She wore a pink dress and had the chestnut hair color that Nia envied. Nia's aunt-in-law want her her daughter to be all ladylike and sophisticated like her, but Astrid is more into being playful, obnoxious, and usually is always dirty. She was clean right now but Nia knew it wouldn't last very long. She remembered seeing her two years ago with her mother, her yelling out "Astrid Priscilla Toadstool, stop this nonsense right now!"

Nia's father says Astrid acts just like her father Jebidah when he was a kid.

Astrid took her hair of that bun and let it go down her shoulders "So Nia, do you wanna go outside and play in the sandbox? Or we could jump in the mud pile on Oak Drive? Or we could go to the Johnstone's and egg their house! Or..." The list of messy things that Astrid wanted to do went on and on. She clearly wanted this as a chance to do her antics while her parents were away.
"How about we go upstairs to my bedroom and I'll show you my game?" Nia suggested.
"Okay... we could do that." Astrid replied less enthusiastically.
"Great, let's go," Nia said as they ran upstairs to her room.

Nia and Astrid walked into the bedroom. Astrid looked in awe of how clean Nia's room was.
"Wow, how do you keep your room so clean?" Astrid asked.
"I just put my stuff away whenever I need to," Nia answered. Then pulled her chair out to sit in it. "Astrid, this is my favorite game The Sims 3," Nia asked.
"What do you do in it?" Astrid asked.
"Well basically, you create a family, then move them into the town of Sunset Valley, then you play and control said family,"
"Nia, that BORING!" Astrid loudly yelled. "Hey you should see this thing my dad is working on!" She pulled out a flash drive, "My daddy says this drive has special powers, like it can bring you into video games or it gave you superpowers. One of the two at least. And all you have to do is plug it into a high-powered computer!"
"Eh, I'm pretty sure he's making stuff up, you know Uncle Jeb," Nia said skeptically.
"Can I plug it in, please?" She pleaded.
"Fine. But it's not like it's going to do anything," Nia inserted the strange flash drive into the desktop.
"Are you happy now?" Nia said slightly annoying.
"Yay!" Astrid yelled.
"Astrid honey can you come here for a sec?" Harmony yelled down the stairs.
"Coming Aunt Harmony!" Astrid bolted down the stairs.

Nia focused back to her Sims, she looked at the time it was in the game and it was almost time for Maverick and Fiona to get back from school... She loved the power she had with this game. She felt an over-seeing god or something. The one who decides the family's fate! But she know that she just an insignificant, fifteen year old Petunia Toadstool. She really only has 2 friends, Ethan Bunch and Lexi Reed but she never gets to see them outside of school. She goes through most of her life unnoticed.

Back at her game, she continued playing until her game froze up. It was very unexpected considering this desktop is very advanced and can run things even faster than a typical computer. The game started responding again but when that happened, the weird flash drive Astrid had plugged into the USB slot started to glow a bright turquoise color and buzzed. Nia was confused at what it was doing when suddenly her hand was stuck to the computer mouse. Nia noticed an unconscious female Sim had appeared on the screen. But before she could hover over her to read her name, things went dark for Nia. She felt nothing but energy burning through an empty space. She didn't know how long she had been in this odd darkness.

She suddenly felt grass and heard a car driving by. She opened her eyes to see herself laying on a grass field next to a road that led to an entrance to a town. Something seems awfully familiar about this area, like Nia had seen it in a movie or something.
"Where am I?" Nia thought, as she trudged up the empty sidewalk.

Chapter 3Edit

Nia suddenly found herself next to a graveyard, as she walked up the uphill she saw a woman wearing a dress and had short hair. To Nia, she looked familiar.
"Hello," she waved "Are you lost honey?"
"Yeah, I guess I am," Nia sheepishly replied.
"You look like a teenager, shouldn't you be at school?" The woman asked.
"No, it's summer vacation..." Nia replied.
"What do you mean? It's the winter." She told her
"Well that explains why its so cold out here."
"Do you need a ride to the high school?"
"Uh, sure I guess..." Nia was so confused. What happened? Did she miss the first day of school? "What your name?" Nia asked the woman.
"Cornelia." she replied.
"Cornelia... where have I heard that name from?" She said.
"Well my family is well known throughout the town," Cornelia replied.

