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Summer Vandermorgan-Space
Name Summer Vandermorgan-Space
Gender Female Female
Vandermorgan family/Space Family
Parents Darren Vandermorgan & Klara Vandermorgan
Romances Allen Space Married
Marital status Married
Child(ren) Toby Space Son, Nora Space Daughter
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Summer Vandermorgan-Space (Adult)
Lavisha, Strangetown and Belladonna Cove may be just towns to most but to Summer one of them is home and the others are just obstacles. Summer has experienced a lot but she has come this far she will not let anything stop her...
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Normal
Zodiac sign Taurus Taurus
Aspiration Knowledge Knowledge
Hair color TS2 Red Hair Red
Eye color TS2 Green Eyes Green
Skin color Skin-light Pale
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Belladonna Cove

Summer Vandermorgan-Space is the daughter of the high achieving Klara and Darren Vandermorgan who are both High achieving and respected Politicians. She is also the wife of Allen Space and they had been friends since Childhood.

Before BirthEdit

Before she was born, Klara decided her Residency was cramped and moved out to a nicer house. However, she found that she didn't have enough Money to pay so she got a roommate, Darren Vandermorgan. At first Klara was a little cold to him but slowly they became friends and later fell in love. They got engaged and graduated.

Babyhood Edit

As a baby, Summer was born into the wealthy family of the Vandermorgan and immediately given to a nanny to look after as both her father had to go to a meeting to impose a new law and her mother went to a Nuclear Convention in Three Lakes even though she'd only given birth a few hours ago. Summer was very alone as a baby and hardly ever saw her parents.


As a toddler, Summer was taught all her toddler skills by the nanny and had a nursery with all the luxuries in the world, a xylophone, hand stitched toys etc. Everything a toddler would want but all Summer wanted was her parents to love her and give her attention.


As a child, Summer's wish for attention was briefly granted when her father was taking some leave until a potential cover up of Bella Goth's disappearance and had to stay home. He let her play doctors and nurses with her, he read her a bedtime stories and pushed her on the swing. However, this ended quickly when the scam was dismissed and work went back to normal. Summer was sad but became happier when she met a boy called Allen who had recently moved into the area after the death of his mother. They quickly became friends. Summer brought him back to her house when her parents were (miraculously) both home and the approved of him as a suitable playmate due to his rich heritage. Summer was happy that now she could have Allen over whenever she wanted. They would play fun games where they went to lands where Allen wasn't an orphan and Summer had a loving family just like a normal girl. Allen came round most days after that as his home life was not ideal so Summer had a playmate most days.


As a teen, Summer realised she had feelings for Allen and decided to confront him about it and see if he felt the same way but to her annoyance, he avoided her. She kept trying to confront but he always walked off when he saw her coming ad hung up on her phone calls. She became annoyed and one day managed to confront him by the bike sheds. He confessed that he had feelings for her but didn't want to mess up their friendship. Summer was happy and kissed him much to his surprise. She was really happy with Allen after that and hoped that they could marry someday. Summer and Allen were happy and managed to remain relatively cheerful despite Nancy's accident. One day, Allen and Summer decided to go to the park to relax. The park was great but on the way back, they were attacked by a man in a hooded cloak. Strangely the killer was not interested in Summer at all, he focused more on Allen. Summer knew Allen would be killed so she used the fact the killer was ignoring her to knock him out and run with Allen back home. At home, after they told Kylie and Fricorith, Kylie rang the police and Summer rang her parents. She was surprised that they made a huge fuss of her and were incredibly worried for once.

Young AdulthoodEdit

As a young adult, Summer and Allen moved into a dorm with some school friends as well as some people from the Kierra District. The Kierra District people were a bit mean to Allen about his skin but the people from Black Waters stood up for him. Despite the fact that they were friends didn't change the fact that one girl, Steffi Dalston was still mean to Summer but the other people from the Kierra District explained that Steffi was an alien lover and dreamed of marrying one but had never met one so when she met Allen, this was her chance but Summer got in the way. Summer didn't really like Steffi much but tried to ignore her. Summer had one big wish, for Allen to propose but he never seemed to. She was beginning to think that he'd forgotten but it turns out he hadn't. He proposed in a romantic setting and Summer said yes. After this college was amazing. She and Allen planned their wedding and invited everybody they knew (even Steffi) to their wedding.


