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A train running on its track behind the Cozy Cerulean Pool.


A trainride. As you can see, sims can nap and sit inside and can also stand up but cannot walk and they can socailize with other sims inside

The Rail Systems in Klauser is the main mass transit system that serves the Downtown area only. The systems are separated and are both looped. The Downtown El is the elevated rail that loops around the 2 blocks in Downtown. It loops around what whould be the main area in Sunset Valley.

Besides the surface, the subway runs like the El and it also has the same train design. The Subway has 3 station while the El has 4 stations.


The El has the speed of a Vorn P328 (white truck) and the Subway has the speed of a child's bike. Slower than the Sloppy Jaloppy.


A subway runs only on the 64x64 complex that was Central Park and is now a Skyscraper complex. The subway is only a track in a basement with a room for a station and the stairs go to the surface. The subway goes fast for the curves and sometimes joins the windows into the basement walls. The system is us

An overhead look at the subway system.

ually ignored by NPCs and walk to their destinations on the lot. The only reason a sim whould use the subway is because they want to ride it for self inmusement.

Downtown ElEdit


A train at the Grand Terminal what used to be Hogan's Diner.

The El loops around what is the main part of the city. When sims don't want to walk and don't use a taxi, they get on the El. NPCs and normal sims can't get on the train when you don't control them. The sims get in the train to sit down or socailize and they usually stand up and ride the train without a choice. The El is posted on Size 2 colomns and is on a track that is on a hidden lot like some tombs in World Adventures. The track crosses a road because the road ends and begins beside the track. It is just made up to look like it's a road.