As the rode into the town, Nia instantly recognized the setting. She was in Sunset Valley. She walked up to the school and sat at the bench. She waited 30 whole minutes until school for the Sims had ended.
"Am I seriously in The Sims 3?" She thought to herself.
When the school day ended, the first two students walked out and Nia recognized them instantly. One was a boy with shoulder length chestnut hair, blue glasses and a navy blue shirt. This was Maverick. Standing next to him was a girl with dyed blonde hair, a butterfly tank top and pink shorts. This was Fiona.
"There's Fiona and Maverick!" Nia thought. She never thought she'd ever meet her sim family ever! The siblings approached the bus, but then Nia ran up to them.
"Hey!" she called. "Can I sit with you guys on the bus? My... parents are out of town on vacation."
"Sure!" Maverick called.
"Are you kidding?" Fiona said. "I have to with two dorks now?"
"My name is Nia." she said
"Nia, really? Wow, your family must be religious." Fiona snapped.
"Religious? What do you mean?"
"How could your name be Nia but you still don't know about Nianity?"
"It's the main religion of SimNation..." Maverick said. "Maybe she's from a different country."
"Uh, yeah! I'm from... Champs Les Sims!"
"How do you speak such perfect English, french fry?" Fiona said.
"I was raised in the English speaking community! Heh heh..." Nia lied through her white teeth. "So what's this Nianity you speak of?"

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Astrid ran up the stairs.
"Hey Nia, I got some- *gasp*!" Astrid looked around to see that Nia wasn't in the room. Her blinds had been closed so the room was dark and the only glimpse of light came from Nia's desktop. Astrid looked at the screen to see Nia riding on a bus with two other teenagers, the boy with glasses talking to Nia, and the girl with the bun had an angry look and her arms were crossed.
"She entered the game with my dad's flash drive!" Astrid said. "I know what I have to do!"
Astrid flipped a small switch on her flash drive. She woke up on the same spot that Nia had landed, near the entrance of Sunset Valley.
"Alright, I made it!" she looked around the town to see if she could find that bus. The only problem is, she knew absolutely nothing about this game. She walked around to see if Nia was in a house. She didn't have any luck however. She only met some annoying boy named Arlo at the park.

Eventually, Astrid saw a bus and quickly followed it. Sure enough, Nia and the two other teenagers walked into a house on a street called "Skyborough Boulevard" and she snuck up to the door and secretly walked inside to find Nia.

She walked in and saw family portraits on the wall. Underneath one of the pictures it read "Hall Family" with a picture of the family. She snuck in, but her clumsiness got the better of her and she tripped, knocking over a picture and it made a sound.
She heard some running downstairs.
"Oh no! I'm in trouble..." Astrid said.

Chapter 4Edit

The dark, endless hallway remained still and quiet. A single shadow lurked in the middle. The big, male shadow walked over to an old lever and flipped it up. Instantly, the hallway lit up and pitiful Sims trudged into the walkway. A sign was now visible which read, "The Corridor of The Deleted".

The Corridor of The Deleted an endless hallway is where Sims that have been deleted from CAS, Family Bin, from the library, the clipboard, and using the Delete Sim tool in testingcheatsenabledtrue. Sims do not have their needs (except Energy) in this place. In this corridor, Sims have the memory of their CAS experience unlike normal Sims. Some Sims residing here don't even have names, or traits, just empty shells that Sims players decided weren't good enough for the Sim's world.

Then there was Corridor Hall, the first inhabitant/leader of the place. Most of the time he just kept things in order. Made sure no fights happened and all the chores were did. But at night he stays up, thinking about the dreaded girl named Nia who had left him there and kept him away from his family. Corridor remembers the creation of his family. His brother Arthur, his sister-in-law Chastity, a child named Maverick, and a toddler named Fiona. Corridor was so excited about being with a family. Just as Nia linked Arthur and Corridor together as brothers, she deleted him at the last minute! It was as if she hated Corridor or something, and decided he shouldn't be in the real world and banished him to this stinky place. The Hall no longer has any memory of him. Since then, two other people came tumbling in.