In LavishaEdit

As an adult, Summer and Allen married at the newly purchased stately home in Three Lakes. They bought a house in Kierra District as they had friends there now and they'd heard from Flynn's friend Maureen that is an ideal place to grow up. Summer and Allen decided to wait until having children but fate had other plans. Within six months of the wedding Summer was pregnant. Although she was happy Summer was worried that Allen would find her ugly if she was pregnant and would cheat on her with Steffi. Summer heard about Joe's hate for aliens all because of some girl called Bella. She wasn't too interested in Joe's hate but she wondered what Bella had seen up there. She also thought Bella was an interesting case as most people had returned after their abduction but not Bella. She was still there...

Summer would look into the sky a lot through the telescope a lot. Around this time, Toby became a Toddler but Summer hardly noticed. She was too determined to find Bella. Summer soon gave birth to her daughter, Nora but Allen ended up looking after her. Summer was looking through her telescope one day when a light blinded her eyes. She turned away before she realised what was happening. She hadn't meant to be taken just find Bella. She called for Allen to help and he came running. She grabbed his hand but he was being pulled up as well. She realised that she had thrown her family away and she couldn't leave her children fatherless so with tear in her eyes she said 'Let me go.' Allen tried to hold on despite her words but she shook him off. She looked at the man she loved one last time before the spaceship took her. When Summer woke up, she was in a place that she'd never seen before. A desert. With horror she realised she was no longer in Lavisha.

In StrangetownEdit

An elderly woman walked up to her. Summer asked her who she was and she replied that she was Hannah Loner, daughter of Ajay Loner and Lola Loner. Summer curled into a heap. She was in the middle of nowhere and would never get home again. Hannah soon arranged for Summer to stay with Clem Goth-Curious and her husband Ryan Jerard as they were known as being kind throughout town. Summer soon noticed that Strangetown was not as happy as it appeared to be. She had already noticed a few weird things like when a man that she bumped into a man at the shops, said he was Andrew Beaker and would like to perform some... tests on her. As far as Summer could see, this town was corrupt.

At first, Summer thought she saw some people who were relatives of the Space family but turns out Strangetown had a high alien population too. Summer kept herself to herself, nobody even knew where she was from, but all they knew was that she was on her way home... Summer was determined to get home but she was worried that maybe she wouldn't be welcome. She had been a pretty terrible mum and maybe they wouldn't welcome her back at all. Maybe they weren't looking at all. However she was proved wrong when she saw on a lamp post a poster that said 'Missing: Summer Vandermorgan'. The poster had been photocopied from an original poster and that was probably why at the bottom in messy childlike handwriting was a small message which (after interpreting) said 'Missing you Mummy'. Toby had probably written it, probably under Allen's instruction either so people would help if children were involved or as a reminder of what Summer meant to them. Summer took the poster home with her and was determined to keep it as a memento if she got back. She thought to herself 'if?' and mentally changed it to 'when'. Summer decided to check airport times to see if she could get back. There were no flights to Lavisha. There weren't even any to the other holiday places, only places she didn't recognise like Simwaii and Champ les sims. Geography was never Summer's strong point and because of her lack of using public transport, Summer didn't know she could simply take a flight to Simwaii, then to Pleasantview and take a train from there to Lavisha. Summer could've asked for help but she was too embarrassed and her pride was too much. Also the people scared her so she didn't want to ask. Summer came home to find Clem and Ryan gone and the door broken into. Summer called for them but they weren't there. She then heard people screaming, she stepped outside to find a huge, glowing object coming towards them. A meteor. Summer screamed and in that moment everything froze Except for her. She walked around the people, still, their eyes wide eyed. Shards of the meteor were falling but they were frozen, people screaming. Suddenly hands grabbed her, covering her mouth. She screamed but the frozen people couldn't help. She didn't know what was happening. She passed out and found herself in a basement. Only a window and a bed. Her clothes were in rags. She spotted a note across the other side. It said 'Keep quiet and nobody get's hurt'.

Summer went to sleep but when she woke up she was in a hospital bed. When she asked what was wrong they told her she had been transferred to Belladonna CovePsychology Hospital after her roommates found her walking in circles mumbling.

