Survival Island
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Surviving is the key in life. Sims will do anything to survive

Alexander Goth, King of the Sims, forces fifty-six teenagers, every year, to compete in the Goth Games for his own entertainment. He is bloodthirsty and mad, yet no one will revolt against him. Little does he know there is a plot hatching. Sims don't like it when their children die, especially if they have to watch them. The fifty-six teenagers are sent on a mystery cruise. No expected it will be the last time they will ever see their family and friends.They have to battle bloodthirsty teenagers all wanting victory. Lovers and siblings are broken up, make-shift packs are formed and loads of people die. It doesn't matter who you are, remember...

Death waits for no one...

Survival Island
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Name: Survival Island
Genre: Fiction
Created by: Blue12porcupine, Slade81 & Spell-Caster Jr
Rating: PG-13
Number of chapters: Unknown

Status: Dead

Preceded by: Rose's War

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Chapter # Author
Prologue Blue12porcupine
Chapter 1 Blue12porcupine
Chapter 2 Slade81
Chapter 3 Slade81
Chapter 4 Blue12porcupine
Chapter 5 Slade81
Chapter 6 Slade81
Chapter 7 Blue12porcupine
Chapter 8 Slade81
Chapter 9 Slade81
Chapter 10 Blue12porcupine
Chapter 11 Spell-Caster Jr
Chapter 12 Slade81
Chapter 13 Blue12porcupine
Chapter 14 Spell-Caster Jr
Chapter 15 Slade81
Chapter 16 Blue12porcupine
Chapter 17 Spell-Caster Jr
Chapter 18 Slade81
Chapter 19 Blue12porcupine
Chapter 20 Spell-Caster Jr
Chapter 21 Slade81
Chapter 22 Blue12porcupine


  • Only Blue12porcupine, Spell-Caster Jr and Slade81 can edit this so far.
  • Anyone can suggest ideas; if you have an idea add it in the comments below.
  • Kaitlen Ashenburg is the only fanon Sim and you can find her on the exchange here: [1]
  • It is based on The Hunger Games.
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