Their names were Beau and Victoria Andrews, a young couple who had been evicted and thereafter deleted, by Nia so that the Hall family could reside there. Beau and Victoria are no longer remember in Sunset Valley now. Beau was so angry that he decided to join Corridor and get revenge, somehow, on Nia Toadstool. He had lost weight after that and became fit. (with the help of Corridor)

"BEAU!" Corridor yelled
"Yes, Mr. Hall?" Beau obediently said.
"You said you had news for me?"
"Oh yes, ever since my signals went crazy last night I have concluded that your enemy Nia has somehow entered this universe!" "Oh well that's just great Beau... Now we need to figure a way out of this dump..." Corridor sneered. "And I have a great idea!" Beau chirped.

Meanwhile, back in the real world Nia's mother Harmony had been anxiously waiting for her husband Grant to return. Since Astrid came to visit, Astrid's parents were coming over as well.

There was Grant's brother, Jebidah who was an aspiring computer programmer. He was a fun-loving guy that Harmony definitely got along with.

Then his wife was named Felicia. She was not a very big fan of Felicia. She may have been a "proper woman" and won cotillions over the years, but she can be very rude, sarcastic, and commanding. She had no sense of humor and freaks out over the slightest of problems.

Harmony wasn't looking forward to tonight because she knew how it was going to. The men would watch a sports game, while Felicia would insult Harmony. That's the way it's usually been for their little "get-togethers" that they had.

"Oh, man..." Harmony thought. "This is going to be a tragical night."

Chapter 5Edit

"Astrid?" Nia said, looking at her body on the floor.
"Hi Nia," Astrid replied awkwardly. She got up.
"What are you doing here?"
"Well I saw you had entered the game, and I had to come rescue you!"
"You know how to operate that thing?"
"Yeah, I play with it all the time. I know my dad's safe combination!"
"Uh... well-" before she could say another word, Fiona came down the hall.
"Hey losers, you can talk with Mav if you want. I'm going on a date with my boyfriend VJ." Fiona sneered.
"VJ Alvi?" Nia said.
"You've heard of him? He's only the most rebellious and most awesome guy in all of Sunset Valley High School!"
"Uh... yeah! You know maybe I could come with you! I've always wanted to see the 'coolest guy here' ha, ha," Nia lied. She just remembered seeing his page on The Sims Wiki and had a plan.
"Whatever," Fiona said "Fine, you can come. B.T.W., who's this?"
"This is Astrid! I'm babysitting,"
"Well, good thing Mav loves babysitting. Let's go!" Fiona said pulling her out the door.

"Wait, Nia! Come back!" Astrid yelled. Suddenly, she heard more footsteps and saw a handsome teenager walk down the stairs.
"Hello handsome!" She said staring at him.
"Uh, who are you?"
"I'm Nia's cousin, Astrid. But you can call me Mrs. Mav Hall!" she said, staring at him more and creeping Maverick out,"
"Oh, okay..." Maverick said, slightly uncomfortable. "So what do you like to do?"
"Whatever you like, cutie!" Astrid finally said

Meanwhile, at the park, Fiona and Nia were there, and VJ was sitting at a park bench.
"Who are you?" VJ asked.
"I'm Nia, Fiona's friend. How are you?" Nia asked.
"I'm okay," he said bored.
"I'll go get something for us to eat" Fiona walked off.

Soon after she walked off, an older man walked over to VJ. She recognized him as well from The Sims Wiki. He was VJ Alvi's father, Iqbal.
"Vj, I thought I told you to come home and babysit Miraj!"
"Are you kidding me? Who cares about him anyway?"
"He's only 9, he's too young to be home alone!"
"Can't you just get a babysitter!"
"We don't have the money for one!" Iqbal sighed. "You know what, enjoy your little date or whatever. Because when you get home, YOU'RE GROUNDED!"
"Whatever!" VJ sneered.
Iqbal stormed off angry. "You know, you shouldn't really be so rude to your father." Nia said.
"Why? He's the reason my mother left!"
"Wait, you mean your mom Kiki?"
"Yeah, how did you know about-"
"It's not his fault your mom left your family," Nia said
"Then why would she leave?" VJ said, confused on how she knew about that.
"Because she hates children. Check out her Sim-book profile page." Nia got her phone, which she gained from entering the game.
VJ read her page on Sim-book. It said it right there on the screen.