In Belladonna CoveEdit

Summer realised what they were hinting but she couldn't believe she was losing her sanity. Summer stayed there for a few days and already she wanted to get out. Strangetown was better than this. Summer also heard from the others in her ward Matt, Zoe, Robin and Amanda that they had been stuck here for no reason too and they wanted to get out of there too but the attendants thought they were too 'unstable' to be let out. Together they came up with a plan to get out forever. Although Summer was worried that it would go wrong, she had to try. However, Matt was the main creator of the plan and due to certain obstacles they had to keep on restructuring. Also Matt, Amanda and Robin were all in different wards (Matt was in the 'danger to others' ward which made it even worse.) Summer's hope would've have faded if it weren't for Zoe.

She and Zoe became friends and dreamed of escaping together. Zoe said she wanted to leave Belladonna Cove for good so Summer suggested that she come with her to Lavisha. Zoe agreed and Summer thought of the moment when Zoe would meet her family. Zoe became like a sister to Summer and they were inseparable. Matt was still deciding how to do the plan and the others were getting impatient. Summer began wondering if she actually did belong there. Everyday, life was crazy and she wanted to be back home. Some of the people there were completely crazy in her opinion. There was a man who called himself 'The Dreamer', a crazy man about ten years or so older called Marcus Space and a woman called Strawberry. They were the only three people in the extreme ward and they all scared her. A lot. Finally after far too long, Matt told her the words they all wanted to hear. 'I have it.' Matt's plan was to get Marcus and Strawberry to cause a distraction and then they could escape and leave via the railway bridge which led to Pleasantview which was nearby Lavisha. Summer thought that Marcus and Strawberry wouldn't cooperate but remarkable they did. The plan worked well too and Summer, Zoe, Robin, Amanda and Matt escaped... They managed to get quite far before the authorities realised that 5 patients were missing. It was dark so they could evade people a lot better than they would in the day. Summer was glad to have escaped and she felt very close to these people, almost like family. They got as far as the bridge before everything went wrong...

The five of them had decided to relax and had let their guard down as they had traveled quite a long way and as they had been stuck in the hospital for such a long time, they weren't exactly in peak physical condition. They began to discuss why they had been put into the hospital in the first place. Summer told them she had experienced hallucinations after being abducted although she insisted she wasn't insane. The aliens had experimented on her, of course. Zoe was sent there after she was framed for a series of bizarre robberies. She wouldn't say what was stolen but she made it clear that it was either admit to being criminally insane or worse. Robin claimed that his rival, who he simply referred to as the sheriff had wanted to be with Robin's wife, Marian so he had managed to commit Robin to the hospital to get rid of him. Amanda refused to say what she had done but the others could tell it was probably bad. Perhaps Amanda was insane after all. Finally, Matt was accused of being a pyromaniac with a superiority complex. That alone was not enough to commit him but when he set the town hall of Twinbrook alight, he was committed. They were about to settle down by a water tower, in the shadow of the railway bridge to sleep when they heard voices and saw the flash of search lights. They had been found.

Summer began to panic, as did the others. Except for Matt. He stood as the search lights came closer until he turned suddenly. He told the others to run around to the far side of the bridge and climb up to the top. At the top they would have to climb along the side until they reached Pleasantview, which would be quite a long way. Summer began to protest but Robin dragged her away. As they ran, Summer looked back to see the ground around Matt in flames, the police officers and doctors were completely distracted by it. Perhaps being a pyromaniac had it's uses.

They remaining four climbed up the bridge until they were at the top, clinging onto the side for dear life. Summer wanted to go up further, but Amanda warned her they would be too close to the trains. Summer tried to protest but it was that Zoe told her that it would be okay and soon they could go to Lavisha. She said that all of this would be a distant memory so they began edging their way along the side of the railway track precariously. They had managed to get quite far when Zoe began to get tired and careless. Summer suggested they rest but Robin reminded her they were clinging to the side of a bridge and rest was not possible. Suddenly, they hear the distant sound of a train horn coming along the bridge. Summer could feel the bridge starting to shake slightly as the train approached where they were climbing. Robin stopped abruptly and shouted at everyone to hold on as the bridge was moving a lot but his warning was drowned out by Zoe's scream, who had let go of the bridge. Summer instinctively reached out to grab Zoe, letting go with both hands. Her fingers brushed Zoe's and for a moment, Summer found comfort in the thought they would fall into the water below together but Amanda grabbed her arm. Amanda shouted at Summer to pull herself as she couldn't hold onto her for long but Summer didn't have the energy. Zoe had fallen into the icy water below, leaving Summer behind, hanging off a bridge.

