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Name: Surprise!
Series: The Not so Pleasant Pleasants
Written by: Glenn31
Release date: March 24, 2012

Previous chapter: None
Next chapter: Angela, Lilith... and Brittany

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Surprise! is the 4th chapter of The Not so Pleasant Pleasants. In this chapter. Angela finally goes into labour and she doesn't get what she expects.


Angela Pleasant

Lilith Pleasant

Mary-Sue Pleasant

Daniel Pleasant

Brittany Pleasant

Dustin Broke

Jennifer Burb

John Burb

Lucy Burb


It was about 4:15 on a normal Wednesday afternoon. Lilith and Brittany were doing their homework while Angela, who had gotten even bigger, was sprawled on the couch about to devour a slice of chocolate cake with whipped cream. Angela stuffed the whole cake in to her mouth and just when she swallowed she felt a terrible pain in her stomach. "Aaaah! What kind of cake was that?" Mary-Sue came running in when she heard Angela's scream. "What's wrong? Is the baby coming?" She asked nervously. "The baby? Oh no! Get me to the hospital NOW!!" screamed Angela. Within minutes the entie family was in the Hospital. The Burbs, Jennifer, John and Lucy were in the waiting room, as nervous as everybody else. Dustin was in the hospital room by Angela's side. "Don't worry babe, this will be all over soon and we'll have a beautiful child, almost as beautiful as you" he said, trying to comfort Angela. "Don't try to flatter me, Dustin. You're the one that got me in to this mess." Replied Angela, angrily. After a while Angela gave birth to a boy. He had Blonde hair, like Dustin. And Green eyes, like Angela. "He's so cute!" Said Lilith. "Wait a second, I think there's another one!" Said the doctor. Angela nearly fainted. Twins? Two babies? She was in for some hard work for the next few years. A girl emerged from Angela's belly. She had Red hair, Like Angela. and Green Eyes, like Angela. A week later. Angela was running around the house like crazy. The boy, who was now named Cyrus, was crying for his bottle. And the girl, who's name was now Allie, needed a diaper change. "How did Mom and Dad do this with us, Lilith?" Asked Angela, stopping for a quick breath. "I don't know" Lilith replied, switching to another channel on the TV, "Maybe they had help". Angela had an idea. "Help! That's it! Lilith, could yo-" "NO!" yelled Lilith "I am not helping you with those smelly little brats". Angela rolled her eyes. "I thought you liked smelly, I've been in your bedroom" she said. Lilith ignored this and watched for TV show. Angela ran off again after hearing a shriek coming from the kitchen. One of the babies needed something.