Simbook kiki page

"Dis stupid ex husband keeps calling gtfo?" VJ read a post she wrote.
"Uh... I'm sorry VJ," Nia said..
"I can't believe this!" VJ Alvi said. "She hates kids and hates commitment?".
"Yeah, she divorced your father because she hated you and your brother." Nia told him. "Maybe you should talk to your dad about this?"
"You know what, you're right Nia I need to go talk to him right away! Thank you!". VJ ran off to go apologize.
Later, Fiona came back with some hot dogs and drinks..
"Where did VJ go?" Fiona asked..
"Uh, family emergency." Nia answered.

Chapter 6Edit

Back in the Corridor of the Deleted, Beau and Corridor were getting ready for their 'visit' to Sunset Valley.
"Beau, how are we going to get past the game boundary? We're stuck in the recycling bin!" Corridor asked.
"Well, I have made these jumpsuits for us and they will be able to let us pass through the electric field that confines us to the bin. Oh, and don't tell the other deleted Sims, they want out of here like crazy!"
"Uh, okay," Corridor and Beau swirled in a circle and then they were wearing the jumpsuits.

Back with Harmony, her husband and in-laws were already here.
"Hi, Jebidah! Oh, and... you." She said to Jebidah and Felicia.
"Oh Harmony guess where I went to this summer!" Felicia said.
"I went to Spain for fashion week!"
"Oh, really? I went to Spain for my Spanish class trip in 10th grade!"
"Well, I can speak fluent Spanish and it was delightful there."
"Try some Spanish on me!" Harmony suggested "I'm not going to brag, but I had a B- in Spanish! Como estas Felicia?"
"Armonía, me estoy haciendo muy bien. El viaje en avión fue genial." Felicia said with speed.
"Um... Cool?" Harmony said. She really only took two years of Spanish and pass-failed them.
"So, I see your housekeeping hasn't changed." She sniffed the air. Then made a look of disgust. "Nope, not at all."
"Girls, lets not get sidetracked here!" Grant said. Remember, today is Jeb and Felicia's 14th wedding anniversary!"
"She started it!" Harmony said.
"What are we, children? Speaking of which, where's Astrid?"
"She's upstairs with Nia!" Harmony answered Felicia's question.
"Is that your lazy bookworm daughter?"
"She is not lazy!" Harmony exclaimed. When will this nightmare end? Harmony thought to herself.

Chapter 7Edit

"I can't believe you Nia! I don't know what you did, but you really messed up my date with VJ!" Fiona screamed as they entered the Hall's residence.
"Are you kidding? I changed his life!" Nia said.
"For better or for worse?" Fiona sarcastically remarked.

"Hey, cool! You guys are back!" Maverick said. "Could you help me out?" They saw Astrid hugging Maverick.
"Astrid, get off of him!" Nia yelled.
"Well it's not my fault you made him so cute!" Astrid replied.
"What? What do you mean 'made me so cute'?" Maverick asked, raising his eyebrows in confusion.
"Oh, it's nothing! The real point is that Astrid and I need to get home immediately!"
"Back to France? Why?" Fiona asked.
"Uh, well not exactly. I'm from the United States. California to be exact." Nia explained.
"What's the United States?" Fiona asked, even more confused.
"And what's California?" Maverick followed.
"It's where the Nia lives. I'm the Nia." Nia said.
"What?" Fiona said, her jaw dropped.
"No, no, no. Nianity isn't real. It can't be!" Maverick freaked out.
"I hate to break it to ya, but in this universe I guess it is." Nia shrugged her shoulders.
"That means... You control my every move? You were there when the house burnt down?" Maverick asked.
"And when my baby brother was born?"
"And when Fiona pranked the high school and got grounded for a month?"
"Mm-hmm" Nia finally said. "As you can see, I am the Nia,"
"This is a huge secret! Nia, if Landgraab Industries finds out, they'll lock you up in a lab and experiment on you." Maverick warned her.
"How could they possibly find out?"