Summer felt weak, she didn't want to get up but Amanda and Robin pulled her back up to the bridge. For a second, the three of them stood silently on the bridge but then Robin reminded them that they needed to continue or else they would be caught. For a moment, Summer couldn't have cared less. Zoe was dead but then she remembered her two sweet children. Her loyal husband. The last time she had seen them, her children had been tiny but she had been gone for many years. It was the thought of her family that spurred her to continue. After, what seemed like forever, Robin shouted that he could see Pleasantview and although they were all sleep deprived and starving, they found the energy to keep moving. They had no choice.

Finally the bridge began to slope down towards the station and Summer felt that she was nearly home. She could almost hear the sound of her children's voice, she felt she was so close. Summer and the others got off the railway line a little before the station in case they got caught as if they descended from the bridge at the station it would attract a lot of attention. They headed towards the local store, to buy coats and hats in the hopes that they could be disguised and avoid being taken back to the hospital. Finally, the three of them stood at the station. Summer was heading back to Lavisha, Robin was going to a town that Summer had never heard of called Aurora Skies and Amanda said she was going to Oasis Springs. As her train drew up, Summer didn't want to say goodbye. She would probably never see them again and she wanted to tell them both how much she would miss them, but Robin was not one for extravagant goodbyes and he simply guided her onto the train without a word.

Summer must have fallen asleep on the train, as she woke up just as the train was pulling into Lavisha. She pulled her hat down low as she got off the train, she was near that she couldn't be spotted now. Robin had left her with some money so she called a cab and told him her address. She couldn't wait to be home. Her sadness for Zoe's death still lingered in her, but she was excited now too. She wondered how her children had turned out. Nora was only a baby when she left but she imagined her turning into a strong, young woman. Toby had been a very sweet toddler so she imagined him being a kind, loving young man who loved his community. Perhaps he was doing something for the community as she spoke, volunteering or something. She felt sure that was how they had turned out. Allen was the kindest, best father she knew.

Finally, her taxi drove up to the house. She paid the driver and walked towards her house. She could see through the window as she walked up to the house and she stopped, as for the first time in years she could see her children. They were both sat on one side of the table, she couldn't see the other side but she assumed Allen was sitting there. She smiled as she watched them talking but her smile faded as she noticed their faces. Toby was clearly lecturing Nora on something and Nora did not look happy. Suddenly, Nora snapped and yelled something at Toby, effectively shutting him up. Perhaps they are having an off day, Summer thought and she walked to the door and knocked. She heard voices and the door opened. Allen answered, his face instantly changing from mild interest to shock. 'Summer?' He said weakly and backed away from the door slightly. Summer looked from him to the table. On the other side of the table, there were three chairs. A pretty, red headed woman sat at one, her hand resting on Toby's; clearly his partner. One was empty and next to it, sat a beautiful older woman with blonde hair and pale skin. Summer hoped she was Allen's lesbian friend and nothing more...

Back at HomeEdit

Summer smiled at him but quickly noticed he wasn't smiling back. None of them were. Summer felt rooted to the ground, she couldn't move, hoping that somebody would welcome her in the way she had expected. Strangely, Anne of all people stood up and pulled out her chair. 'Summer, you can sit here,' She said to Allen, 'I'm going to go. I think you all need to talk.' Allen protested slightly but he was transfixed on Summer and Anne quickly slipped out of the door.

Summer tentatively went to sit down in Anne's place and everybody was silent for a few moments. To break the silence, Summer impulsively began talking about the last few decades or so of her life. She told them all about Strangetown, her hallucinations, Belladonna Cove, the escape plan, Zoe and finally coming home. None of them spoke. She looked at them all expectantly. They still remained silent. Finally Nora stood up from her chair and silently went upstairs. Toby muttered a rushed goodbye and practically dragged Rose out of the house as fast as possible. Allen and Summer were alone and to be honest, Summer was kind of glad. Perhaps Allen had simply been in shock before and now that they were alone he could express his true feelings. Right?



  • Although Summer is kind she can be a little paranoid and occasionally thinks the worlds against her or people don't care about her. She worries about unrealistic things.