At Landgraab Industries "Well, Mrs. Hall, thanks for your time at the meeting!" Nancy Landgraab said to Chastity. "You sure show passion, integrity, discipline, and you're blonde highlights are super cute!"
"Yeah, that's always been me! The passionate cute girl!" Chastity cheerfully said.
"And with your new promotion, you are now the top scientist of our cutting-edge, future-tech experimental divison! We will be doing many important experiments in this very room." Nancy explained.
"Yes, Mrs. Landgraab. I will do my best to make my mother proud!"
"Oh yeah, your mother was a scientist when she was alive." Nancy added. "Too bad she died in the cow plant incident of 2002..."
"Yeah..." Chastity started to tear up. "You know what, give me a minute." She went to another room to cry about her mother. They had a very close bond as mother-daughter scientists. She looked at the photograph in the "Past best scientists" wall of fame. She found her mother's placard.

It read "In loving memory of Phyllis Lagana, who gave her life so a cow plant could live,"

"Don't worry Chass," an elderly woman's voice was heard "I know you'll be able to come up with time travel technology to save me from the cowplant,"
"Oh mom, always looking towards technology!" She smiled and hugged the ghost of Phyllis. Her co-workers looked at her as if she was crazy.

"Hm, well there is one thing!" Maverick said. "My mother works there!"
"Oh... Let's be careful around her then," Nia said. "But, who would really be so heartless to lock a teenage girl up and experiment on them?"
"Your mom." Fiona said, sarcastically.
"Nobody asked you!" Maverick, Nia, and Astrid yelled in unison.

Chapter 8Edit

"So, Mav. Who's this girl?" Chastity asked.
Nia shook Chass's hand "Oh, my name is-"
"Maryrose... alinda?" Maverick yelled quickly. Chastity, Nia, Fiona, and Astrid gave him a strange look.
"Uh, nice to meet you Maryrosalinda, so why are you here?"
"Oh, she's in the foreign exchange student program, Mav is showing her around," Fiona explained.
"Well, Mary... Rose... something... can stay here as long as she'd like," Chastity commented with a smile.
"Thanks Mrs. Hall! I'm happy to be here, your family is definitely something," Nia said, making a look at Maverick.
"Anyway, I'm going to do some stuff in my for work, have fun." Chastity said as she left.
Nia hit Maverick's shoulder "Maryrosalinda? Seriously?"
"I'm sorry, I panicked! She can't know your name is Nia! She'll get suspicious."
"And Maryrosalinda isn't suspicious?" Fiona said. "What evs, I'm going to get the mail,"

As Fiona went out, Astrid went to Maverick "So cutie, what grade are you in?"
"11th grade," Maverick said.
"You're old. This relationship is over!" Astrid said.
"Right, I'm going to use the bathroom." Maverick said, walking out. "Uh, Astrid we have a bigger problem right now. How are we going to get back to the physical world?" Nia asked.
"I don't remember! My dad told me there was a way to reverse this, but I don't remember how!" Astrid exclaimed.
"Why did you have to plug it into the computer?"
"I was going to enter the game "Ponies-Go-Crazy" and show you! Blame aunt Harmony, she called me downstairs!"
"It's not my mom's fault! You shouldn't have done this!"
Fiona entered, "Guys! I got a threatening letter!"

Dear Fiona and Maverick, I'm tired of this secrecy. I'm your uncle and you know it. I'm tired of your family ignoring me. Until I get my revenge, no one is safe and your family will be attacked by my powers. The Nia may have deleted me, but I'm still here. Sunset Valley will feel my wrath! From, Corridor Hall.

"From Corridor Hall? Who is that" Astrid asked.
"I don't know!" Fiona answered.
"Uh, guys... I know who that is. I created him," Nia said, her face pale.
"What?" Fiona said. "Yeah, I'll explain..." Nia asked.

August 24th 2015, the day Nia got The Sims 3.
Okay, there's Fiona. She is such a cute little toddler! I bet she'll be so nice when she grows up! Nia thought, after she made a toddler girl. Oh, something's missing in this family... What about an uncle? She clicked on the create new sim button.

Hm... I'll make him crazy! I'll give him fire red hair, ooh and I can give him a fire patterned tank top, and... Nia's thoughts went on and she finally created this man. What should his name be... The last name is Hall... ooh, Corridor! That would be funny! She typed Corridor into the "first name" slot.

After, that she connected everyone in the family, however, she glanced at the portrait. The family looks too big. she thought. She went back and deleted Corridor.

"What? No! NO! NOOO!!!" Corridor said, as he was deleted. Nia didn't hear that however.

Present Day
"So we have a deleted uncle and never knew about it? What's next? A deleted aunt in law?" Fiona said, angry.
"Okay, okay!" Nia said "Listen, we need to warn Maverick about this! Where is he?"
"The bathroom, let's go up there!" Astrid said and they walked to the bathroom door.
"Maverick?" Fiona yelled, no one answered. "MAVERICK?" She kicked open the door, revealing no one was there.
"Maverick is gone!" Nia said.
"NOOOOOOO!!!!" Astrid yelled, getting on her knees.
"What a drama queen," Fiona commented "I mean, we have to find Maverick!"

In the physical world
"SCORE!!" Jebidah said, then he and Grant fist bumped.
"Oh, you boys!" Felicia said "So into your sports! What happened to the good ol' days in high school. Remember when Jebidah took me on a romantic date before prom? And then Harmony and Grant went to some rundown restaurant..."
Harmony grimaced. "Okay, Jill's Hamburger Palace was all I could afford on short notice!"
"Can't afford? What does that mean?" Felicia said confused.
"I didn't have enough money? Like, insufficient funds?" Harmony explained
"Huh, I've heard of that in movies but didn't know it was an actual thing..."
"Hey, honey?" Harmony asked Grant "Can we go talk in kitchen?"
"Sure," He said and they went into the kitchen. "Granty, I'm not sure if I can take much more of this..."
"What? Harmony, we're having so much fun!" Grant said.
"Felicia is driving me bonkers!" Harmony blurted.
"Yeah, I did kind of notice that." Grant replied.
"Listen, Granty I just..." she sighed. "Want us to get along better. I don't have many friends besides Felicia and my sister Aria, and..."
"I understand. Okay, let's go in there and-" He was interrupted when they walked into the living room and saw Jebidah and Felicia making out.
"Awkward..." Harmony whispered.
"Yeah, let's wait until they're done..." Grant said as they backed into the kitchen.

Chapter 9Edit

At her computer, Chastity started typing an email to work.
Dear Mrs. Landgraab,
I've taken into consideration your concerns for scientific research. I'll try to keep my eyes peeled for any unusual activity I can find. My son's new friend is staying at my home. Her name is Maryrosalinda, and she's has been acting very suspicious lately. I'm not very sure if she's extra terrestrial, or just a strange person in general. Also, I've completed the Oh my Ghost project on Enriqueta Bachelor.
Best of luck, Chastity Josephine Hall.
Chastity hit send. Soon after, Maverick walked in.
"Hey, ma. Can we talk?"
"Sure son! What do you want to talk about?" Chass said, trying to act natural.
"I'm just sorry that I kind of invited my friend Nia- I mean Maryrosalinda without your permission. I know your stressed out from work load," Maverick said. He often didn't do anything without his mother's permission. He felt guilty he didn't tell his mom this.
"What? Oh honey, that's... fine!" Chass said, faking a smile. "You know what I always say: Friendships are important!"
Maverick let out an awkward laugh "Thanks mom, I bet get back to Fiona and Maryrosalinda!"
When Maverick walked out, Chastity thought to herself. Did he almost say Nia? As in Sim-World's creator?"
In the hallway, Maverick got a text.
"Hey, it's Holly! Come meet at Sim-Henge!" it read. It was from his crush, Holly Alto. "Oh my gosh, yes! Holly's finally giving an interest in me!" He said quietly. He put his jacket on, then went out the back door."

At Sim-Henge, Maverick saw Holly Alto standing in the middle of the mysteriously placed rocks.
"Hey, Holly! So, what did you want to talk to me about?" he said in a confident voice.
"Hello," Holly said. Her voice was slightly deeper than normal.
"Your voice is deep, are you catching a cold?"
"No, I'm fine," Holly replied. She seemed very relaxed for Holly Alto, as if she was a dude or something.
"Oh, well you're lookin' fine as well! Ha, ha!" Maverick joked.
"Okay, this is getting really weird, really fast!" Holly said, voice getting even deeper. She turned to air and said "Quick! Get inside Maverick now!"
"What??" Maverick said, very very confused. Suddenly an entity entered his body.
"Corridor," 'Maverick' said. "I'm in! Your possession theory worked!" "Yes, my plans always work Beau!" 'Holly' said, voice now as deep as a man's. "Let's go,"

"Oh my god! The love of my young life is gone! What are we gonna do?" Astrid said to Fiona.
"Okay, first of all: Maverick is not into you, second: he left his cell phone right here. Let's see if he got a text!" Fiona said.
"It says "Hey, it's Holly! Meet me at Sim-Henge!" and was sent a few minutes ago!" Nia said.
"WHO'S HOLLY?" Astrid said, with some anger in her voice.
"She's tall, long light brown hair, you can't miss her." Fiona told her.
"Okay, let's go to Sim-Henge and figure this whole thing out! Remember that note we got? It said: Until I get my revenge, no one is safe and your family will be attacked by my powers,"
"I know... It made me squeamish..." Fiona said, embarrassed.
"Fiona Hall squeamish?" Nia said with her right eyebrow raised.
"If you tell anyone, you won't live to see Spooky Day!" Fiona yelled.
"Spooky Day? You mean Hallowe-" Astrid said, but was interrupted.
"Shh!!! They don't celebrate Halloween here!"
"What?" Fiona said
"Oh, nothing! Let's go now!" Nia said as they rushed out the door.

Chapter 10Edit

Nia, Astrid, and Fiona ran through Central Park, they were so worried. Up ahead, they saw Maverick and Holly running by. However, they didn't know that Beau possessed Maverick and Corridor possessed Holly.
"Oh, thank goodness!" Nia said "You guys are okay!"
"Oh yes," Corridor/Holly said. "Who are you again?"
"Hi, I'm Nia Toadstool! I'm Maverick and Fiona's friend," Nia replied "You must be Holly, nice to meet you!"
"You're NIA!!!" Corridor/Holly said, enraged. His/her eyes started to turn fire red.
"Are you okay?" Nia asked.
"Yeah, what's with the scary looks?" Astrid asked, then hid behind Nia.
"Heh, well... It's time for my revenge." Holly/Corridor held his/her fists out. And blasted fire across the park. "Mwahaha!"
"What?!?! You're not Holly Alto... you're-!"
"That's right little girl. It's Corridor Chamber Hall!" Corridor said, then suddenly... He appeared, then the real Holly fell down, unconscious.
"Uh, what happened..." she said, dizzy.
"Nia, because of your betrayal by sending me to The Corridor of The Deleted, you and I shall have a duel in the Recycling Bin! Now!"
"The what now?" Fiona said, raising her voice.
"The Recycling Bin," Nia said "Where all of the trash on the computer goes... That gives me an idea!"
"I'm confused..." Fiona said once again.
"Beau, you may do the honors!" Corridor said.
Beau appeared next to Maverick's body. Maverick fell unconscious like Holly did. Beau pressed a button. Corridor, Nia, Astrid, and Beau were transported.

In the Recycling Bin, they arrived there.
"Okay, Nia and random little girl, we are going to fight to the death! Whoever falls into the Recycling Bin first, loses!"
"Oh, this recycling bin!" Astrid said. "I understand now!"
Corridor first blasted them with a burning fire. Nia patted Astrid down quickly however. Nia kicked Corridor in the shins, causing him to lose balance and fall on the floor. Then, Corridor sent a blast of heat upon himself, casing him to fall upwards. He stood then decided enough games. He blasted Astrid with a huge fire!

Astrid frantically ran around screaming in pain. Nia felt horrified! First, she goes inside of a computer, then her younger cousn caught herself on fire! She felt like the most irresponsible cousin in the world. But as soon as she was about to give in, she saw something lifesaving!

A bucket of water from Minecraft!
"Perfect!" Nia thought. She grabbed 12 buckets of water, and used one to extinguish the fire that was ablaze on Astrid.
"Nia! You saved my life!" Astrid said.
"You bet I did! Now, let's go defeat Corridor!" Nia said with a boost of confidence!
They picked up the remaining 11 buckets, then drenched Corridor with them!
"On three! 1, 2, 3!" Astrid and Nia kicked Corridor's stomach and he fell into the Recycling Bin.
"NOT AGAIN!!!! HELP!!!!! TELL MY MOM I LOVE HER!" Corridor screeched, very loudly before disappearing into the bin.
"Astrid, are you okay!" Nia asked. "Do you feel any pain?"
"Yes! I'm fine! That you so much for saving me!" Astrid said with lots of relief and happiness.
"Listen, I'm really sorry for thinking you we're ignorant because you're a kid." Nia smiled.
"Yeah, and I'm sorry for thinking you were boring... I guess everyone has different interests..." Astrid said apologetically.
"No, it's fine! Listen... I just want you to know, you've always been like a sister to me." Nia said, still smiling.

"Aw!" Beau said sarcastically. He was still there. "I can't believe you sent my best friend into the BIN! You're gonna pay!" He was just about to tackle Nia and Astrid into the Bin. Astrid and Nia hugged and braced for impact. However, they disappeared and Beau went tumbling into the bin as well...

In the physical world...
Nia and Astrid were still hugging, still bracing for impact... Nothing happened! Nia opened her eyes...
"Oh my gosh! We're back in the real world!" tears of joy started to form in Nia's eyes "We are safe! Ah! It's that thing!" She ripped the strange flash drive out of the computer's USB port and threw it underneath her bed.
"Astrid I can't believe it! All we had to do was hug?"
"Nia!" She hugged Nia again "We're safe yay!!"
"I know! Listen... if you ever want to talk about anything I'm always here for you," Nia said patting her back.
"That would be great, Nia! Honestly, I don't have any school friends to talk to... People think I'm weird. My mom doesn't listen, all she does is criticize my looks... My dad is cool, but he's always busy."
"I'm always here! Just promise me you wont tell anyone about our little Sims journey."
"Promise!" Astrid said, then they pinkie-sweared.
"Now, let's get our slumber party started!" Nia said. "Do you want to watch a movie?"
"Yeah, let's watch Twilight!" Astrid suggested, pointing to Nia's twilight movie series on her shelf.

"So, Felicia and I will be staying in the Best Western Hotel tonight. Astrid will have a with Nia sleepover here, we only got a one bed hotel room," Jebidah said.
"That's fine, Jeb!" Grant said, fist bumping him. "We love Astrid! She's so fun!"
"Yes, she's definitely a character!" Felicia said. "Oh, make sure she takes her vitamins, always washes her hands after meals and bathroom breaks. Also, she's not allowed to have her hair down, her bun has to be kept in at all times! Oh, also-"
"You know what, we got this!" Harmony said. "You two go have a fun night!" Jeb and Felicia left.
"Man, those two are such a happy couple. I guess opposites do attract." Harmony said, sighing.
"Hey, the girls are watching Twilight upstairs. We have the house to ourselves!" Grant said. "You know what that means..."
"Hm... I do!" Harmony said.
"WALKING DEAD MARATHON!" they both yelled in unison. The couple started up the TV and started watching Season 1 of The Walking Dead.

"Hey, thanks for the best time ever Nia!" Astrid said "I'm really enjoying this movie! She soon got a whole bunch of texts from her mother.
Did you take your vitamins?
Make sure to change your underwear before bed!
Keep that bun in at ALL TIMES!
Wash your hands!

"Oh, mom... I'm 10! I can handle myself now!" Astrid said to herself.
"Shh! Quiet, this is the best part!" Nia said, staring at the cute boy actor on the screen.
"Sorry!" Astrid said. "I'm not looking forward to puberty..." she grimaced thinking about falling in love with every cute guy like Nia always did.